Signs for Success can add Rally Stripes to any car, almost any color, let us help you with that design, vinyl wrap installation

How to Install Rally Stripes on a Mini Cooper

Signs for Success can add Rally Stripes to any car, almost any color, let us help you with that design

Cut vinyl Rally Stripes on Mini Cooper

We can recreate or design rally stripes for your car or truck

When we first installed the wrap kit on Cedric Devaney’s Mini Cooper, the installers noted how difficult it was to install manufactured car wrap vinyl.  It was an aggressive vinyl with not much give, making installation tricky and sticky.  Installers had to be sure they got the stripes positioned perfectly on the first try or the vinyl material and the vehicle graphics would be ruined.

Just a few months after installation, the Mini Cooper was rear-ended.  After Devaney had the rear hatch and rear bumper repainted, it was time to re-install the vinyl stripes to the back half of the vehicle.  The customer purchased the same factory wrap kit and brought it to Signs for Success for installation.

Although we don’t typically recommend purchasing pre-made vinyl graphics, if a customer does purchase a wrap kit, we absolutely recommend getting high performance vinyl AND getting it professionally installed.  Dealing with aggressive vinyl requires great care and experience.  Inexperience with the different materials and tools involved can complicate the installation process, and any small error could ruin the vinyl.

Cut high performance custom Rally Stripes on Mini Cooper in Spokane Valley & Cheney

High performance vinyl Rally Stripes on Mini Cooper

The biggest challenge we faced installing the vinyl stripes on this Mini Cooper was getting placement just right.  The stripes needed to be exactly three inches apart.  “The car is very rounded, and the double stripes are supposed to look like straight lines.  When you’re working with a curve, it’s hard to get it to look right or be exact,” Signs for Success installer Rich Wilke explained.  Rich used a level laser to find the center line of the car.  “I used the laser for the original install as well.  The laser is really helpful to get the lines straight.”  The rest of the install required very deliberate and careful placement of the vinyl striping all the way down to make it appear straight over the curved surface.

If you’d rather not deal with a factory wrap kit, Signs for Success offers custom vehicle graphics for any type of vehicle.  We design, print and install vehicle wraps, vehicle lettering, and vehicle striping at our facility.  Most importantly, we can guarantee a job, and we will make sure it’s done right.