Use Custom Floor Graphics to Inform Your Customers

This floor decal for Clark & Sons shows a real life standard sod size for reference so people can have an idea of how much sod to order, custom floor decals, indoors or outdoors, call Signs for Success, custom floor graphics

Clark & Sons floor decal

To determine how many pieces of sod to buy, Clark & Sons customers needed an example.  This custom floor graphic, which shows customers the standard size of a piece of sod, fills that need.  “Before the decal was installed they used a beach towel hung on the wall.  They wanted a more attractive and effective way of showing their customers how big a piece of sod is when they buy it,” designer Will Oakley explained.  “I did the design to make it look like sod,” so the function of the sign is unmistakable, “but still incorporated their logo.”

What’s so genius about this application is that you’re seeing the sod exactly where it will be – beneath your feet.  It makes it easier to visualize your yard spread out below you in relation to the sample piece.  The floor decal is a gleaming addition to Clark & Sons’ recently redesigned signage inside the store and out.  Printed on 6000 White High Performance Vinyl and Laminated with 3M “Walk-On” Laminate, the sign is durable and should last 5-7 years depending on traffic.

The floor sign will not only help in determining the size of sod, but it will also help bring attention to the product for customers who might not have come in specifically for sod.  Custom floor graphics can also be used as pointers (think arrows or footprints) to a certain product.  Floor signs can notify customers of a special item, sale, or event.  They can also direct customers to a website or text marketing program.

With floor graphics generating a potential 15% or more increase in sales, a floor sign may be just the answer for your store or business.  Signs for Success can handle design, print and installation of your custom floor decals, wall decals, or other custom sign project.  We are a locally owned family business in Spokane, and we strive for excellent customer service, perfect color, and quick turnaround on every project.  Get quality service and a quick turnaround on custom floor graphics; contact us for a free quote today!