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Fleet wrap of trucks, equipment, vehicles for Mr. Rooter in Spokane and North Idaho

For Contractors, Vehicle Graphics are #1

Fleet wrap of trucks, equipment, vehicles for Mr. Rooter in Spokane and North Idaho

Mr Rooter contractor vehicle graphics in Northern Idaho

For a contractor vehicle graphics are a must.  Contractors know how important first impressions are, whether it’s at the front door or on the road.  The vehicle goes everywhere with a contractor, and it is often the “face” of the company.  That’s why advertising on a vehicle is so important, and it can give small contractors a huge marketing boost within the industry.

There are several options when it comes to contractor vehicle graphics:

  • Magnets
  • Lettering
  • Partial Wrap
  • Full Wrap
  • Fleet Wraps
  1. Signs for Success can do the whole wrap from design to finish on your vehicle and fleet, contractor vehicle graphics

    Custom designed van wrap by Signs for Success in Spokane

    Magnets are great for temporary sign needs and can be removed and replaced daily if necessary. They work especially well when you are using a personal vehicle for work and would like the option of being anonymous when you clock out. To create vehicle magnets, we print full color on high quality magnetic material. Standard size is 12” x 24”, but custom sizing and contour shape cutting is available as well. The printed area provides enough room for a logo and essential information like phone number and website. Truck magnets are a cost-effective option for custom vehicle graphics.

  2. Vehicle Lettering can span a larger area than what a pair of vehicle magnets will typically cover.  We use either intermediate or high performance vinyl, depending on your needs and budget, and the vinyl lettering will last around 3 years for intermediate quality vinyl, and up to 7 years for high performance vinyl when installed properly.  We stock dozens of colors including metallics, and we have thousands of fonts to choose from.  In addition, we can cut custom designs, including logo shapes in single or multiple colors.
  3. Partial Wrap is a really great option for many contractors.  When designed properly, a partial coverage wrap can give the impact of a full wrap, but with half the vinyl coverage, and essentially, half the cost.  Our designers can work with existing paint color to create a design that seamlessly blends from vinyl wrap to vehicle.
  4. After wrapping Water Out JRCC fleet in Moses Lake, we wrapped their gocart and made a sign for their water trailer too

    Fleet graphics with van wrap, go cart wrap

    Full Vehicle Wrap means full impact.  When customers see a great full wrap, they can immediately tell you’re a company that doesn’t cut corners.  A well-designed truck wrap gives off a professional impression, and it takes advantage of the advertising space available on front, back, and sides of your vehicle.  Our full and partial wraps are printed on high performance vinyl and installed in-house by our certified car wrap installation team.  Vehicle wraps will last 5-7 years or more, and they offer the best return on your advertising dollar.

  5. Fleet Wraps take vehicle wraps to the next level.  Whether it’s a full or partial wrap, we can outfit multiple vehicles with identical or matching graphics.  We will tailor a design to match across different vehicle types in case the vehicles in your fleet include different makes or models.

Vehicle graphics generate up to 70,000 impressions per day with a 96% recall rate among those tens of thousands of consumers. Vehicle wraps are the best form of outdoor advertising, reaching more consumers at a lower cost than any other form of outdoor advertising.  With all the options available, no matter what your budget may be, you can create a positive, memorable impression for your business by adding vehicle graphics to your truck or fleet.  Get quality service and a quick turnaround on your contractor vehicle graphics; contact us for a free quote today! SEE MORE VEHICLE GRAPHICS!


Truck Wrap Spokane

We wrapped the box and cab for Donation Delivery semi for 2nd Harvest Spokane & Tri Cities, custom truck wraps spokane, trailer wraps spokane, big rig wrap

Trailer Wraps Spokane for Brand Identity and Sponsor Support

Wrap or just lettering on your step van like The Arc of Spokane by Signs for Success, van wraps spokane

Van Wraps Spokane give this Diverse Fleet a Cohesive Look

Wrap or just lettering on your step van like The Arc of Spokane by Signs for Success, van wraps spokane

The Arc of Spokane custom graphics on step van

Bringing together different sizes and different backgrounds sounds more like a feel good catch phrase than a fleet branding solution, but it’s just what we did when creating a solution for Arc of Spokane‘s diverse van fleet.  The thing that brought all these van wraps Spokane together for a cohesive look: a single sheet of white vinyl.  The Arc logo printed on white vinyl and applied to the length and height of each side panel of each van gave the fleet one cohesive look.

The original fleet contained vans of varying sizes and graphics.  One van had old vinyl lettering that left a sticky black mess behind (traditional vinyl will leave adhesive behind when removed; we use high performance vinyl with a releasable adhesive, so when it comes time to change out graphics, nothing gets left behind).  Another van had permanent painted-on logos on either side.  The goal of the van wraps was to give this vehicle fleet a complete, unified look.

Full sheets of white vinyl can be applied to any vehicle, no matter what size or type of graphics have been applied previously.  In addition to matching graphics across the fleet, using bright white material gave the vans the appearance of being brand new, though some were older than others.

