Signs for Success installer using knifeless tape, vinyl wrap installation, car wrap installation spokane

Vehicle Wrap Installation Simplified with Knifeless Tape

Vehicle Wrap installation using knifeless tape

Signs for Success installer using knifeless tape

Vehicle wrap installation is one of our specialties. Ever since we saw this tool at the Las Vegas trade show in the summer of 2012, it’s been a permanent addition to our installer’s tool kit.  Knifeless tape is an answer to a challenge that all vehicle wrap installation installers face: cutting on paint.  The Knifeless Tech System not only makes installation safer and more accurate, but it also saves time, therefore saving both the installer and customer money.  Here are 3 reasons why we love using knifeless tape:

  1. 1. Knifeless tape replaces the need to use a blade directly on a vehicle when doing a full or partial vehicle wrap installation.  “Traditionally, you would have to use a blade to contour cut vinyl along body lines.  The knifeless tape eliminates the possibility of cutting the vinyl too deep and scratching the paint,” Signs for Success Vehicle Wrap Installer Rich Wilke explained.
Matte black striping installed using knifeless tape

Matte black striping installed using knifeless tape

Knifeless tape has a high strength filament, or thread, embedded in the center of the tape.  To use the tape, you apply the tape directly to the vehicle where cuts will be made, then apply the vinyl graphics on top.  After the vinyl is applied, pulling the filament will create a perfect, smooth cut.

  1. Knifeless tape also allows for less error in cut lines.  “If you use a blade, you might get a little wiggle in your line,” Rich said.  3M says of their product, “The tape is extremely flexible and turns smoothly in any direction, conforming to even the tightest contours and edges of any surface it is applied to.  It can also be pulled straight, creating precise cut lines.”  It also makes matching body lines simple since you see the line before you actually cut.  If the line looks a little off, simply pull up the tape and reposition.  Any excess tape removes cleanly after the filament is pulled.
  2. Signs for Success Installer Chris Komski noted another benefit of using knifeless tape.  When doing an overlap, if you use a blade and cut too deep, you cut both layers.  Over time, the bottom layer will separate, revealing the body paint color underneath.  Using knifeless tape will cut only the top layer, keeping overlapping layers overlapped, making your vehicle wrap installation look better and last longer.

“We use knifeless tape whenever we can.  We used it on a motorcycle wrap and a boat wrap just last week,” Signs for Success Production Manager Denise Gillit said.  Bottom line, knifeless tape alleviates the need to use a knife directly on a vehicle wrap installation; it makes an install safe, fast and more accurate which translates to a better looking vehicle wrap at a better price!

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