Make an impact with pole banners Spokane like Gus Johnson Ford did now with Signs for Success and the Quinn Group

Mark Location with Street Pole Banners

Make an impact with pole banners in Spokane like Gus Johnson Ford did now with Signs for Success and the Quinn Group

Gus Johnson Ford pole banners

Light pole banners and street banners

create an attractive and professional means of letting visitors know exactly where they are.  We have put them in downtown shopping areas, the main street of a town, a local high school, and more.  Give your office park, district, or parking lot a visually appealing sense of identity, and advertise your brand at the same time with light pole banners!

Gus Johnson Ford used giant 10-foot light pole banners throughout their car lot to increase brand recognition and draw in customers.  Envision Homes uses pole banners to mark the way to a new housing neighborhood.

Advertising sponsorship pole banners done fast by Signs for Success, installed at Riverfront Park in Spokane

Pole banners at Riverfront Park in Spokane

Use pole banners for:

  • Event banners
  • Shopping center banners
  • Tradeshow banners
  • Holiday banners
  • Collegiate banners
    • Directional or wayfinding banners

Signs for Success sells pole banner hardware separately.  We recommend spring-loaded poles for street pole banners – they’re flexible in the wind, which increases the life of your banner.

Construction Builders can use site signs and pole banners like Envision Homes in Airway Heights does

Envision Homes site sign and pole banners

You may also be interested in feather flags, which are similar to boulevard banners, but they come with their own stand and can be placed in multiples anywhere, indoors or out.  We see feather flags at tradeshows as a booth marker, at sporting events, and roadside at retail locations and special events.  These come in sizes ranging from approximately 10-30 feet tall, and in rectangular, teardrop or other eye-catching shapes.

Our experienced design team can help you create the perfect pole banners or feather flags for your next big event.  Contact us to get started!