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Change Your Look with a Car Color Wrap

Mini Cooper Car Color Wrap

Mini Cooper Color Change Wrap

When you’re car shopping, it’s disappointing when the right deal finally comes along, but the color you want isn’t available.  Don’t despair –a car color wrap is the perfect solution.  A vinyl car color wrap can change the color and look of your vehicle without harming the original paint job or the value of the vehicle.  In fact, a full vinyl wrap protects the entire exterior of your vehicle from the elements and normal wear and tear while it is on.

We recently had a customer from Wenatchee, WA who had just such a dilemma.  They brought in a brand new blue mini cooper, but wanted to change the color to silver for their son.  If the right color isn’t available at the dealership, a car color wrap can give you the look you want.  We stock dozens of the most popular colors, including matte vinyl and other specialty vinyls.  The customer chose a matte metallic grey for the sleek, masculine look they were going for.

If you really want to customize your look, unique accents or racing stripes can be easily added over the top of the wrap.  We use the highest quality wrap materials that last several years and protect the entire exterior while it’s on.  Our high-performance wrapping film is laminated for added durability and applied to create a smooth paint-like finish.

Personalize your vehicle with a car color wrap, and get exactly the look you want!  Signs for Success is a locally owned family business in Spokane, and we strive for excellent customer service, perfect color, and quick turnaround on every project.  Our large production facility allows us to design, print and install everything in-house.  Get quality service and a quick turnaround on a car color wrap; contact us for a free quote today! See More Vehicle Wraps

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Custom vinyl car lettering Spokane

Vinyl Car Lettering gets a great response

Custom vinyl car lettering Spokane

Custom vinyl car lettering

“Guy Siverson from ViralTNTeam had us design vinyl car lettering to show that he is a freelance writer and that freelance writing paid for his car,” Signs for Success designer Vanessa Bogensberger said.  “He also had us design his oval business cards, which turned out great.”  Curved text over the wheels, and neon text on each side door and back hatch, is eye-catching and easy to read.  The simple yet compelling graphics advertise wherever Guy goes.

“Vanessa not only helped with the order but actually jumped into the trenches of ViralTNTeam with me as we brainstormed together what the end result would be,” Guy explained.  “I’ve had signs on my car before, but I have never received a call on the first day that the signs went live.  Thanks to everyone at Signs for Success—your friendly service, high quality value, attention to detail and timeliness within delivery makes you a clear winner in my book.”

Car graphics, lettering and wraps, vinyl car lettering

Car graphics, lettering and wraps

Vinyl Car Lettering enhances any marketing strategy.  Here’s how:

  • It’s cost effective. Vehicle graphics boast the highest ROI (return on investment) of all outdoor advertising mediums.  Car lettering and wrap graphics generate a 97% recall rate among viewers.  Bottom line: people remember, trust and act on vehicle advertising.
  • Vehicle graphics advertise 24/7. Your car gets noticed everywhere you drive and park, providing valuable advertising space and time.  Take your advertising exactly where you want to be seen, and if you have errands to run, take comfort in the fact that your advertising never stops working.
  • Car wrap vinyl lasts several years. We use intermediate or high performance vinyl, depending on your needs.  For short term advertising, intermediate vinyl is perfectly adequate.  For car lettering that will last more than a few years, up to 12 years, high-performance vinyl is the way to go.

Our experienced design team can bring your vision to life, whether you want simple car lettering or a full vehicle wrap.  Signs for Success is a locally owned family business in Spokane, and we strive for excellent customer service, perfect color, and quick turnaround on every project.  Our large production facility allows us to design, print and install everything in-house.  Get quality service and a quick turnaround on vinyl car lettering; contact us for a free quote today!

Advertising wrap for Food Services of America in Spokane by Signs for Success, vehicle graphics spokane

3 Vehicle Graphics Best Practices

Advertising wrap for Food Services of America in Spokane by Signs for Success, vehicle graphics spokane

Nissan Van wrap for Food Services of America

Vehicle wraps are the most effective in outdoor advertising.  As with any advertisement, simple graphics and concise text are best, but when it comes to moving vehicle graphics Spokane, there are 3 key elements every vehicle wrap should incorporate.  These are: an oversize image, minimal text, and a call to action.

1. Oversize Image

An oversize image gets people’s attention and is easy to see from a distance.  One large image is better than several small images, especially when the vehicle is moving.  In addition, signs appear smaller than they really are to drivers on the road.  That’s why larger than life images and advertisements are so important on vehicle graphics.

Market Vision ad agency designed this custom wrap for Dishman Dodge advertising for Mt. Spokane ski and snowboard park in Spokane and Greenbluff, vehicle wraps spokane

Market Vision Dishman Dodge Jeep for Mt. Spokane vehicle wrap

2. Minimal Text

Once your vehicle graphics have someone’s attention, the company name and a phone number or website is all the information needed, and all they will probably be able to process in passing.  According to 3M, five simple pieces of information requires 3.67 seconds to comprehend.  Since a driver shouldn’t spend more than 3 seconds away from viewing the road, five pieces of information might be pushing it when we’re talking about moving vehicle graphics Spokane.

