Custom look for wall signs and wraps for Twigs, call Signs for Success for custom options on wall graphics, wraps, wallpaper

UV Printable Acrylic Signs offer privacy in Utah bar

Custom look for wall signs and wraps for Twigs, call Signs for Success for custom options on wall graphics, wraps, wallpaper

Wall wrap dividers for Twigs

Although we have worked with  Paint Room Studios to produce custom acrylic signs for Twigs in the past, our most recent partnership brought new challenges and experience, from a fun photo shoot to creating custom signs with our new UV printable acrylic.  These acrylic signs work double duty as both attractive bar art and a privacy screen.

Twigs’ newest location in Salt Lake City, Utah presented some unique challenges.  Because of laws in Utah, they couldn’t use the usual martini artwork behind the bar (pictured left).  In addition, they needed the artwork to double as a privacy screen since drinks cannot be mixed at the bar.  The solution to the first challenge was to come up with a new concept for the design.  The legs and feet of people standing or sitting at the bar became the new image.  “They needed male models so Joe and I showed up,” Signs for Success designer Will Oakley said.  “My legs and feet are featured in three of the four panels, and Joe’s legs are in one of the panels.  It was a fun modeling shoot.”

Once Will received the edited photos from the client, it was time to tackle the second challenge.  “I added the white, which was a little tricky.  We backed the important parts of the image – legs, feet and chairs – with 100% white to give that depth perception and bring those objects to the foreground.  I made a special layer for the 100% white and traced legs, feet, and barstools.  The rest of the image is backed with 10% white which gives the background a semi-transparent dusted crystal look,” Will explained.  The dusted crystal effect is perfect for added privacy.  Each of the 4’ x 6’ acrylic panels were installed on location into standard window channels to serve as both art and the needed privacy screen behind the bar.

Our new UV printable acrylic was a dream to work with.  In the past we have used standard acrylic, but because it’s so glossy the ink doesn’t stick very well and we have to cover the printed surface with several layers of vinyl laminate to protect the ink.  UV printable acrylic offers a better printing surface.  Straight out the printer, the ink is dry and fairly scratch-proof.  We still cover the printed area with a single layer of laminate for added protection.  The front of each panel was also laminated in a matte laminate to give an anti-glare finish.  UV printable acrylic signs are perfect indoor signs for businesses and restaurants.  They are durable, sleek, and scratch and fade resistant.

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