stair graphics decorate school stair risers in Spokane

Stair Graphics Make Education Colorful and Fun

stair graphics decorate school stair risers in SpokaneStair graphics are always creative and eye catching.  In a recent project, we created school stair graphics that are colorful, fun and educational.  Brent Purdue, the principal at Logan Elementary School contacted Signs for Success with an idea.  “He wanted to explore the possibility of doing custom stair riser prints for Math Facts on two staircases at the school,” Signs for Success designer Vanessa Bogensberger said.  “He wanted it to be fun but educational.”

After giving a quote based on a couple of adhesive vinyl options, we went to the school to do a wall adhesion test.  The wall adhesion test revealed that the thicker, heavy duty floor laminate would be more appropriate than a wrap laminate for this project.  With so many people using the stairs daily, we realized the risers would get scuffed and kicked at times.  Floor laminate is non-skid and is rougher than standard vinyl so it can take some abuse.

Stair graphics are great for schools, malls, airports, and anywhere there are stairs!  Stairs risers offer a unique place to get your message across, and stair graphics can even be used as a form of decoration.  Let us design custom printed floor laminate to create your durable and unique stair graphics.

“Signs for Success provided our school with both a high quality product and high quality service for our project.  With over 500 students and staff accessing each stairwell, it was essential that the project be both functional and durable,” Brent said.  “We could not be happier with the results!”

Signs for Success is a locally owned family business in Spokane, and we strive for excellent customer service, perfect color, and quick turnaround on every project.  Our large production facility allows us to design, print and install everything in-house.  Get quality service and a quick turnaround on stair graphics; contact us for a free quote today!