Predation Crossfit pickup truck wrap; custom truck wrap design by Signs for Success

Crossfit Truck Wraps combine Fitness with Marketing

Predation Crossfit pickup truck wrap; custom truck wrap design by Signs for Success

Predation Crossfit pickup truck wrap; custom truck wrap design by Signs for Success

Truck Wraps for Functional Marketing

Around Predation Crossfit, you may hear words like “functional movement” and “functional fitness,” but what about “functional advertising” and “functional marketing“?  Crossfit combines calisthenics and strength training in natural movements that can be directly applied to our lives.  It’s a high-intensity and highly effective method of training.  Predation Crossfit owners Chance and Erin exercise to make their bodies the strongest and best they can be.  Now they’ve done the same for their business, strengthening their marketing by adding truck wraps to their advertising.

Signs for Success designer Vanessa Bogensberger created the one-of-a-kind truck wraps design based on meaningful symbols to Chance and Erin.  The eagle represents Chance’s 20 years as a U.S. Navy SEAL.  The eagle is carrying three things: the kettlebell, which is used in various ways at Predation Crossfit and is representative of crossfit, the barbell for strength, and the ax because Erin is a world champion in Lumberjack Sports.  “And of course the American flag because we love this country; America is the greatest place,” Erin added, “Not many people ask about the meaning behind it.  They just see it and think it’s cool.  It’s both of our lives wrapped into one.”

We printed the graphics on 3M’s Controltac, a high-performance conformable vinyl.  We used perforated window film to wrap the eagle’s wings around to the back window.  Perforated film allows graphics to be placed on windows without obstructing the view from inside the vehicle.  Adding vehicle lettering for their phone number and website completed this partial truck wraps.

Custom truck wrap graphics for Crossfit gym  in Spokane WA

Custom truck wrap graphics for Crossfit gym in Spokane WA

Vehicle wraps generate interest and get seen all over town.  Instead of spending hundreds of dollars per month running ads, use high impacting and efficient truck graphics.  According to the American Trucking Association, 98% of in-car audiences notice and remember truck-side ads.  That’s an incredible return on your advertising dollar.  Truck wraps look professional, generate curiosity, and boost brand recognition.  Vehicle wraps are the best form of outdoor advertising, reaching more consumers at a lower cost than any other form of outdoor advertising.

Within one week, the newly wrapped Predation Crossfit truck brought a new customer to the gym who saw the truck parked outside and decided to go in. Try your own custom truck wraps.

Just as Crossfit has come on the scene filling a void where static exercise regimens couldn’t fully prepare its trainees for real-world situations, mobile advertising gets your business the best exposure possible and fills a literal void on vehicles.  You own the space to advertise, you just have to fill it.  Coupling traditional forms of signage with mobile advertising gives you a strategy that will reach the widest audience and keep your business fit.

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Large Truck lettering, add USDOT and logo to vehicles in Spokane, Signs for Success is Fast Now

Semi Truck Lettering

Large Truck lettering, add USDOT and logo to vehicles in Spokane, Signs for Success is Fast Now, semi truck lettering

Drywall Specialties logo on truck

Signs for Success specializes in all types of advertising signage, including semi truck lettering, vinyl decals and graphics for all types of trucks.  In fact, we have a huge customer base of commercial truckers who come in regularly to get vinyl lettering for their trucks. For truckers, there’s no better advertising out there than to advertise directly on your vehicle.  According to the American Trucking Association, the average delivery truck makes 16 million impressions every year.  Truck lettering looks great for at least 3 years and can last up to 7 years or more, so you’ll be advertising everywhere you go (and even when you’re parked) for several years! Here’s what you get with semi truck advertising:

  • Wide audience exposure – we’re talking pretty much everyone
  • Low maintenance
  • High return on investment
Adding chrome 5 year foil vinyl to a red truck with black accents is a great look for a semi logo, semi truck lettering

Premier Northwest Excavation foiled vinyl lettering

In addition, truckers, haulers, and commercial and fleet transportation are required by law to have certain information visible on the outside of their trucks.  They must display any or all of the following: the name and city of the company, VIN number, ICC number, DOT number, and GVW, all in specified letter sizes.  Semi truck lettering, Vinyl lettering is perfect for DOT and other required numbers – it’s inexpensive and lasts for several years. Adding a logo or other eye-catching graphics will help you stand out from other trucking companies on the road, and unifying graphics among trucks in a fleet will create brand awareness and increase brand recognition.  New and consistent logo and lettering on Inland Empire Distribution Systems’ semi trucks made their fleet recognizable on the road.  For any company looking to expand, logo branding is essential. Some other ways to make your seimi truck lettering stand out on the road are: custom logo, unique font, reflective or metallic lettering.

IEDS custom semi truck lettering and logo

IEDS custom truck lettering and logo

We can print your custom logo, whether it’s one solid color or full color.  We can even design a new logo for you. Ozark Data Security used their logo in almost every space possible on their truck.  Below the door on each side, their DOT number is visible and within all regulations. With over 3,000 fonts to choose from, we can recommend which fonts are best for longevity when used on vehicles, and which are the easiest to apply.  SA Trucking chose to have the “SA” in their name printed in a large script font to stand out and give them a look of their own. Finally, we have metal-look and dazzler vinyls that can be used for cut vinyl lettering or a one- or two-color logo.  Sage Green Metallic, Bright Blue Metallic, and Red Metallic are just a few of the metallic colors available.  Just in the silver/gray range, you can choose from Light Silver, Silver Blue, Slate, Gray, Smoke, or Charcoal Metallic.

Alpha Omega Tours used Sapphire Blue  High Performance Vinyl over Charcoal Grey Metallic to give the look of a shadow. We offer quick turnaround on semi truck lettering, even same day (with a rush charge), or within 2-3 days on a normal order.  You can pick up the vinyl lettering and instructions for installation or we can install the semi truck lettering for you.  We can also mail lettering with instructions if you’re out of the area.  With your custom semi truck lettering or truck graphics, you are sure to stand out wherever your travels may take you. Contact us for a free quote.


Signs for Success can wrap or or put letter graphics and striping on your large vehicles and trucks in Spokane and Cheney, semi truck lettering

Cut vinyl lettering on bus in Mead