This dimensional lobby sign on clear acrylic looks great mounted with standoffs on the wall, it's a real show piece, by Signs for Success, Spokane for Oral Surgery Plus, office signs, stand-off mounts, lobby signs spokane

Polish Off Your Sign with Stand-Off Mounts

Give your tenants a classic look with Acrylic suite signs on standoffs, easily changed as tenants change, gives a uniform look to the whole building, great for office buildings or apartment complexes, stand-off mounts

Suite signs for office building with stand-off mounts

How you mount a sign and what type of hardware you choose is a vital aspect to the overall look of the sign.  To get a modern, clean and professional look, go with stand-off mounts.

Stand-off mounts give a unique look to:

  • Office buildings
  • Doctor offices
  • Department and Retail stores
  • Grocery Stores, and more!
Printed Brushed Aluminum with Polished Stand Offs

Printed Brushed Aluminum with Polished Stand Offs

Through-grips hold signs firmly in place and make changing out signs simple.  If you prefer not to drill holes in the sign, edge grip brackets are ideal – they allow graphics to sit comfortably in the display channels.  If you have signage that’s already fixed to the wall with screws, standoff caps are the finishing touch.  Simply putting a silver or bronze cap on exposed screws gives a polished and professional look with minimal effort.

For most stand-off mounting projects, we use mono mounts, which is a two part system used to mount signs on almost any vertical or horizontal surface. Stand-off mounts can hold heavy, permanent signage without unattractive exposed screws.  In addition, they increase visual impact by offering a three-dimensional look.

Printed Brushed Aluminum with Polished Stand Offs

Printed Brushed Aluminum with Polished Stand Offs

Varying stand-off distances can be achieved according to customer preference, and mounting hardware is available in multiple sizes, colors and finishes.

General Sign Mounting

We supply many different types of sign hardware from hooks and chains to banner poles and real estate sign posts.  By considering what kind of sign you are mounting, whether it is a pole banner or a poster, you will be able to narrow down the long list of mounting hardware to what will best suit your needs.

Some signs require specific hanging hardware.  For example, pole banners come with a spring action pole and hardware specifically made to handle high winds.  Other signs merely require a few screws.  We can manufacture your sign with premade holes or grommets for easy hanging.  This hanging

Digital Print with stand off mounts

Digital Print with stand off mounts

method is frequently used for mounting safety signs, site signs, or traffic signs that are legally mandated.

Many other signs are easily hung with VHB Tape.  VHB Tape is sturdy enough for lightweight signs like posters, or for temporary signage where you don’t want to damage the mounting surface.