Use Window Signs Spokane to Increase Retail Store Sales

Adding graphics hung in the windows gives a great changeable message to Spokane by Greater Spokane Chamber, printed and hung by Signs for Success, window signs spokane

GSI hanging window signs

Window Signs draw customers in.  Eye-catching window signs will also increase brand recognition as customers begin to recognize your retail store based on certain colors or images.  When designing window signs, you should try to include both a relevant image and an incentive.

Nordstrom Rack foam core signs Spokane Valley, shape cut hanging signs, retail store signs

Nordstrom Rack foam core signs Spokane Valley

The first element of your hanging window sign should be a large attractive image – too many images are confusing, but one large graphic will draw interest.  A bright color also works well when text must cover the majority of a sign.  Secondly, and just as important as the first element, is an incentive.  Whether it’s a sale, gift with purchase, or Buy One Get One special, an incentive will get customers to act.  Run a special on a product that hasn’t been moving as much as you’d like, and you’ll create more interest.  Finally, you can add a plug in for social media, your website or store credit card, but this extra information isn’t necessary to bring in the masses.  If it fits into the design, great; but if the window signs are starting to look busy, it’s best to leave that information for indoor signs or POP (point-of-purchase) signs.

Nordstrom Rack foam core signs Spokane Valley, retail store signs printed on foam core, styrene, or other indoor sign material in Spokane

Circle cut retail store signs attract customers

Nordstrom rack uses colorful circular signs to grab their customers’ attention.  Two circles carry Nordstrom slogans, while the third features a 70% off sale.  Large posters in adjacent windows feature a stylish model or a stack of sunglasses and “Hello Summer” or “Shades of Summer.”  Merle Norman Cosmetics uses hanging window signs to showcase their newest product.  Their simple and clean designs feature the product, centered, and a brief description or catch phrase.

Window signs Spokane are usually printed on thick paper poster material or lightweight foamcore.  Both are paper products suitable for indoor use.  Window signs can be hung several different ways.  They should be placed just inside the window where it can be easily viewed from the outside, but protected from the elements and other wear and tear.  One common way to hang a window sign is by top grommets and hung by thin wire hooks or thread.  Some other methods include: pole pockets, suction cups, or VHB tape.  A Signs for Success designer can assist you in choosing a suitable display or hardware system for your hanging window signs.

When considering your retail store’s curb, er, window appeal, consider adding hanging window signs that will inform and invite your customers to come in and see more.  The incentives you advertise will be sure to increase customer interest and store sales.  Contact us for a free quote on window signs Spokane!