patriotic wrap, truck wrap features American flag graphics

The Perfect Time for a Patriotic Wrap

Patriotic Flag wrap on Ford F350Summer is the perfect time to get a patriotic wrap.  This Ford F350 has all-over wrap graphics to look like a waving flag. The back window is wrapped in custom perforated wrap film to match.  The patriotic truck wrap was designed for Red, White, and Blue Snow Plowing and Landscaping.  But you don’t need to have red, white, and blue in your name to sport a patriotic theme.

MATCO TOOLS flag graphics project patriotic theme on Route VanHere are a couple of other customers who chose patriotic vehicle wraps.  MATCO Tools used a clever design with wrenches and nuts to create an American flag graphic that spans the back of a Route Van.  White’s Concessions wrapped their entire concession trailer in patriotic themed graphics.  A rippling flag and fireworks are complemented by the red, white and blue lights around the top of the trailer.

Summer seems to be the natural time to add patriotic wrap graphics, but they truly look great year-round.  Vehicle graphics are great for promoting your brand and image. A full wrap is both eye-catching and memorable.  Your car or truck wrap can be custom designed to match other marketing materials, which boosts brand recognition.  Best of all, your graphics work 24/7. Whether you’re parked or on the road, your patriotic wrap will generate thousands of impressions every day.

This concession trailer gets into more fairs now than it did before food truck wrap, custom design and wrap in Spokane and Post Falls

Signs for Success is a locally owned family business in Spokane, and we strive for excellent customer service, perfect color, and quick turnaround on every project.  Our large production facility allows us to design, print and install everything in-house.  Contact us for a free quote on a patriotic wrap today!

Blue golf cart wrap with black striping

Golf Cart Wraps: Avery vs. 3M

Blue golf cart wraps with black striping

Blue golf cart wrap with black striping

In an effort to find the very best single color, or “color change” wrap vinyl, we compared 3M and Avery car wrap products on two golf cart wraps projects.  Each golf cart received a color change wrap – one using 3M IJ180Cv3 and the other with Avery Supreme Wrapping Film.

The orange golf cart was wrapped with 3M and the blue was wrapped with Avery.  Both golf cart wraps had multiple layers.  In addition to the eye-catching orange car wrap film, Ron Davis Landscaping added their company name and slogan in matte black to the front and sides of the golf cart.  To add graphics to a color change wrap, we first apply the wrap film to the entire vehicle, then simply add cut lettering or other cut vinyl graphics on top of the wrap.  This makes placement much easier than printing graphics onto the full wrap itself.  Take wheel well graphics for example – adding a website or other text over the curve of the wheel is much simpler when you don’t have to factor in the curves and body lines of the vehicle when placing graphics in just the right spot.

The blue golf cart was a personal vehicle, and black striping added the finishing touch to this color change wrap.  The blue vinyl wrap paired with striping gave this old golf cart a much needed facelift.  By adding lettering, striping or other graphics to a color change wrap, you can make a statement or increase your marketing in a unique way.

Orange golf cart wraps with black lettering

Orange golf cart wrap with black lettering

Both car wraps turned out great, and are comparable when looking at the final product.  The main differences appeared during installation.

We found that the Avery car wrap vinyl was repositionable while the 3M is a more aggressive adhesive.  When a vinyl is repositionable, it allows for wiggle room during an install.  Being able to lift up the vinyl and reposition it to get placement just right without stretching or compromising the material makes a perfect vehicle wrap easier to achieve.

Both the 3M and the Avery vinyl are high-performance wrap films so they are highly conformable and last 5-7 years.  However, we also noticed the 3M material tended to curl at the edges and was more sensitive to heat, making it a little more difficult to work with during installation.  Although they are both great materials, Avery stands out as the more user-friendly of the two.

“We found we liked Avery the best.  3M materials are a lot thicker and don’t offer the ability to reposition that Avery does, so it’s not as friendly a material to work with,” Signs for Success production manager Denise Gillit said.  “We still use 3M for many vehicle wrap projects, but for color change wraps in particular, we choose Avery Supreme Wrapping Film.”  Signs for Success owner John Bogensberger added, “3M would only be used for a color change wrap if the client wanted a particular color not available in Avery.”