“I have learned simple is better; name/logo and phone number are the most important parts. You want to get your message across in the shortest time possible,” Signs for Success designer Will Oakley explained.  “Bullet points, slogans and other info can make a wrap look cluttered and tend to draw away from the important information.”  He adds, however, that “bullet points and slogans are okay on the back of vehicles since most people stuck in traffic will have more time to read those.”

Drummin Up BBQ gets more business with this custom "fir" wrap designed & installed by Signs for Success in Spokane, Call now for fast signs service, vehicle graphics spokane

Food truck trailer wrap for Drummin Up BBQ

3. A Call to Action

Finally, your vehicle graphics must include a call to action.  A call to action is an invitation to act.  A phone number, website address or QR code are all call to actions.  Without this information, the customer is not able to pursue his/her initial interest.  Just like a “For Sale” sign posted at an uninhabited property will not bring potential buyers without a flyer box or at least a phone number, interesting vehicle graphics will only be a traveling gallery without a call to action.

With these 3 key elements, your vehicle wrap will be sure to not only draw attention, but also get your point across.  As long as these best practices are followed, you are free to incorporate your own style and composition for a truly unique yet effective vehicle wrap.  Our experienced design team can work with existing artwork or come up with a completely new concept.  Contact us for a free quote on your next vehicle graphics Spokane project!

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Avery color change car wrap vinyl

Color Change Wraps for every season

Avery color change wraps vinyl

Avery color change car wrap vinyl

Color is all-important – from the walls of our home to our smart phones, we personalize our possessions and use color to express ourselves.  According to Harvard Health Watch, the average American spends over 25 days a year in their vehicle.  With an average 101 minutes spent each day in the car, why not be able to choose what color your car is and even change your mind from time to time?  A traditional paint job may cost more than you’re willing to pay, especially if it affects the value of your vehicle, but what if there was an easier way?  Enter the color change wraps.

The biggest advantage of color change wraps is that you can change the color of your vehicle without affecting the market value.  Any paint job that covers the original factory color decreases the vehicle’s value.  With color change wraps, you can change the color now, but go back to the original color several years down the road.  A full car wrap not only leaves your original paint job intact, but it also protects the paint from fading and normal wear.  You and your vehicle can even experience several different colors –including matte or metallic colors – without altering the factory paint job.

Matte black truck wrap color change wraps installed at Signs for Success

Matte black truck wrap color change installed at Signs for Success

We use Avery Supreme Wrapping Film for color change wraps.  The 60″ material covers almost any surface of any vehicle so there are no seams.  If, however, there does need to be a seam, it will go into a body line, giving an all-over seamless look.  The material contours well even into deep recesses to hug the curves of your vehicle and give a smooth, paint-like finish.  In addition, the film comes pre-laminated for extra durability.  With over 30 trendy colors to choose from, you can use a color change car wrap to personalize your vehicle with a color that describes you today.

See other types of vinyls offered, or get a free quote for your custom wrap.

Signs for Success can add Rally Stripes to any car, almost any color, let us help you with that design, vinyl wrap installation

How to Install Rally Stripes on a Mini Cooper

Signs for Success can add Rally Stripes to any car, almost any color, let us help you with that design

Cut vinyl Rally Stripes on Mini Cooper

We can recreate or design rally stripes for your car or truck

When we first installed the wrap kit on Cedric Devaney’s Mini Cooper, the installers noted how difficult it was to install manufactured car wrap vinyl.  It was an aggressive vinyl with not much give, making installation tricky and sticky.  Installers had to be sure they got the stripes positioned perfectly on the first try or the vinyl material and the vehicle graphics would be ruined.

Just a few months after installation, the Mini Cooper was rear-ended.  After Devaney had the rear hatch and rear bumper repainted, it was time to re-install the vinyl stripes to the back half of the vehicle.  The customer purchased the same factory wrap kit and brought it to Signs for Success for installation.

Although we don’t typically recommend purchasing pre-made vinyl graphics, if a customer does purchase a wrap kit, we absolutely recommend getting high performance vinyl AND getting it professionally installed.  Dealing with aggressive vinyl requires great care and experience.  Inexperience with the different materials and tools involved can complicate the installation process, and any small error could ruin the vinyl.

Cut high performance custom Rally Stripes on Mini Cooper in Spokane Valley & Cheney

High performance vinyl Rally Stripes on Mini Cooper

The biggest challenge we faced installing the vinyl stripes on this Mini Cooper was getting placement just right.  The stripes needed to be exactly three inches apart.  “The car is very rounded, and the double stripes are supposed to look like straight lines.  When you’re working with a curve, it’s hard to get it to look right or be exact,” Signs for Success installer Rich Wilke explained.  Rich used a level laser to find the center line of the car.  “I used the laser for the original install as well.  The laser is really helpful to get the lines straight.”  The rest of the install required very deliberate and careful placement of the vinyl striping all the way down to make it appear straight over the curved surface.

If you’d rather not deal with a factory wrap kit, Signs for Success offers custom vehicle graphics for any type of vehicle.  We design, print and install vehicle wraps, vehicle lettering, and vehicle striping at our facility.  Most importantly, we can guarantee a job, and we will make sure it’s done right.