Dryer Ducks Van Wrap focuses on Effective Wrap Design

Signs for Success designed, printed, wrap design, and wrapped by certified wrap installers in Spokane, WA

Dryer Ducks fleet wrap front view

When Dominic Longo of Dryer Ducks came to Signs for Success, his main goal was to create a functional van wrap design that really popped.  With a new logo in hand, he sat down with one of our designers to begin the custom vehicle wrap design process.

The Dryer Ducks logo was the jumping off point for the design.

“I designed the wrap using their logo and before and after pictures of a duct,” Signs for Success designer Will Oakley said.  “Because their logo is a duck they wanted people to know what service they provided so they wouldn’t be confused by the logo. We added the before and after pictures to the wrap to make it more obvious.”

The clean, modern design focused on a few simple and effective graphics and minimal text.  The website, phone number and catch phrase can be clearly read from both sides and the back of the vehicle.  The large logo makes the vehicle recognizable wherever it goes, and catch phrase vinyl lettering over the wheel well makes creative, interesting use of the space.  All the elements come together to create an interesting and effective vehicle wrap design.

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Dryer Ducks van wrap designed by Signs for Success

“One of the features the customer really liked was the repeating logo pattern I put in the background. They liked the first proof I sent,” Will said.

This is what we call a “partial wrap” because the back and sides are fully wrapped, while the front fender and hood are decals that were printed, cut and applied to the paint.  Partial wraps give you the most bang for your buck because they really maximize the largest advertising space while blending seamlessly into unwrapped portions of the vehicle.  The finished product looks like a full vehicle wrap, but the process uses less material and takes less time to install than a full wrap.  A partial vehicle wrap is a great way to go if you’re considering adding vehicle graphics to your advertising, using effective wrap design.

Dominic was thrilled with the van wrap.  “Signs for Success did an incredible job on our vehicle wrap,” he said.  “Being a start-up business in Spokane, we needed something that would really stand out.  Will Oakley at Signs for Success took our logo and turned our van into the most amazing mobile billboard we could have ever asked for!  His design was outstanding and he really took initiative on all fronts.  He made sure to give us exactly what we wanted, and kept us informed the whole time!  Working with Will made the process so easy, and we will definitely use him for our whole fleet as we expand!”