indoor wall murals add interest to the Avista Jimmy Dean Center in Spokane

Custom Facility Signs for Avista’s Jimmy Dean Center

Illuminated channel letterset, custom channel letters for AvistaAvista Corp., the Spokane-based energy company, needed custom facility signs with consistent branding for their new maintenance and repair facility. Officially named the “Jimmy Dean Center,” it includes a 15,100 square foot maintenance building and adjacent compressed natural gas fueling station. The Jimmy Dean Center is named for a gas line worker who died while responding to an outage after hours in the winter of 1996.  

As with any large facility, signs are needed throughout to inform and direct. New signs at the Jimmy Dean Center include:

  1. An Acrylic Lobby Sign
  2. Illuminated Channel Letterset for the outside of the building
  3. Large Etchmark letter “G” on entry glass
  4. Outdoor Aluminum and Acrylic Facility Entrance Sign
  5. Directional Signs, and
  6. A Series of Indoor Wall Murals

lobby sign, logo sign, custom facility signsThe Custom Facility Signs

  1. The logo lobby sign was created with three different layers on cut acrylic. The first surface is white cut vinyl with the Avista logo. The second surface is etchmark vinyl gives the look of frosted glass, custom facility signsEtchmark vinyl, a translucent film that gives the look of “etched” or frosted glass. Finally, the Etchmark vinyl is backed with a medium gray film.  “Two second surface layers gives it a unique aesthetic,” Signs for Success’ Bryce Morrison said. The dimensional look is enhanced with ¾-inch brushed silver standoffs.

2. On the outside of the building, you are greeted by a custom illuminated channel letterset. By adding blue vinyl and reverse weeding to create the white negative space, we were able to perfectly match their logo. 

Illuminated panel sign, entrance sign, custom facility signs3. A giant letter “G” is a cool and unique way to mark the entrance to Avista’s “Gas” operations. The graphics cover several sections of glass over approximately 11 square feet.  Avery Etchmark film adds a little privacy and the upscale look of sandblasted glass.

4. The Facility Entrance Sign uses an aluminum cabinet painted blue to match Avista’s branding. “Jimmy Dean Center” is cut from the aluminum face, with half inch white acrylic letters pushed through. The acrylic is illuminated, and creates an overall simple and modern entrance sign.

directional signs for Avista Maintenance center in spokane, custom facility signs5. Several directional road signs help deliveries and visitors navigate the grounds. Each sign is printed on ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) and laminated for added durability.  They are a combination of single and double sided signs, either 24” square or 18” square, and all county compliant.

6. Finally, a series of wall murals adds interest to the interior of the facility.  We installed over 100 linear feet of historical Avista photos and local history. A wall mural “offers great interior graphic options, brings the building’s character to life, and unifies all spaces,” Bryce explained.

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