Here’s what Avery has to say about their film:

“Every automobile is a potential canvas…Custom paint colors can look fantastic, but they’re also costly and time consuming.  We developed Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film as a simple, fast and cost-effective way for drivers and businesses to accent, update or completely alter the appearance of a vehicle’s finish-while protecting the original paint job from chips and wear.”

The biggest advantage of a color change wrap is that you can change the color of your vehicle without affecting the market value.  Color change vinyl is not only great for changing up the look of your vehicle, it can make an older vehicle or paint job look brand new.  For businesses, color change golf cart wraps offer a uniform look among company vehicles, and colors can be matched to or paired with logo graphics.

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Custom boat wraps for Alaskan fishing boats designed by Signs for Success, boat wraps spokane

How to Install Boat Wraps

Custom boat wraps for Alaskan fishing boats designed by Signs for Success

Custom boat wraps for Alaskan fishing boats designed by Signs for Success

Boat wraps are installed much the same way that vehicle wraps are installed.  We have noticed some common mistakes, and we can recommend a few simple steps for successfully installing boat graphics, or any vehicle graphics.

Some common problems are getting the placement wrong, overstretching the material, or heat-setting it  improperly.  “I think one thing people have a hard time with is just the fear factor.  Working with vinyl and the fact that you just spent a lot of money for it is scary.  You don’t want to mess it up.  Easier to leave it to those that do it daily,” Signs for Success production manager Denise Gillit said.

Another problem we have seen is wet applying graphics.  George Basargen worked with Signs for Success to design two over-the-top boat wraps for his Alaskan fishing boats.  We installed the Roulette boat wrap in Tum Tum, WA.  Then the customer took the boat graphics for the Black Pearl with him to Alaska and installed them himself.  On a rainy spring day in Alaska, George tried to install the vinyl boat graphics by wet applying them.  To “wet apply” means to spray the surface you are applying the vinyl to with a chemical like Windex or dish soap and water.  Most cut vinyl can be wet applied.  However, a high performance repositionable vinyl like the 3M Control Tac used for these boat wraps cannot be wet applied.

“Control Tac has a releasable adhesive so you can reposition it many times if you don’t get it in the right spot the first time.  We would never suggest anyone wet apply a repositionable vinyl like Control Tac.  You will have a much harder time getting it to stick properly,” Signs for Success designer Will Oakley explained.

Because the vinyl was not sticking properly, George called us, and we walked him through the best method to use over the phone.  “He installed everything successfully and is really happy with how it all turned out,” Will said.  In spite of his setback during install, George said, “It has been great working with Will.  [The boat wraps] look great!”

custom boat wraps, Let Signs for Success wrap or add graphics to your race boat or jet boat in Spokane and Coeur d'Alene

Stripes, logos, numbering added to race boats

Here’s how we install a boat wraps in 5 easy steps (Use these steps when working with a high performance repositionable vinyl):

  1. First, clean the surface.
  2. Place graphics where you want them using masking tape.
  3. Carefully peel backing away in small portions, smoothing the vinyl as you go.
  4. Use a squeegee to smooth any air bubbles out.
  5. Use a heat gun to set the vinyl.

Control Tac, as well as other repositionable high performance vinyls, should first be positioned in the appropriate place on the vehicle surface.  Then, by removing portions of the backing little by little and smoothing the vinyl with the right tools, the material is applied evenly without stretching or wrinkling.  To set the material, use a heat gun to heat the material in small portions at a time and smooth it out again.  This helps the vinyl to conform permanently to all the curves and contours of the boat or vehicle.

We recommend having boat wraps installed professionally since the techniques required as well as the environment can play an important part in the success or failure of an install.  However, if circumstances prevent you from having a pro install your boat graphics, by following these steps, you can achieve a professional boat wrap on your own.

For more information on boat wrap installation, or to get a quote for a professional installationcontact Signs for Success.

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Signs for Success designed, printed, wrapped by certified wrap installers in Spokane, WA

Dryer Ducks Van Wrap focuses on Effective Wrap Design

Signs for Success designed, printed, wrap design, and wrapped by certified wrap installers in Spokane, WA

Dryer Ducks fleet wrap front view

When Dominic Longo of Dryer Ducks came to Signs for Success, his main goal was to create a functional van wrap design that really popped.  With a new logo in hand, he sat down with one of our designers to begin the custom vehicle wrap design process.

The Dryer Ducks logo was the jumping off point for the design.

“I designed the wrap using their logo and before and after pictures of a duct,” Signs for Success designer Will Oakley said.  “Because their logo is a duck they wanted people to know what service they provided so they wouldn’t be confused by the logo. We added the before and after pictures to the wrap to make it more obvious.”

The clean, modern design focused on a few simple and effective graphics and minimal text.  The website, phone number and catch phrase can be clearly read from both sides and the back of the vehicle.  The large logo makes the vehicle recognizable wherever it goes, and catch phrase vinyl lettering over the wheel well makes creative, interesting use of the space.  All the elements come together to create an interesting and effective vehicle wrap design.

Great, unique advertising wrap design by Signs for Success for Dryer Ducks in Spokane, Custom vehicle, van, car, auto, wrap, wraps done fast

Dryer Ducks van wrap designed by Signs for Success

“One of the features the customer really liked was the repeating logo pattern I put in the background. They liked the first proof I sent,” Will said.

This is what we call a “partial wrap” because the back and sides are fully wrapped, while the front fender and hood are decals that were printed, cut and applied to the paint.  Partial wraps give you the most bang for your buck because they really maximize the largest advertising space while blending seamlessly into unwrapped portions of the vehicle.  The finished product looks like a full vehicle wrap, but the process uses less material and takes less time to install than a full wrap.  A partial vehicle wrap is a great way to go if you’re considering adding vehicle graphics to your advertising, using effective wrap design.

Dominic was thrilled with the van wrap.  “Signs for Success did an incredible job on our vehicle wrap,” he said.  “Being a start-up business in Spokane, we needed something that would really stand out.  Will Oakley at Signs for Success took our logo and turned our van into the most amazing mobile billboard we could have ever asked for!  His design was outstanding and he really took initiative on all fronts.  He made sure to give us exactly what we wanted, and kept us informed the whole time!  Working with Will made the process so easy, and we will definitely use him for our whole fleet as we expand!”

Predation Crossfit pickup truck wrap; custom truck wrap design by Signs for Success

Crossfit Truck Wraps combine Fitness with Marketing

Predation Crossfit pickup truck wrap; custom truck wrap design by Signs for Success

Predation Crossfit pickup truck wrap; custom truck wrap design by Signs for Success

Truck Wraps for Functional Marketing

Around Predation Crossfit, you may hear words like “functional movement” and “functional fitness,” but what about “functional advertising” and “functional marketing“?  Crossfit combines calisthenics and strength training in natural movements that can be directly applied to our lives.  It’s a high-intensity and highly effective method of training.  Predation Crossfit owners Chance and Erin exercise to make their bodies the strongest and best they can be.  Now they’ve done the same for their business, strengthening their marketing by adding truck wraps to their advertising.

Signs for Success designer Vanessa Bogensberger created the one-of-a-kind truck wraps design based on meaningful symbols to Chance and Erin.  The eagle represents Chance’s 20 years as a U.S. Navy SEAL.  The eagle is carrying three things: the kettlebell, which is used in various ways at Predation Crossfit and is representative of crossfit, the barbell for strength, and the ax because Erin is a world champion in Lumberjack Sports.  “And of course the American flag because we love this country; America is the greatest place,” Erin added, “Not many people ask about the meaning behind it.  They just see it and think it’s cool.  It’s both of our lives wrapped into one.”

