Full Trailer Wraps Work 24/7

Major League Lawn Care Trailer Graphics

Major League Lawn Care Trailer Graphics

Trailer Wraps are a great advertising investment.  A full trailer wrap means full impact.  When customers see a great wrap, they can immediately tell you’re a company that doesn’t cut corners.  A well-designed trailer wrap gives off a professional impression, and it takes full advantage of the mobile advertising space on the front, back and sides of your vehicle.

A trailer is a huge moving billboard that works for you 24/7 for at least 5 years.  Studies show large trucks and trailers get the most attention on the road; make sure yours looks great, and it will leave a lasting positive impression about your business.

Trailer Graphics Major League Lawn Care

Major League Lawn Care Trailer Graphics

Pape Machinery used a full vehicle wrap to take full advantage of their large trailer.

“Pape Machinery was a great customer to work with.  They gave us some general ideas and a photo or two and we helped them with their vison,” Signs for Success designer Kimberly Hoffmann

Trailer Wrap for Pape Machinery

Full Trailer Wrap

said.  “My favorite idea was the rear of the trailer, and although it was a bit of a challenge to get the lighting just right when photographing, I think it came out great.”

Pape Machinery Rear Door looks open when closed

Pape Machinery Rear Door looks open when closed

The rear of the trailer has an illusion image of a John Deere Gator stored inside.  To create the final image, Kimberly had to make sure lighting was just right, or the illusion wouldn’t work.  “With a little help from Photoshop we got it to look perfect,” she said.

Our trailer wraps are printed on high performance car wrap vinyl and laminated for added durability.  They typically last 5-7 years, offering a great return on your advertising dollar.  This full trailer wrap utilized all sides of the trailer with a custom eye-catching wrap design.  Let us help you get started on your custom trailer wrap!  Contact Signs for Success for a free wrap quote.