Signs for Success installer using knifeless tape, vinyl wrap installation

Signs for Success installer using knifeless tape

We’re experts at vinyl wrap installation – we have completed hundreds of vehicle wraps, from design to print and install.  We offer quality in any stage of the vehicle wrapping process.  Even if you purchase a vinyl wrap kit elsewhere, our professional installers can install the vinyl and make sure it looks great on your vehicle.  Especially when it comes to factory wrap kits, we recommend getting them installed professionally.  Mass-produced wrap kits tend to be thick, tacky and difficult to install. Our vehicle wrap install team has the tools, training and experience needed to install a vinyl car wrap quickly and properly.

How do the Pros do it?

Our vehicle wrap installers are Avery Certified.  Avery Dennison’s Certified Wrap Installers are among the highest level professionals in the industry.  “Car Wrap Certified” means installers have gone through extensive training on the proper methods to prepare, size, cut and apply graphics to vehicles. In addition, they must pass a written and hands on exam that confirms their learning. During their certification course, they learned proper techniques on cleaning the vehicle, disassembling parts and

Matte black truck wrap color change installed at Signs for Success

Matte black truck wrap color change installed at Signs for Success. The installer uses a squeegee to smooth the vinyl into the truck’s contours.

applying the wrap. “Their techniques definitely make the process more effective.  In the past, we’ve used little squeegies to slowly work air bubbles out, but they use wide sweeping movements,” Signs for Success installer Rich Wilke said. “We also learned about the importance of post heating. When you stretch the vinyl to wrap a vehicle, if you don’t post heat it, the vinyl will go back to its original shape. Heating the material to 180 degrees eliminates the vinyl memory so it stays molded to the contours of the vehicle.”

Signs for Success can add Rally Stripes to any car, almost any color, let us help you with that design, vinyl wrap installation

Cut vinyl Rally Stripes on Mini Cooper

Vinyl Wrap Installation Tools

In addition to their skills and experience, our team uses the right tools for vinyl wrap installation, from heavy-duty cleaning solution for prepping the vehicle to knifeless tape to a heat gun.  Every install is a little different, and some require special tools. When installing vinyl racing stripes on a Mini Cooper, Rich used a level laser to mark the center line of the vehicle. “The car is very rounded, and the double stripes are supposed to look like straight lines. When you’re working with a curve, it’s hard to get it to look right or be exact. The laser is really helpful to get the lines straight,” Rich explained.

Knifeless tape (pictured above left) is another great tool to have handy. It replaces the need to use a blade when installing a full or partial vehicle wrap. “Traditionally, you would have to use a blade to contour cut vinyl along body lines. The knifeless tape eliminates the possibility of cutting the vinyl too deep and scratching the paint,” Rich explained. It also allows for less error since using a blade sometimes causes slight unevenness in cut lines. We used knifeless tape to get the curves just right on this partial wrap for Advocare without ever using a blade. Knifeless tape makes matching body lines simple since you see the line before you actually cut.  If the line looks a little off, simply pull up the tape and re position.

Vinyl wrap installation Spokane

Partial vinyl wrap installed using knifeless tape.

Like mentioned before, a heat gun is used on every vinyl wrap to set the vinyl properly.  This allows a wrap to hug the contours of a vehicle long-term – five to seven years for most graphics.

For those installing a vinyl wrap themselves, we hope our short list of tools and techniques helps.  For everyone else, our professional vinyl wrap installation team can install anything from vinyl decals and striping to full car wraps.  We work meticulously to make sure each vehicle wrap is installed properly to make your vehicle graphics really come alive.  Contact us for a free quote on your vinyl wrap installation! See the Videos

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