We printed the graphics on 3M’s Controltac, a high-performance conformable vinyl.  We used perforated window film to wrap the eagle’s wings around to the back window.  Perforated film allows graphics to be placed on windows without obstructing the view from inside the vehicle.  Adding vehicle lettering for their phone number and website completed this partial truck wraps.

Custom truck wrap graphics for Crossfit gym  in Spokane WA

Custom truck wrap graphics for Crossfit gym in Spokane WA

Vehicle wraps generate interest and get seen all over town.  Instead of spending hundreds of dollars per month running ads, use high impacting and efficient truck graphics.  According to the American Trucking Association, 98% of in-car audiences notice and remember truck-side ads.  That’s an incredible return on your advertising dollar.  Truck wraps look professional, generate curiosity, and boost brand recognition.  Vehicle wraps are the best form of outdoor advertising, reaching more consumers at a lower cost than any other form of outdoor advertising.

Within one week, the newly wrapped Predation Crossfit truck brought a new customer to the gym who saw the truck parked outside and decided to go in. Try your own custom truck wraps.

Just as Crossfit has come on the scene filling a void where static exercise regimens couldn’t fully prepare its trainees for real-world situations, mobile advertising gets your business the best exposure possible and fills a literal void on vehicles.  You own the space to advertise, you just have to fill it.  Coupling traditional forms of signage with mobile advertising gives you a strategy that will reach the widest audience and keep your business fit.

Contact us for a quote and to talk about your project.

JRCC wanted a wrap for their pickup that really stood out and spoke about restoration, Signs for Success delivered, vehicle wraps Chewelah

5 Steps to a Perfect Vehicle Wrap

JRCC wanted a wrap for their pickup that really stood out and spoke about restoration, Signs for Success delivered

JRCC pickup truck wrap, custom design by Signs for Success

Vehicle Wraps are arguably the best form of advertising out there.  Vehicle graphics generate up to 70,000 impressions per day wherever they go with a 96% recall rate among those tens of thousands of consumers.

Vehicle wraps:

  • Offer the lowest cost per impression in outdoor advertising
  • Generate tens of thousands of impressions daily
  • Advertise 24/7 for 5-7 years
  • Build brand awareness
  • Personalize your business or personal vehicle

After printing and installing hundreds of vehicle wraps, we’ve honed in on the 5 key steps to creating a successful vehicle wrap.  Beginning with a quote and ending with the perfect car or truck wrap, we’ll take you through the each step of the process.

  1. Your Quote

With hundreds of available colors – matte black, anyone? – and limitless design possibilities, the correct answer is “yes we can.”  Our pricing is competitive and we can create full or partial wraps to work within your budget.  Did we mention that vehicle wraps offer the lowest cost per impression in outdoor advertising?  Once we determine a quote for your custom vehicle wrap, a 50% deposit is required to get your order started.

  1. Lexar Homes with MDI Advertising designed and wrapped this pickup with a strong advertising message for this pickup wrap at Signs for Success in Spokane.

    Lexar Homes pickup truck wrap, simple and effective vehicle wrap design by Signs for Success

    Your Design

We’ll take a closer look at your vehicle wrap design, making sure all design components work with your vision as well as your particular year, make and model vehicle.  Our experienced designers will tailor the design to a detailed vehicle template and provide a proof for your approval.

  1. Your Vehicle

Measure twice, cut once!  Now that design templates are ready, we need to see your vehicle and get exact measurements to ensure your wrap will fit correctly in all the right places.  Especially in the case of unique details like an extra-long truck bed or door handle placement, we will make sure text and logos are visible and your wrap is a perfect fit.

  1. Your Materials

We use high performance Avery Supreme Wrapping Film for color change wraps as well as custom vehicle wraps.  It’s highly conformable with bubble-free application and gives a smooth, paint-like finish.  Removable adhesive means the vinyl comes off cleanly when you’re ready to change your message.  Choose from textured, special effect, metallic, or custom printed vinyl wraps.

