This feather banner for SHBA at Spokane tradeshow stands out and brings the attention, by Signs for Success, feather flags spokane

Feather Flags in Spokane for Indoor Events for Big Impact!

This feather banner for SHBA at Spokane tradeshow stands out and brings the attention, Feather Flags in Spokane

Spokane Home Builders Association feather banner stand

Lewis Construction wanted to stand above the crowd, and you can see them clear across the room with these feather banners by Signs for Success

Lewis Construction feather banners

Feather flags in Spokane aren’t just for outdoor events – we saw several at the indoor Man Show in Spokane recently.  The businesses that had banner flags standing high above their booth really drew attention to themselves and stood out among the rows and rows of typical trade show booths.

Feather flags go by many names such as feather banners or flutter flags.  Although these names suggest the fluttery nature of cloth banners as they draw attention by flapping in the wind, they can be just as effective indoors without all the flapping.  In fact, without the outdoor wind (and other elements), the banner is easy to read, not to mention the fact that it will last longer.  Both the colors and fabric material will last much longer with exclusively indoor use.

Feather banners come in a rectangular, feather or teardrop shape like those in the photos that we did for Spokane Home Builders Association and Lewis Construction. Depending on the style, they range in height from just over 10 feet to over 20 feet tall.  Each feather flag comes with custom full color single- or double-sided printing, a spike base, and a nylon carrying bag for easy transport to and from an event.

Stand out at your next trade show or indoor event by using custom feather flags in Spokane.  We can help with design and get your banner to you in time for your event. See More Feather Flag Banners Signs for Success is a locally owned family business in Spokane, and we strive for excellent customer service, perfect color, and quick turnaround on every project.  Get quality service and a quick turnaround on feather flags in Spokane; contact us for a free quote today!

Advertise with a feather or teardrop style banner with single or double sided fabric print with custom message, Spokane for instant sign service

Feather Teardrop flags

For starting lines or along the route of races, Teardrop and Feather banners are an attractive way to advertise, feather banners spokane

Feather Banners offer Portable Outdoor Advertising

For starting lines or along the route of races, Teardrop and Feather banners are an attractive way to advertise, feather banners spokane

Teardrop feather banners at bike race

Spring has come again, and more advertising is moving outdoors to celebrate the warm weather.  Outdoor advertising is a popular method of attracting customers into a retail location, announcing sales events, or advertising at sporting events or fairs.  Feather banners are a great way to advertise outdoors at tradeshows, conventions and other outdoor events.

Feather banners Spokane are portable, easy to store during cooler winter months, and easy to bring out to events and set up when the days get warmer.  They come in a rectangular, feather or teardrop shape.  Depending on the style, the flags come in 2-3 different sizes ranging from just over 10 feet to over 20 feet tall.  With such a commanding height, along with the movement caused by the wind, these outdoor event displays attract attention and help you stand out among your competitors.  Even in little or no wind, feather flags stay open, as opposed to a traditional flag that hangs down against the pole.  To make the biggest impact, place multiple identical feather flags in a row roadside or at an event.

You can use the spike base or an optional X-base to place these feather or falcon or teardrop banners at or in your business, feather banners spokane


Each banner flag comes with custom full color single or double sided printing.  We always suggest choosing simple graphics with bold colors and minimal text to maximize your marketing efforts.  The large printed area ensures that your promotional banners are always viewable, even from a distance.

Feather or Teardrop banners for Lilac Lanes Casino in Spokane done fast by Signs for Success, call now for free quote

Feather banners Lilac Lanes Casino

Feather banners Spokane also come with a spike base, which can be traded out for an x base or water bag, and a nylon carrying bag for easy transport.  In addition, Signs for Success offers a wide range of outdoor-rated products, such as custom printed banners and tradeshow tents to match your feather banners.  These setups are ideal for sporting events, fairs, theme parks, open-air shopping centers, outdoor tradeshows and more!   Contact us for a free quote on your custom feather banners Spokane!