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Wood Wall Art Complements any Style

Custom printed wood wall art, Custom printed cedar planks world map with accent

Printed Wall Art, World Map

Wood Wall Art, with custom printing on a wooden slatted surface or on a large flat plank, makes incredible wall art.  Modern decorating often combines rustic with modern or industrial with organic. Wood accent pieces work with almost any design scheme.  Wood wall art is perfect for displaying a favorite photograph, vintage artwork, or a meaningful quote.

Wood wall art can be adapted to any style, from modern to shabby chic.  Artwork is custom and can be distressed or colored with sepia or color highlights to give a more vintage vibe.  Clean lines in full color could complement a modern space.

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Custom Dry Fly Distilling bottle boxes

One very important key to successful printing on wood is white ink.  When working with non-white surfaces, we print a layer of white ink before printing the actual graphics.  For the Dry Fly Vodka box project, we printed a red logo onto unfinished cedar wood.  Printing red ink directly to the wood produces a faint logo that lacks the necessary contrast between the logo and background, but by simply adding white ink beneath the red, the logo really pops.

We did several wood wall art test prints with various white ink opacities as well as highlighting and distressing to show what is possible when printing to wood.  A lower opacity will give a more faded look while 100% opacity presents bright color, just as it would appear on any other white surface.  We can print to customer-provided materials as well as the wood slats we stock.

Our experienced design team can work with your ideas to come up with a truly original concept.  Contact us for a free quote on wood wall art today!

turn your photos into professional canvas prints Spokane

Canvas Prints Spokane Featured in Art Show

turn your photos into professional canvas prints Spokane

Cathleen Balfour’s travel photographs were featured in a Spokane Art Show

A few years ago, we printed a few of Cathleen Balfour’s travel photographs on canvas to create large wall art hangings.  She loved the canvas prints Spokane, and even sold one that was hanging in her office.  This month, Cathleen’s photographs were included in an art show hosted by The Design Collaborative.  For the show, we printed 20 images from high resolution photographs onto canvas, then mounted the material to stretcher bars to create custom gallery wrapped canvas prints.

Gallery wrapped canvas prints on display; photography by Cathleen Balfour.

Gallery wrapped canvas prints on display; photography by Cathleen Balfour.

“The Ancient Experience of Sacred: Art with Hope and Spirit” showcased photographs taken from Cathleen’s collection garnered over 12 years of travels to Hawaii, Mexico, and Arizona.

Signs for Success digitally printed each image with a matte finish.  We can take high resolution photographs or scanned images to print gallery wrapped wall art.  Custom wall art is great for family photos, travel photos, or other images for the home or office.  After printing, we wrap the canvas tightly around wooden stretcher bars and staple the fabric firmly in place.  The custom printed wall art is then ready to be hung and enjoyed.

Signs for Success is a locally owned family business in Spokane, and we strive for excellent customer service, perfect color, and quick turnaround on every project.  Our large production facility allows us to design, print and install everything in-house.  Get quality service and a quick turnaround on a canvas prints Spokane; contact us for a free quote today!  See more Canvas Prints!

Custom canvas wall art; photography by Cathleen Balfour

Custom Canvas Prints Turn Photographs into Fine Art

Gallery wrapped canvas prints on display; photography by Cathleen Balfour.

Gallery wrapped canvas prints on display; photography by Cathleen Balfour.

Custom Canvas Prints

Personal motivator Cathleen Balfour is inspired by her many travels, and photos taken during trips to Hawaii, Mexico, and Arizona conjure feelings of faith and beauty.  Cathleen wanted a way to display her favorite photos and share them with others.  What began as a personal collection of memories has turned into an art collection titled Sacred Prints that has been showcased and even sold as individual pieces.

To print her personal photographs on canvas, Cathleen simply sent Signs for Success the digital files to work with.  With Cathleen’s approval, we cropped a few of them slightly to fit the frame size.  Blown up and digitally printed on canvas, these are each a beautiful piece of fine art.  A matte finish gives the photos a gallery look, and stretched over a wooden frame, they are ready to hang and be enjoyed.

Custom canvas prints wall art; photography by Cathleen Balfour

Custom canvas wall art; photography by Cathleen Balfour

Our canvas material comes in 28″ and 56″ rolls, which will allow for a large sized print about 4 feet by however tall or wide you would like.  The smaller roll is ideal for prints with a finished size of 2 feet or less.  Cathleen’s first two prints were 36” x 42” and 42” x 48”.  She sold both prints immediately, then ordered several more to be showcased at an art show.  Cathleen describes her work as “art with hope and spirit.”

Signs for Success can help you with reproducing your photograph on a number of different products, from gallery wrapped canvas, foamcore or other rigid surfaces, even flat material you provide!

4 Custom Wall Art Options for a Kid’s Room



Decorating a kids’ room can be both fun and challenging.  Artwork that is stimulating and safe can narrow the options considerably, especially if your little one (or you) is attached to a single theme.  Here are 4 ideas for decorating a child’s room with custom artwork:

1. Custom Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are a great option for a child’s room. Customize your canvas wall art by using drawings or paintings made by your child. Displaying a child’s artwork in a special way such as a gallery wrapped canvas boosts self-esteem and pride in their abilities and accomplishments.  We can scan in an image; add any special effects or text, if desired; print the image onto canvas fabric; then wrap the fabric tightly over a wood frame.  The finished product is ready to hang and enjoy.

2. Educational Themed Wall Art

Instead of being limited by mass-produced options available in stores, choose what images your child sees every day and learns from.  Some ideas for children’s custom wall art include:

  • Animals, including specific categories like Safari Animals, Insects, Dinosaurs or Sea Life
  • State or World maps
  • Types of Cars, Planes, or Trains
  • Types of Plants, Trees, or Animals common to your region
  • Religious characters or stories

Use your child’s interests as a guide, and remember, the sky is the limit when it comes to custom wall art. We have several materials your chosen artwork can be printed on: Corrugated Plastic, Foamcore, and Styrene are all lightweight yet sturdy options.

3. Custom Printed Dry Erase Board

If your child is old enough to handle markers, why not use a giant dry erase board with their favorite theme printed as a background.  They can draw in flowers, cars, or the family dog.  Mounting the board on the lower half of the wall will keep things in their reach and discourage coloring on other walls. To create a dry erase board, we first print your arwork, then cover with a dry erase laminate.

HP Wall Art program lets you design your own custom wallpaper, Signs for Success prints your custom design

4. Custom Wallpaper

Go big and cover an entire wall! An outdoor scene is a great choice for one overall image, and can really spark a child’s imagination.  You can also use custom wallpaper to stick with a single theme like racecar track for a car theme, as castle for a princess theme, and so on.  HP’s new program HP WallArt makes it easy to create a wallpaper design from home, or you can visit our showroom and sit down with a designer to work on your custom wallpaper ideas.

No matter what type of custom print you choose, Signs for Success can help you create the perfect fun and educational wall art for your kids’ rooms.

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