Different Types of Adhesive Vinyl for Decals, Stickers, and Labels

We carry dozens of vinyls for many different purposes…

There are dozens of colors and many types of cut vinyl for vehicles, windows and lots more purposes
Signs for Success carries many type of vinyl for printing and cutting, clear, static, reflective, wrap, high performance, intermediate, high tac, low tac, temporary, and lots more

Dozens of Choices for Adhesive Vinyl

As you can see above, there are dozens of adhesive vinyl choices for decals, stickers, and labels.  Whatever you might call them, let Signs for Success be your destination for custom vinyl decals large and small. Below are the different types and uses for vinyl adhesive material.  If we don’t have it in stock, we’ll see if we can get it in or something similar that will fit your needs.

Full wrap for fleet graphics for JRCC in Moses Lake, call Signs for Success for your fleet graphics needs, quick, fast, instant quotes and signs in Spokane, car wrap installation spokane

Wrap Vinyl – High Performance – Printed

For vehicle wraps and printed lettering, we use high performance Avery wrap vinyl or 3M Control Tac, both with UV laminate for added protection and longevity.  Roll sizes vary per product; however, most standard rolls are 54″.  Our installers are car wrap certified, and they have the skills and experience to give you a flawless wrap every time!

All the graphics on this old classic are cut high performance vinyl, except the bird. We printed and cut that. Looks amazing.

Cut Vinyl – High Performance or Intermediate – Cut

When we cut vinyl, like the colored rolls above, depending on use and budget, we will use either high performance 5-8 year life or intermediate 3-5 year life vinyls.  These are solid, single colors that are cut out, weeded and transfer taped.  You can pick them up ready to apply to your surface, or have it professionally installed at Signs for Success or on site.

Discount fireworks needed a decal sticker to add to their plastic truck full of fireworks, so we printed and cut a high tac label for them, Oroville, Spokane

Intermediate Rolled vinyl – Printed

There are quite a few choices when you only need a sticker to last a short time up to about 3 years, or if they are giveaway promotional pieces.  We can print and cut squares or more complex shapes on most vinyls.

We offer the changeable letters, changer pole, and triple strike backlit printing method for full color pole and monument lighted signs in Spokane and Spokane Valley

Translucent Rolled vinyl – Cut Solids or Printed

Translucent vinyls are 7-10 year vinyls that allow light to pass through for backlit signs.  When we print translucent vinyl, depending on the use, we may print our “Triple Strike” method where there are two layers of color ink separated by a layer of white ink.  Solid, cut translucent vinyls can also be used where one or two solid colors make up the logo or message.  Those on a budget can use intermediate cut vinyl, since it allows light to come through to a lesser amount than the real translucent vinyl.

Custom printed reflective vinyl for Warden Police by Signs for Success in Spokane, WA

Reflective vinyl – Cut or Printed

Were you wondering what the bright white rolls in the photo were?  These are our reflective vinyls, and once they’re printed with your custom graphics, the vinyl really looks fabulous when the surrounding light hits it.  We have outfitted many emergency vehicles with printed full color reflective graphics or cut (single color) reflective vinyl.

Spokane's Riverpark Square can help advertise for their tenants using floor space, Specialized floor decals can be square or shape cut, custom digitally printed decals with special laminate

Temporary Adhesive – Printed

For temporary advertising on walls, ceilings, floors, pavement, sidewalks, fight mats, and lots more, we have a few options with temporary or low tac adhesive.  Clear or White temporary vinyl can be used on mall windows, walls, and floors; and can be removed with no damage or leftover adhesive.  PT Changeable fabric decals can be put on anything, then moved and reused, since they don’t stretch out like most decals.  Temporary Adhesive decals are considered intermediate quality, but they print beautifully!

Inspection stickers decals for Pacific Aerial Services in Spokane, for when they need to check off inspection dates on Dielectric & Boom lifts, by Signs for Success, recreated from old sticker, fast

High Tac Adhesive – Printed

We have a roll of vinyl that has a very grippy, strong adhesive for those tougher surfaces.  If you are not sure if a vinyl will stick to your surface, swing in for a sample strip of a couple of types of vinyl to test on your product prior to production.

Printed clear static cling with the static on the face for Spokane Shock, printed with white ad additional color to help the color to really show well, contour cut shape done fast Signs for Success, call now!

Static Cling – Printed

We carry both clear and white static cling.  We can print white ink for the writing surface for automotive oil change static clings, or use white ink as an overflood to make eye popping color through the clear static, with cling on the face. Otherwise, if static is on the back, we print on the white static roll.

This decal for concrete, pavement, asphalt of Mickey Mouse looks great in Hillyard Spokane for the Chalk Art Walk, Call Signs for Success now for floor advertising printed ads

Conformable – Printed

Signs for Success has a printable, conformable vinyl for rough outdoor surfaces.  This laminated vinyl is rated good outdoors for one year, but we have seen it last many years.  It’s perfect for historical buildings that don’t want penetrations in their brick or exterior walls.  With heat, the vinyl comes off cleanly, making changing out the graphics a breeze down the road.  We use this on brick, stucco, cinderblock, rock walls, pavement, asphalt, blacktop, sidewalks, and concrete.

These foiled roll labels were printed on paper stock gold foil for Washington's Finest Cannabis, also Clear stickers decals for windows and styrene table signs round out the products

Roll Labels – Printed

Roll labels come in a few choices of stock colors and are usually single color imprinted.  They are typically a paper label, similar to a mailing label, but a little higher quality. They can be white, yellow, flourescent, gold or silver backgrounds to start and choices of imprint colors. Call for a quote on your size and shape decal sticker labels.

Tradeshow displays, retractable banner stands and promotional products are produced by Signs for Success in Spokane

Read what our customers are saying.

“The team at Signs for Success is easy to work with and produce the highest quality product quickly and at a reasonable cost. The service I have received is among the best I have experienced. They have assisted us with everything from name tags to large signage projects including kiosks, standees, banner stands, window clings, and project site signs. There is no job too big or too small. They are friendly to work with, and projects operate smoothly from inception to completion.”

“Spectrum Home Services of Washington used Signs for Success to do all of our signage when we opened our doors last February. They logo’d our company vehicles, did our window sign on our office, and created a large stand-up sign for events. Signs for Success provided great quality work and outstanding service. We are very happy!”