Salon custom hanging way finding sign, shape cut iron sign

Custom Hanging Way Finding Signs Match Decor

Iron hanging laundry sign, custom hanging way finding signs for retirement communityRiverview Retirement Community was looking for memorable directional signs to place within their building.  The custom hanging way finding signs we came up with incorporate iconic symbols to serve as natural landmarks throughout the building.

Iron garden sign, hanging way finding sign“Amy Anderson from Complete Office was instrumental in bringing this project to us.  She envisioned something with personality, and in her words, “maybe something a little old-fashioned in design,”” Signs for Success sales specialist Tom Bross said.  Together we came up something more special than simply the word ‘laundry’ or ‘garden’.  A custom shape cut shirt, watering can and scissors along with the words laundry, garden and salon make these signs unique and easily recognizable.  “Amy sold the client on the project and then generously allowed Signs for Success to work directly with Riverview on the signs.”

The set of three, dimensional flag-mounted signs all matched in concept, materials, color and size. The directional signs feature a small classic iron scroll pattern.  We painted all the mounting hardware black to match.  The shape-cut symbols for laundry, salon and garden really set these signs apart.

“They worked so well in the first building, they ordered a second set specifically for the Memory Care building,” Tom said. “We also did a beautiful acrylic stand-off timeline sign for the lobby.”

Custom hanging way finding signs help people get where they need to go.  Directional signs can match a theme or marketing scheme to create a unique and Salon custom hanging way finding sign, shape cut iron signunified look within an office or healthcare building.  These directional signs will help community members and visitors reach their destination quickly and easily.   

Signs for Success is a locally owned family business in Spokane, and we strive for excellent customer service, perfect color, and quick turnaround on every project.  Our large production facility allows us to design, print and install everything in-house.  Contact us for a free quote on custom hanging way finding signs.

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way finding signs building sign at VA Hospital

Changeable Way Finding Signs at VA Hospital

way finding signs building sign at VA HospitalThe Mann-Grandstaff VA Medical Center is using new way finding signs to direct people from their cars to the different buildings.  The updated signs help people feel comfortable and confident finding the correct building or office.  They also allow signs to be changed out easily in the event a clinic or doctor moves locations within the campus.

The Mann-Grandstaff VAMC and its clinics serve more than 30,000 Veterans annually throughout Central and Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho and Northwestern Montana.

“The campus is large enough now that people can get lost.  They needed way finding signs with replaceable, changeable sections of the sign,” Signs for Success sales specialist Julie Dean said.  “The new signs allow for removability.  If a general practice doctor moves, or the senior living center moves to another building, they can move that piece from one sign to another.”

changeable way finding signs spokaneThe project included a total of 14 way finding signs, some as tall as 8 feet.

The signs are uniform in appearance and easy to find and read.  Each partition is made of aluminum composite material (ACM).  The 48” wide signs have long-term, high performance vinyl with cut vinyl reflective lettering and directional arrow.  “They also wanted to update their colors; all the exteriors are changing from brown to sapphire blue.  The color is permeated into the vinyl which makes it extremely fade resistant.  The reflective white lettering on top gives it a nice pop,” Julie said.  The post signs match the sapphire blue building signs, making finding the right building a cinch.

way finding signs installed at Mann-Grandstaff VAMCEach aluminum post is secured onto a steel plate, bolted into concrete footings.  If the sign is ever hit, the aluminum posts can be replaced without having to re-dig the footings.  This type of sign is great for high traffic areas, and they even withstood two hurricanes in Florida in 2017.

There were several key factors the Mann-Grandstaff VAMC needed to cover, including changeability and durability.  We took the time to listen to the customer’s needs and find the best option.  “We will take the time necessary to research fabricators to adapt to the needs of your company or industry for the length of time you need them,” Julie said.  “These signs will last 20+ years, and they can keep interchanging partitions.”

Signs for Success is a locally owned family business in Spokane, and we strive for excellent customer service, perfect color, and quick turnaround on every project.  Our large production facility allows us to design, print and install everything in-house.  Get quality service and a quick turnaround on way finding signs; contact us for a free quote today!

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This dimensional lobby sign on clear acrylic looks great mounted with standoffs on the wall, it's a real show piece, by Signs for Success, Spokane for Oral Surgery Plus, office signs, stand-off mounts, lobby signs spokane

Custom Office Signs – Outfit an Entire Building

Clear acrylic sign with dimensional letters and polished Stand Offs, lobby signs Spokane

Oral Surgery Plus clear acrylic sign with polished stand offs

First impressions are everything when a new customer walks into an office building.  Having clear and coordinating office signs adds to the professionalism of a business.  Outfit an entire office building with coordinating office signs, door signs, reception signage, changeable directory signs and more!

Last year, we did a large acrylic wall sign for Oral Surgery Plus.  They initially wanted a glass sign, but it was going to be too heavy for the size they wanted.  We suggested acrylic instead.  It’s not only lighter, but also more durable than glass.  As soon as their new location was secured, they called us for more custom office signs.  This time, they went all out, not only ordering an acrylic wall sign, but also door decals, suite signs, and a directory sign.  But that wasn’t all.

Custom Office Signs

The three largest installments for their newest location were dimensional letters, a logo sign and a directory sign.  A six-foot stretch of half inch thick acrylic dimensional letters with standoff mounts packs the impact right at the entrance.  The large brushed aluminum and colored acrylic logo sign was installed in the reception area.  Finally, a Vista directory sign shows which doctors are working, and names can be easily changed out each day.  The smaller, but no less important, office signs included door decals and suite signs.

These high-end touches really make their oral surgery office stand out, building their professional image and winning patients’ trust and confidence.

Each office is different, and layout plays a big factor in what types of signs are needed.  From suite signs to directional signs, we can come up with a design that coordinates the entire project.  “It was one of those projects where we went in and measured all the walls, then came up with concepts and designs,” Signs for Success designer Will Oakley explained.  Our experienced design team can work with existing logo and artwork, or help you come up with a new logo concept.  Wherever you might be in your advertising, Signs for Success can help you develop your brand image and recommend the best signs and materials for your individual needs.  Contact us for a free quote!