Gallery Wrap canvas prints for Fred's Appliance give a unique decorating look to this store, by Signs for Success, custom canvas prints Spokane

Custom Canvas Prints Spokane spruce up Retail Stores

Gallery Wrap canvas prints for Fred's Appliance give a unique decorating look to this store, by Signs for Success, custom canvas prints Spokane

Fred’s Appliance Canvas Prints

Printed canvas is just one of the many fabrics we can digitally print to, and it’s our most popular choice for custom printed fabric.  From banners to wall art, custom canvas prints bring a new quality to your interior, whether it’s used for advertising or just decorating.

Avion Coffee opted for canvas rather than traditional vinyl for their indoor banners.  The thick printed fabric adds to the warm, inviting feeling of their coffee shop.  This custom canvas wall art placed at intervals all around Fred’s Appliance stores is not only visually appealing, but can also be inspiring for an appliance shopper.  Top of the line appliances placed in dream kitchens lure the eye towards each individual canvas and help customers envision the appliance in their own kitchen. Canvas prints look professional, lavish and modern, and can be tailored stylistically depending on the look you’re going for.  This is a great way for retailers to stay true to the look and theme of the store, while utilizing manufacturers’ co-op advertising dollars.

Fred's Appliance stores decorated their walls with dozens of large high res photos, printed on canvas and gallery wrapped for a unique decorating for this retail store

Gallery Wrapped Canvas prints at Fred’s Appliance

We stock both bright white and natural canvas, which can customize the tone of the graphics.  To create canvas prints, digital images are printed directly to the canvas material, which is then stretched onto wood frames.  As mentioned above, we can also finish your canvas prints with grommets or a pole pocket to hang as a banner, or another way to suit your individual needs.  In addition to canvas, we also stock taffeta, linen, pack cloth, sateen, and poplin materials.  Digital fabric printing can be great for tradeshow displays, flags, wedding accessories like custom table cloths or favors, showroom displays and wall art, or to create custom fabric for upholstery, bedding, or window coverings.

Signs for Success is a locally owned family business in Spokane, and we strive for excellent customer service, perfect color, and quick turnaround on every project.  Our large production facility allows us to design, print and install everything in-house.  Get quality service and a quick turnaround on custom canvas prints Spokane; See More Fabric Prints!

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Printed woodgrain for dashboard dash restoration of Impala pieces by Signs for Success

Custom Printed Vinyl Improves American Classics

Printed woodgrain for dashboard dash restoration of Impala pieces by Signs for Success

Impala dash restoration

Improve an American Classic with Custom Printed Vinyl

Restoration projects are fun and challenging – who would have guessed someone looking for the perfect side kicker panel replacements for a classic Chevrolet convertible would end up at a sign shop?  As luck would have it, we had just what this owner of a 1970 Chevrolet Impala Bel Air was looking for when reviving his American classic.

When restoring a vehicle, it takes great care and effort to repair it to authentic condition without upgrading or changing any of the original aspects of the car.  While not a true restoration, the side kicker panel modifications improved the car cosmetically and made it similar to what it would have looked like when first offered for sale.

Complete Upholstery replaced the top of the convertible and reupholstered the interior.  Signs for Success printed the vinyl that replaced the side kicker panels.  We printed wood grain graphics on marine-grade vinyl , which is an upholstery custom printed vinyl fabric, to match the original panels which were scratched and dented.  The finished product looked great.  “Nobody noticed it was printed until we told them; everyone thought it was wood grain,” Complete Upholstery owner Patrick Linebarger said.

The custom printed vinyl upholstery fabric we use for auto and boat upholstery has been tested in an independent lab using ASTM D 4157-07/ACT for 30,000 rubs and rated for general contract upholstery and heavy duty upholstery.  The marine-grade rating means it will last through several years of daily wear.  Custom printed vinyl is great for customizing auto interiors, and can also be used for boat upholsterymotorcycle upholstery and restaurant seating.


Settlers of Catan custom printed game boards for groomsmen gifts

Settlers of Catan Custom Game Boards

Settlers of Catan custom printed game boards for groomsmen gifts

Settlers of Catan custom printed game boards for groomsmen gifts

These particular printed custom game boards were created for a groom-to-be with a love for Settlers of Catan.

“My son Jim just graduated from Gonzaga and will soon be stationed as an Army officer in Hawaii with his wife Hannah. They were married this past weekend and he wanted to make something truly unique for his groomsmen gifts,” Signs for Success owner John Bogensberger said.  “Since Jim has been working around the sign shop since he was a kid, he’s got a good feel for what we can do.  With our state-of-the-art design and printing technologies, we can come up with a solution for just about any project.  Even though it was our first time working on a project like this, Jim knew it could be done, and with style.”

Digitally printed wood game boards with shape cuts, custom game boards

Digitally printed wood game boards with shape cuts

Jim came up with the idea of printing the game on a thin 1/8” wood board and personalizing the games to each groomsman.  Signs for Success designers Vanessa Bogensberger and Will Oakley created the designs.

After purchasing raw wood, Jim applied a layer of clear finish to the entire printing surface.  Then the graphics were printed with our HP FB500 and covered with another layer of clear finish.  He then took the boards to Decade Awards where Ted & Adam laser cut the shapes out of the board.  Jim used transfer tape over the surface to protect the graphics from the laser.

Next, he printed a parchment background on the back side of Marine Grade vinyl upholstery fabric to give the fabric the look of Parchment.  On the face of the vinyl fabric Jim printed the cover and back, each of which were customized with a nickname and the event date. The custom game boards were then attached to the parchment side of the fabric.

Custom printed wood game boxes, custom game boards

Custom printed wood game boxes

To take it over the top, Jim decided to make custom wood game boxes that required a lot of cuts and finishing.  The custom game boards box lids were printed with our HP FB500.  Because the inks are translucent against a non-white surface, we utilized the white ink channel and put a layer of white ink, also called white ink underflood, under the graphic in order to maintain the color.

“There was no money in this project but it was great fun working with my son and learning new things that can be done with our equipment.  We learned we can laser cut wood after printing on it and we can print on both sides of the Marine Grade Upholstery fabric,” John said.  “Kudos to his mom and one of our designers Will Oakley for working out all the print and cut files. That alone took many hours.”






Here’s a short video about the project: