Wall of Fame signs and plaques printed ACM

Wall of Fame for Coaches – Aluminum Plaques

Wall of Fame signs and plaques printed ACM

Wall shown from each end

When Maury Ray and Keith Snyder from Community Colleges of Spokane came in to brainstorm ideas for a wall of fame they were looking for nice plaques on a budget. “We started with pricing for cast plaques, but found the price was prohibitive,” Signs for Success designer Vanessa Bogensberger said.  After brainstorming some other options for nice looking custom plaques, we decided to try printing on brushed silver ACM.  Aluminum Composite Material has the look of solid metal. It has aluminum faces with a solid plastic core that is great for printing and is extremely durable.  ACM comes in white, black, brushed silver, brushed gold, and a several other colors.  ACM is a versatile material since you can change the look of the print by simply changing the finish of the metal.

To test, we produced a sample print on brushed silver that turned out great.  “We printed black and white images of past coaches with a short paragraph of their coaching history. Brushed aluminum standoffs were used to mount these to the wall, giving a great look,” Vanessa said.  For protection against scratches and other wear and tear, we laminated each plaque with a matte protective laminate.

Then the SCC staff did the wall creation and installation in a grid pattern.   The black and white metal plaques against rich wood planked walls give the display a clean and classic look.

In addition to the brushed silver plaques, we also did eleven smaller plaques on the brushed gold ACM for coaches who have passed.  On these, we added white ink as a layer under the photo area to give the photos depth and dimension, making a great memory wall.Printed Aluminum wall plaques for wall of fame

“Overall, we came in far under budget, and the look is awesome. As they add more coaches in the future, this is an affordable option over cast plaques,” Vanessa explained.


If you’re looking to create a wall of fame or similar wall display on a budget, metal plaques or ACM prints could be the perfect solution!  Signs for Success is a locally owned family business in Spokane, and we strive for excellent customer service, perfect color, and quick turnaround on every project.  Our large production facility allows us to design, print and install everything in-house.  Contact us for a free quote on a Wall of Fame today!

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