Realty skid sign is perfect for temporary advertising, skid signs spokane

Drive up Bids with Auction Skid Signs Spokane

Realty skid sign is perfect for temporary advertising, skid signs spokane

Realty skid sign is perfect for temporary advertising

Realty Marketing Northwest based in Portland, OR is auctioning off a property, and they needed a sign to advertise the auction.  “They requested for us to install a wood sign on a four-by-four post into the ground,” Signs for Success designer Kimberly Hoffmann said.  “We could certainly do that but I came up with an alternative idea—a skid sign.”

Since the sign only needed to be up for about 2 months, a post sign – usually used for permanent signage – wasn’t necessary.  The other advantage to a skid sign is that you don’t need a permit to place one.  “If we had done the post in the ground we would have had to file for a permit and have it approved by the city along with having the utility companies visit the job site and mark for underground wires,” Kimberly explained.

Skid signs are perfect for:

  • Temporary signs
  • Construction site signs
  • Real Estate signs
  • “Financed by” signs
  • Sponsor signs
  • Event signs
  • Parking & Directional signs

Even though they’re considered temporary, skid signs are outdoor durable and have been known to last up to several years.  For any project longer than 2 years, we recommend using a strong ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) sign face.  Most of our skid signs Spokane, ranging in use from a few months up to 2 years, are printed on either corrugated plastic or MDO board.

This realtor skid sign was constructed of ½” MDO screwed to skid legs, with a printed coro (corrugated plastic) sign attached to the face of the MDO.

Digitally Printed Skid Signs Spokane

Our digitally printed skid signs are very cost effective and provide portability to take your message wherever you want. Our skid signs can be permanently set in the ground (post signs) or installed on a temporary footing system (a true skid sign).  Skid signs Spokane are quick to produce, and we can include setup and removal of the sign(s) as well.

Whether single or double sided, your custom skid sign will feature a unique and modern design to get seen wherever it is placed.  We offer design, printing and installation, all from a trusted, local business.  Contact us for a free quote!