Fred Meyer of Arc of Spokane was thrilled with the new look for their van fleet.  “I want to really thank you for all the hoops everyone jumped through to help get the load unloaded.  Your help goes beyond what most businesses would do.  From the Arc I truly thank everyone for their help and professional manner which you stepped up.  It’s been a huge pleasure to have had you as a business partner on all of our logo and graphic placements,” Fred wrote back to us.

We are proud to serve such great companies in and around the Spokane area.  Signs for Success will find solutions for your unique vehicle or fleet transformation.  We’ve designed, printed and installed hundreds of van wraps and vehicle graphics.  Signs for Success is a locally owned family business in Spokane, and we strive for excellent customer service, perfect color, and quick turnaround on every project.  Our large production facility allows us to design, print and install everything in-house.  Get quality service and a quick turnaround on van wraps Spokane; See More Van Wraps!


Market Vision ad agency designed this custom wrap for Dishman Dodge advertising for Mt. Spokane ski and snowboard park in Spokane and Greenbluff, vehicle wraps spokane

How Effective are Vehicle Wraps Spokane?

Market Vision ad agency designed this custom wrap for Dishman Dodge advertising for Mt. Spokane ski and snowboard park in Spokane and Greenbluff, vehicle wraps spokane

Market Vision Dishman Dodge Jeep for Mt. Spokane vehicle wrap

Marketing experts and business owners alike will agree vehicle advertising is incredibly effective.  It’s not just the sign companies talking about it anymore – check out the statistics from the Outdoor Advertising Association of America:

  • 96% of Americans travel in a vehicle each week and will be reached by moving vehicle advertising.
  • In fact, the average American has traveled 302 miles during the past week.
  • Pedestrians are another captive audience – 8 in 10 Americans have walked in a town, city or downtown area an average of 6.1 miles during the past week.
  • A single vehicle wrap can generate between 30,000 and 70,000 impressions daily.
  • Vehicle wraps Spokane and mobile advertising is the best form of outdoor advertising, reaching more consumers at a lower cost than any other form of outdoor advertising.

There’s a reason why vehicle advertising nearly doubled in terms of dollars spent from 1993 to 2003 and is continuing to grow each year.

JRCC wanted a wrap for their pickup that really stood out and spoke about restoration, Signs for Success delivered, vehicle wraps Chewelah

JRCC pickup truck wrap, custom design by Signs for Success

Vehicle wraps Spokane:

  • Boost brand recognition.  Many times, a business will have control over the route the driver takes.  Seeing a brand in one’s own neighborhood day after day will help that business stay in the forefront of consumer’s minds.
  • Create a positive impression of the business.  Having a full vehicle wrap or fleet wraps instantly raises your professional image.
  • Are memorable.  Vehicle wraps stand out and command more attention than stationary signage.  When you’re stopped at a light, you’ve got nothing better to do than read the message on the vehicle in front of you.  And speaking of memorable, vehicle advertising generates a 96% recall rate.
  • Generate curiosity and boost consumers’ confidence.  Seeing a company vehicle parked at your neighbor’s home will likely get you thinking, maybe I should have them take a look at my (fill in the blank), too.  A vehicle wrap shows that a company is successful, modern and business savvy.
  • Lead to sales.  If consumers have seen you around town and know your name already, you’re more likely to get the sale.
  • Work 24/7.  You can’t turn off a vehicle wrap like a television or throw it away like a newspaper.  Even when the vehicle is parked, it’s generating impressions.

We’ve designed, printed and installed hundreds of vehicle wraps including car wraps, truck wraps, trailer wraps, motorcycle wraps, boat wraps, and more.  Get quality service and a quick turnaround on custom vehicle wraps Spokane; contact us for a free quote today!  See More Vehicle Wraps & Graphics!



Advertising wrap for Food Services of America in Spokane by Signs for Success, vehicle graphics spokane

3 Vehicle Graphics Best Practices

Advertising wrap for Food Services of America in Spokane by Signs for Success, vehicle graphics spokane

Nissan Van wrap for Food Services of America

Vehicle wraps are the most effective in outdoor advertising.  As with any advertisement, simple graphics and concise text are best, but when it comes to moving vehicle graphics Spokane, there are 3 key elements every vehicle wrap should incorporate.  These are: an oversize image, minimal text, and a call to action.

1. Oversize Image

An oversize image gets people’s attention and is easy to see from a distance.  One large image is better than several small images, especially when the vehicle is moving.  In addition, signs appear smaller than they really are to drivers on the road.  That’s why larger than life images and advertisements are so important on vehicle graphics.

Market Vision ad agency designed this custom wrap for Dishman Dodge advertising for Mt. Spokane ski and snowboard park in Spokane and Greenbluff, vehicle wraps spokane

Market Vision Dishman Dodge Jeep for Mt. Spokane vehicle wrap

2. Minimal Text

Once your vehicle graphics have someone’s attention, the company name and a phone number or website is all the information needed, and all they will probably be able to process in passing.  According to 3M, five simple pieces of information requires 3.67 seconds to comprehend.  Since a driver shouldn’t spend more than 3 seconds away from viewing the road, five pieces of information might be pushing it when we’re talking about moving vehicle graphics Spokane.