  1. Your Installation
Market Vision ad agency designed this custom wrap for Dishman Dodge advertising for Mt. Spokane ski and snowboard park in Spokane and Greenbluff

Market Vision Dishman Dodge Jeep for Mt. Spokane vehicle wrap

Signs for Success is among the best in the business when it comes to graphic design, digital printing and vehicle wrap installation.  Installations are done in our secure indoor installation facility by Avery Certified installers who have hundreds of hours of training and experience.

Depending on the complexity of the wrap, our certified installers will need your vehicle for approximately 3 working days.  We ask that you wash your vehicle before delivery to expedite the first stages of installation.  Once the vehicle wrap is installed, we will review proper vehicle cleaning and maintenance techniques.

With our wide range of graphic solutions, you can customize your vehicle with almost any conceivable design and/or message.  Whether you want to personalize your truck, car or boat or your goal is to boost sales and brand awareness by adding graphics to your company vehicle or fleet, these 5 steps to a perfect custom vehicle wrap will make that lasting impression. Call us for a free quote

Advertising wrap for Food Services of America in Spokane by Signs for Success, vehicle graphics spokane

Van Wrap Makeover: Food Services of America

Advertising wrap for Food Services of America in Spokane by Signs for Success.

Nissan Van wrap for Food Services of America

When it comes to updating old vehicle graphics, sometimes it’s hard to get away from the original theme. Whether you’re afraid of stepping on former designers’ toes or just can’t seem to picture your logo or graphics any other way, just getting through the design phase can be the most daunting task of creating a van wrap. When it was time to update Food Services of America’s van fleet, the design team was able to agree on a refreshing new concept for their outdated van wraps, making the change all the easier.

“Our vans had wraps on them before, but they were faded and outdated. We wanted a more updated, splashy look,” Food Services of America’s internal graphic designer Nancy Taylor said. “One of my fellow associates, the brands category manager, along with the beverage team came up with ideas they wanted to see for each side [of the van].” Not only did Nancy create more eye-catching graphics, she came up with a unique, yet cohesive concept for each side of the van wrap.

Signs for Success downloaded the templates for their van makes and models and sent them to Nancy. Once we got the completed design back, with a few minor tweaks that would optimize the installation process, we sent the design to print.

VANS, Van Wrap


The wrap was printed on Avery 1005 conformable wrap film or with 3M High Performance Control Tac Vinyl and laminated with satin laminate. One side of the wrap features succulent fruit and splashes of fruit juice, while the other side pictures coffee beans and smooth pouring coffee. The back of the van features tea leaves, bags, and a refreshing-looking cup of tea.

Each side represents a different product, but they’re all tied by a single theme – appetizing beverages. The van graphics are characterized by large scale images and bold colors that really make these custom van wraps pop. “People here at the branch who saw it were just beyond thrilled,” Nancy said. “The comment I heard a lot was ‘I liked the wraps on the last van, but this is completely over the top!'”

All of the van wrap vinyl was printed and installed here at Signs for Success. Managers from Food Services of America were so excited about the wraps, they stopped by periodically during the installation to see the work in progress. The wraps were showcased at the FSA Show May 9, 2012, and they will be used locally in Spokane and in the Moses Lake area.

Van wraps are quite successful marketing tools because they cover so much area (a van is a large vehicle), and they get lots of attention on and off the road. Vehicle wraps generate up to 70,000 impressions per day; in fact, according to the American Advertising Association, 98% of people driving notice vehicle graphics on the road. Refreshing old van graphics is a smart investment since modern vehicle graphics give a professional, successful business vibe. Vehicle wraps get noticed, and you want to give a good impression!

Whether you’re coming up with a new design or you’re updating existing graphics, the Signs for Success experienced design team can offer a fresh set of eyes to help work on a refreshing concept, theme or design. We will make sure your van or fleet hits the road in style with a custom vehicle wrap! Contact us for a free quote!

