This customer wanted tribal graphics similar to Baja boats, but colors to match his new boat cover and upholstery, with a little flair, in Spokane and Deer Park

Baja Contemporary Boat Wrap Makeover

This customer wanted tribal graphics boat wrap similar to Baja boats, but colors to match his new boat cover and upholstery, with a little flair, in Spokane and Deer Park

Baja custom boat wrap

Over the years, we’ve seen many boat wrap projects. After all, one of the best things about the Inland Northwest is the natural wonder of the many beautiful and well-known lakes, including Coeur d’Alene Lake and Priest Lake.

Fishing boats and other small to mid-size motorboats are what we see most often. This Baja contemporary boat wrap is just one boat wrap project we completed in the summer of 2013. It was printed on 3M Control Tac high performance vinyl with a gloss laminate. The high performance laminate protects the vinyl wrap from UV damage and the elements as well as harsh cleaners.

Any boat can be wrapped, from ski boats and wave runners to pontoon boats, deck boats and fishing boats. Since each boat shape is unique, we create a custom template for every boat wrap design. To do this, we input precise measurements into our design software and use photographs of all sides of the vessel to get every little detail and body line into the template.


For this boat wrap, “we actually laid butcher paper on the side and sketched the outline and any trim in the body, then laid that flat on the floor to measure and create a rough template,” Signs for Success designer Vanessa Bogensberger said.

The wrap design features gray and purple swooshes on a black background for a look that is more “Baja contemporary” than the original pink on white design. Once the design was complete, adding a bleed area to the design gives installers a little wiggle room to get the placement just right.

After installing the main boat wrap graphics, we added boat ID hull numbers that were printed, cut, and installed separately. Boat lettering is another option for those who aren’t interested in a full boat wrap, but who do want to give their boat a new, unique look.

A boat wrap can:

• Transform the look of any boat, going from dull to modern
• Give your boat a personalized style to stand out from the fleet
• Bring new life to an older design
• Restore original graphics that are faded or peeling
• Incorporate required ID numbers

Contact Signs for Success to update your boat graphics—our experienced design team will help create the perfect boat wrap design for you, whether you’re looking to restore or re-imagine.