“I have learned simple is better; name/logo and phone number are the most important parts. You want to get your message across in the shortest time possible,” Signs for Success designer Will Oakley explained.  “Bullet points, slogans and other info can make a wrap look cluttered and tend to draw away from the important information.”  He adds, however, that “bullet points and slogans are okay on the back of vehicles since most people stuck in traffic will have more time to read those.”

Drummin Up BBQ gets more business with this custom "fir" wrap designed & installed by Signs for Success in Spokane, Call now for fast signs service, vehicle graphics spokane

Food truck trailer wrap for Drummin Up BBQ

3. A Call to Action

Finally, your vehicle graphics must include a call to action.  A call to action is an invitation to act.  A phone number, website address or QR code are all call to actions.  Without this information, the customer is not able to pursue his/her initial interest.  Just like a “For Sale” sign posted at an uninhabited property will not bring potential buyers without a flyer box or at least a phone number, interesting vehicle graphics will only be a traveling gallery without a call to action.

With these 3 key elements, your vehicle wrap will be sure to not only draw attention, but also get your point across.  As long as these best practices are followed, you are free to incorporate your own style and composition for a truly unique yet effective vehicle wrap.  Our experienced design team can work with existing artwork or come up with a completely new concept.  Contact us for a free quote on your next vehicle graphics Spokane project!

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Habitat for Humanity in Spokane needed a custom wrap on their delivery box truck in Spokane Valley, custom van wrap

Custom Van Wrap for local Non-Profit

Habitat for Humanity in Spokane needed a custom wrap on their delivery box truck in Spokane Valley, custom van wrap

Unique wrap for Habitat for Humanity Spokane

Designer Will Oakley was able to put both his design and his photography skills to use in this custom van wrap design for Habitat for Humanity.  He worked through four different designs before the final effect was achieved.

Wrap the back of your van or truck with a custom unique wrap graphic by Signs for Success Spokane, custom van wrap

Unique custom wrap showing some of the donated items sold

Perhaps the most distinctive portion of the design is the back of the van.  The wrap features an open door with several labeled items you might find in a donation van.  A creative way to showcase their services, this image was generated from a photograph of the inside of an actual Habitat for Humanity van.

Everyone was excited to get this job going, even though several rainy, snowy, or cloudy days often prevented getting the perfect shot.  With patience and perseverance, and about 100 camera shots down the line, the perfect shot was merged with the perfect design.  Will used a Nikon D60 camera for the photography, and Adobe Photoshop and Flexi Designer programs to set up this design.

Installation went smoothly at the Signs for Success install facility where, luckily, weather is not a factor.  “The picture on the back makes you look twice.  At first glance, it looks like the door’s open and all the donated product is going to fall out on you, but it’s just a picture,” installer Rich Wilke said.  The sides of the van give vital information like the organization’s name, phone number, address, “open to the public,” and “free pick-up service.”  QR codes give a quick link to Habitat for Humanity’s Spokane store website.  The final effect is an eye-catching, informative, yet artful van wrap design.  Contact Signs for Success for a free quote on your custom van wrap!

Avery color change car wrap vinyl

Color Change Wraps for every season

Avery color change wraps vinyl

Avery color change car wrap vinyl

Color is all-important – from the walls of our home to our smart phones, we personalize our possessions and use color to express ourselves.  According to Harvard Health Watch, the average American spends over 25 days a year in their vehicle.  With an average 101 minutes spent each day in the car, why not be able to choose what color your car is and even change your mind from time to time?  A traditional paint job may cost more than you’re willing to pay, especially if it affects the value of your vehicle, but what if there was an easier way?  Enter the color change wraps.

The biggest advantage of color change wraps is that you can change the color of your vehicle without affecting the market value.  Any paint job that covers the original factory color decreases the vehicle’s value.  With color change wraps, you can change the color now, but go back to the original color several years down the road.  A full car wrap not only leaves your original paint job intact, but it also protects the paint from fading and normal wear.  You and your vehicle can even experience several different colors –including matte or metallic colors – without altering the factory paint job.

Matte black truck wrap color change wraps installed at Signs for Success

Matte black truck wrap color change installed at Signs for Success

We use Avery Supreme Wrapping Film for color change wraps.  The 60″ material covers almost any surface of any vehicle so there are no seams.  If, however, there does need to be a seam, it will go into a body line, giving an all-over seamless look.  The material contours well even into deep recesses to hug the curves of your vehicle and give a smooth, paint-like finish.  In addition, the film comes pre-laminated for extra durability.  With over 30 trendy colors to choose from, you can use a color change car wrap to personalize your vehicle with a color that describes you today.

See other types of vinyls offered, or get a free quote for your custom wrap.