Large Mesh Banners for Concert stage at Spokane Riverfront Park Pavilion, mesh stage banners

Mesh Stage Banners at the Riverfront Park Pavilion

Large Mesh Banners for Concert stage at Spokane Riverfront Park Pavilion, mesh stage banners

Mesh stage banners at the Riverfront Park Pavilion add world class effects to this entertainment venue. Recently, we’ve seen restoration and re-imagining happening at Riverfront Park. The Pavilion underwent a massive renovation. It was originally designed for Expo ‘74, the first environmentally themed world’s fair. After the fair, it was an open air structure that housed kiddie rides in the summer and a skating rink in the winter. Now the space has been re imagined and brought back to its former glory.  

The new covering features 479 programmable illumination blades that light up the structure and are capable of performing dazzling light displays.  From the shaded grassy area and amphitheater seating to the panoramic views, everything was thought out to be inviting and accessible to the community. We were able to help in the redesign process by creating giant mesh stage banners that frame the stage.

Mesh banners are wind resistant and durable for outdoor use. The tiny perforations in the material allow air flow so gusts of wind won’t send these giant banners flying during an event. Best of all, full color artwork is still vibrant. The large logo artwork on these stage banners are beautiful and crisp. They offer an impressive welcome to locals and visitors alike.

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