This customer wanted tribal graphics similar to Baja boats, but colors to match his new boat cover and upholstery, with a little flair, in Spokane and Deer Park

Baja Contemporary Boat Wrap Makeover

This customer wanted tribal graphics boat wrap similar to Baja boats, but colors to match his new boat cover and upholstery, with a little flair, in Spokane and Deer Park

Baja custom boat wrap

Over the years, we’ve seen many boat wrap projects. After all, one of the best things about the Inland Northwest is the natural wonder of the many beautiful and well-known lakes, including Coeur d’Alene Lake and Priest Lake.

Fishing boats and other small to mid-size motorboats are what we see most often. This Baja contemporary boat wrap is just one boat wrap project we completed in the summer of 2013. It was printed on 3M Control Tac high performance vinyl with a gloss laminate. The high performance laminate protects the vinyl wrap from UV damage and the elements as well as harsh cleaners.

Any boat can be wrapped, from ski boats and wave runners to pontoon boats, deck boats and fishing boats. Since each boat shape is unique, we create a custom template for every boat wrap design. To do this, we input precise measurements into our design software and use photographs of all sides of the vessel to get every little detail and body line into the template.


For this boat wrap, “we actually laid butcher paper on the side and sketched the outline and any trim in the body, then laid that flat on the floor to measure and create a rough template,” Signs for Success designer Vanessa Bogensberger said.

The wrap design features gray and purple swooshes on a black background for a look that is more “Baja contemporary” than the original pink on white design. Once the design was complete, adding a bleed area to the design gives installers a little wiggle room to get the placement just right.

After installing the main boat wrap graphics, we added boat ID hull numbers that were printed, cut, and installed separately. Boat lettering is another option for those who aren’t interested in a full boat wrap, but who do want to give their boat a new, unique look.

A boat wrap can:

• Transform the look of any boat, going from dull to modern
• Give your boat a personalized style to stand out from the fleet
• Bring new life to an older design
• Restore original graphics that are faded or peeling
• Incorporate required ID numbers

Contact Signs for Success to update your boat graphics—our experienced design team will help create the perfect boat wrap design for you, whether you’re looking to restore or re-imagine.


Signs for Success can wrap your food truck in Spokane like this one for Little Caesars

Little Caesars Van Wraps Turn Heads

Food Truck wrap van wraps for Little Caesars in Spokane

Little Caesars Step van wrap by Signs for Success in Spokane

Vehicle wraps generate leads and drive sales (no pun intended). Driving his Little Caesar’s Step Van with a brand new van wrap, Brandt Williams of Little Caesar’s Hillyard noticed he was drawing quite a response from other drivers around him. “Just on the drive from your store to my store, there were so many people honking at us,” Brandt said. The Signs for Success Production Manager was driving with her son this week when they saw the Little Caesars van. “My son was ecstatic. He was like, “Whoa, look at that!” We took a picture.” In its first week, the van wraps even brought in a new customer when someone saw it parked and called to ask about catering for a party.

Vehicle wraps are arguably the best form of advertising out there. Vehicle graphics generate up to 70,000 impressions per day wherever they go with a 96% recall rate among those tens of thousands of consumers. Since our vehicle wraps last 5-7 years, that’s a proven effective advertising campaign that works for you 24/7 for at least 5 years! In addition, van wraps, box truck wrapsand other vehicle graphics boost brand recognition and consumers’ confidence in your business. Van wraps are memorable and will lead to sales.

To sum things up, vehicle wraps:

• Last 5-7 years
• Advertise 24/7
• Boost brand recognition
• Are professional and memorable
• Increase sales

Signs for Success can wrap your food truck in Spokane like this one for Little Caesars van wraps

Food Truck Wrap in spokane

Here’s what goes into a custom vehicle wrap by Signs for Success:

First, we take the type of vehicle into consideration. We take pictures of the vehicle and take measurements of doors, sides, windows, hood, front, back – whatever the vehicle wrap might touch. In the design phase, we take any graphics, text, or ideas the customer has and create a custom wrap design that can be applied to a three-dimensional diagram of the vehicle. The customer receives a proof, and minor adjustments may be made. Following customer approval, the design goes to print.

