Unique Restaurant Signs and Graphics for A Unique Restaurant

What makes a restaurant unique? What if I told you there was a restaurant where you could get some of the best food and beverages in town and adopt a pet all in one trip! Sounds like fun right? Well the place to go is Bark A Rescue Pub. Bark in partnership with the Spokane Humane Society have created that place. Bark owners Josh Wade & Katie Holmes contacted us early on in the project to help them create the unique signage needed to create a unique ambiance for such a unique restaurant. The project included a wide variety of indoor and outdoor signs. It also incorporated a wide variety of environmental elements to create unique ambiance the owners desired.

Environmental Graphics

We created seamless wall logo wrap incorporating their iconic logo for sections of the interior of Bark, A Rescue Pub. These graphics can be installed on a variety of different walls and locations. We worked closely with existing branding to ensure all colors matched precisely as needed.

Cinder block wall graphicsVinyl Wall wrap

We created an acrylic dimensional fire-hydrant which was cut on our CNC machine. This was installed onto the customer’s wall with studs and spacers.

Acrylic Fire Hydrant

Fire Hydrant Design Acrylic



We Used a product called “Etchmark” which gives the appearance of frosted glass on window and a hanging sign to promote the Humane Society.

Faux Etched Glass Film

At the main entrance we added logos to the front doors and on the patio entrance we created and installed a stud-mounted white acrylic logo which hangs over the side entrance to the restaurant. This was made on our CNC
machine utilizing 1/2″ white acrylic. We are able to install signage even onto uneven surfaces such as brick and stone walls!

Plot Cut Door Window Graphics1/2" Acrylic Logo installed on stone

Flat Cut Out Acrylic installed on stone wall

Pylon Sign

Bark Resue Sign Design & Renderings

Design Renderings

We created a large steel pylon sign to attract attention from the main road near the restaurant. We created realistic concept renders to help visualize what the completed sign would look like. We worked with the city of Spokane to ensure all requirements were fulfilled prior to finalizing the sign. We used plot-cut reflective vinyl on the steel arches to help visibility of the logo – even at night.

Custom Pylon Sign

Finished Installation

More Signs

Additionally we created the vinyl header for the “Furever Homes” wall, a backlit sign, sidewalk graphics, and feather flags to draw attention at the road.