Wood Wall Art Complements any Style

Custom printed wood wall art, Custom printed cedar planks world map with accent

Printed Wall Art, World Map

Wood Wall Art, with custom printing on a wooden slatted surface or on a large flat plank, makes incredible wall art.  Modern decorating often combines rustic with modern or industrial with organic. Wood accent pieces work with almost any design scheme.  Wood wall art is perfect for displaying a favorite photograph, vintage artwork, or a meaningful quote.

Wood wall art can be adapted to any style, from modern to shabby chic.  Artwork is custom and can be distressed or colored with sepia or color highlights to give a more vintage vibe.  Clean lines in full color could complement a modern space.

Lee's Pallets and Signs for Success can produce great custom boxes with digitally printed white and colored inks on the lids, Give us a call now for fast sign service in Spokane

Custom Dry Fly Distilling bottle boxes

One very important key to successful printing on wood is white ink.  When working with non-white surfaces, we print a layer of white ink before printing the actual graphics.  For the Dry Fly Vodka box project, we printed a red logo onto unfinished cedar wood.  Printing red ink directly to the wood produces a faint logo that lacks the necessary contrast between the logo and background, but by simply adding white ink beneath the red, the logo really pops.

We did several wood wall art test prints with various white ink opacities as well as highlighting and distressing to show what is possible when printing to wood.  A lower opacity will give a more faded look while 100% opacity presents bright color, just as it would appear on any other white surface.  We can print to customer-provided materials as well as the wood slats we stock.

Our experienced design team can work with your ideas to come up with a truly original concept.  Contact us for a free quote on wood wall art today!

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