In the printing stage, files are double checked for consistency. The machine is loaded, and our Onyx software splits the file into several panels for printing. The Little Caesar’s van wrap required 14 different panels. The panels are then laminated and set aside in order to be installed.

We install most vehicle wraps, whether it’s a car wrap, truck wrap or even boat wrap, right here in our facility. First, the vehicle is prepped by removing any features that will inhibit installation. For this particular job, mirrors, windshield wipers, rear lights, license plates, ladder, electrical outlet covers, door stoppers, awning arms, emblems, and rear door latches all had to be removed. The vinyl is then installed on the clean vehicle starting from the back of one side and moving up, which ensures the longest life of the vinyl wrap.

Installation takes several hours as the vinyl is carefully placed and smoothed, and fine cuts are made around lights, door handles, and any other features on the vehicle. Our installers are Avery Car Wrap Certified, so they are trained to be both precise and efficient with each installation. With the vinyl in place, it is heated to 160 degrees Fahrenheit and smoothed once more. As it cools, it retains its permanent shape and position. The end result is a seamless, professional vehicle wrap.

The van wrap design took into account all the unique features of the step van, and the eye-popping color definitely garners attention on and off the road. “It pops; it’s an attention-grabber – that’s the biggest thing,” Brandt said when he saw the van wraps for the first time. “You guys did a fabulous job.”

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In measuring this Motorcycle for the wrap, we had to custom design this eagle to fit the curves of the fairing, designed and wrapped by Signs for Success in Spokane

How to Achieve Perfect Motorcycle Wraps

Custom Design, Custom Bike, Custom install on motorcycle wraps in Spokane, WA

American Flag wrap on Motorcycle by Signs for Success

When you have a specific wrap design in mind, it can be frustrating trying to find just the right graphics ready-made. In most cases, a customer looking for a ready-made wrap will have to settle for generic images or elements that don’t really fit their vision. Luckily, there is an alternative to manufactured wrap kits. We offer custom vehicle wraps from start to finish. One of our recent custom wrap jobs was for a Honda Goldwing motorcycle wraps.

“John Lundgren did an internet search and found us through the van wrap job we did for Food Services of America. He was looking online for motorcycle graphics, but was not happy with the standard artwork or the small sizes,” Graphic Designer Vanessa Bogensberger said. Instead of settling for an unoriginal design, Lundgren turned to Signs for Success for his custom motorcycle wraps. We worked with him on a design based on the American flag, tribal flames and a high-resolution image of an eagle.

Another problem with manufactured wrap graphics is sizing. You might find graphics to be smaller than you anticipated, or in the case of motorcycle graphics, some decals might be designed for larger vehicles and prove to be too large.

In measuring this Motorcycle for the wrap, we had to custom design this eagle to fit the curves of the fairing, designed and wrapped, motorcycle wraps

Custom Design Eagle for Motorcycle in Spokane Valley

In the design phase, the eagle image was tweaked to fit the front of the motorcycle perfectly, and the blue part of the flag was positioned over the front of the foot guard. Another challenge was getting the flames to hit various parts of the bike, but after careful measuring and a little design savvy, the customer’s vision was finally achieved.

Each element of this motorcycle wraps would have been difficult if not impossible to achieve using ready-made graphics. We had to take detailed and precise measurements as well as photos of the vehicle to get the design and install just right. From the perfectly sized and positioned American flag to the exact size high resolution eagle with wings spread across the front of the bike, a custom design makes this motorcycle wrap truly stunning.

We custom designed this American Flag partial wrap for this red motorcycle in North Spokane, WA

Motorcycle wrap in Spokane WA

The entire design was printed on 3M High Performance Control Tac or Avery 1005 wrap vinyl, laminated with UV lam, and printed with extra bleed, then contour cut. Installation went smoothly with all elements hitting their mark. Signs for Success wraps are always custom designed to fit your style and your vehicle. Check out some of our other vehicle wraps or stop by with your car, motorcycle or boat for a free quote!