Donzi custom vinyl boat wrap spokane

Custom Boat Graphics Deliver BIG Impact

Donzi custom boat graphics or custom vinyl wrap spokaneWhen customers ask about a custom boat graphics, it could mean anything from boat lettering to a full custom wrap.  We get boatloads of boat wrap jobs every summer, but not usually ones quite this large.  What made this boat wrap job unique was the size—not only was it a full coverage boat wrap, but the boat itself was one of the larger boats we’ve done.

“This boat had a partial wrap on it, but the customer wanted a more complete, modern look,” Signs for Success designer Will Oakley explained.  “They came in with some ideas; they wanted a loud, splattery look.”  Will went off the ideas and vibe they were going for and sent three concepts to the customer.  The winning design was a full boat wrap over both sides and the bow.  Lime green and black with brush strokes and splatters creates bold, eye-catching custom boat graphics.  At Signs for Success, our experienced designers work one-on-one with the customer to come up with a unique custom design that really captures the customer’s vision.Custom Boat Graphics

“We really enjoyed working with Will and he did a great job with the design,” Donzi boat owner Melissa said.  “We get so many compliments on the wrap and the design from people everywhere we go. The wrap put a modern, eye catching design on our boat that is appealing to us as well others.  It turned out better than we expected and it was exactly what we wanted.”

Despite the magnitude of the job, the installation went very smoothly.  “The wrap was really cool because it is so high impact, the visual impact is very striking,” Will said.  It’s great to see how inspiring a boat wrap design can be.  “Melissa heard about us from a friend who also got their boat wrapped, and we have since had two or three other people who saw Melissa’s boat come ask us about boat wraps,” Will said.

Signs for Success is a locally owned family business in Spokane, and we strive for excellent customer service, perfect color, and quick turnaround on every project.  Our large production facility allows us to design, print and install everything in-house.  Get quality service and a quick turnaround on custom boat graphics; contact us for a free quote today! See More Boat Graphics!

Boat Wrap Quote

Custom boat wraps for Alaskan fishing boats designed by Signs for Success, boat wraps spokane

Boat Wraps Spokane look great in Alaskan Waters

Custom boat wraps for Alaskan fishing boats designed by Signs for Success, boat wraps spokane

Custom boat wraps for Alaskan fishing boats designed by Signs for Success

George Basargen came to Signs for Success in the spring with ideas on outfitting his two fishing boats, the Roulette and the Black Pearl.  Because he didn’t have specific look in mind, but gravitated towards a certain style, Signs for Success designer Will Oakley listened to his ideas and met with him several times to discuss and proof the boat wrap design.  George loved the results and quickly had the designs printed and installed in time for the fishing season.

The colorful boat wraps Spokane make George’s fishing boats stand out from all the rest, which was just what he was going for.

“George’s boat wraps were one of my favorite projects because the customer gave me free reign with the graphics. He had some very simple guidelines

Insalling fishing boat graphics

Installing Graphics on the “Millenium Roulette ” fishing boat headed for Alaska

he asked me to follow but other than that I was able to really be creative with the layouts and designs,” Will explained.  “When you’re paying someone to design something for you, look at what they have done in the past.  If their style is similar to what you like you should use them; if it isn’t you should go somewhere else.  George really likes my style of over-the-top effects and details.  If he wanted something milder I wouldn’t have been as good a fit, and we would have spent a lot more time working on a design he may not have been as happy with.”

Our experienced design team represents different styles, from minimalistic to modern to over-the-top with details and color.

Boat wraps are manufactured with high performance vehicle wrap vinyl.  After the wrap is printed, we apply a satin finish laminate with UV protection.  The photo above was taken in Cordova, Alaska at the end of the fishing season (Photography by David Little).  The boat wraps  are just as vibrant as the day they were installed, and they will be sure to last many fishing seasons to come.  Contact us for a free quote on boat wraps Spokane today!

Custom boat wraps for Alaskan fishing boats designed by Signs for Success, boat wraps spokane

How to Install Boat Wraps

Custom boat wraps for Alaskan fishing boats designed by Signs for Success

Custom boat wraps for Alaskan fishing boats designed by Signs for Success

Boat wraps are installed much the same way that vehicle wraps are installed.  We have noticed some common mistakes, and we can recommend a few simple steps for successfully installing boat graphics, or any vehicle graphics.

Some common problems are getting the placement wrong, overstretching the material, or heat-setting it  improperly.  “I think one thing people have a hard time with is just the fear factor.  Working with vinyl and the fact that you just spent a lot of money for it is scary.  You don’t want to mess it up.  Easier to leave it to those that do it daily,” Signs for Success production manager Denise Gillit said.

Another problem we have seen is wet applying graphics.  George Basargen worked with Signs for Success to design two over-the-top boat wraps for his Alaskan fishing boats.  We installed the Roulette boat wrap in Tum Tum, WA.  Then the customer took the boat graphics for the Black Pearl with him to Alaska and installed them himself.  On a rainy spring day in Alaska, George tried to install the vinyl boat graphics by wet applying them.  To “wet apply” means to spray the surface you are applying the vinyl to with a chemical like Windex or dish soap and water.  Most cut vinyl can be wet applied.  However, a high performance repositionable vinyl like the 3M Control Tac used for these boat wraps cannot be wet applied.

“Control Tac has a releasable adhesive so you can reposition it many times if you don’t get it in the right spot the first time.  We would never suggest anyone wet apply a repositionable vinyl like Control Tac.  You will have a much harder time getting it to stick properly,” Signs for Success designer Will Oakley explained.

Because the vinyl was not sticking properly, George called us, and we walked him through the best method to use over the phone.  “He installed everything successfully and is really happy with how it all turned out,” Will said.  In spite of his setback during install, George said, “It has been great working with Will.  [The boat wraps] look great!”

custom boat wraps, Let Signs for Success wrap or add graphics to your race boat or jet boat in Spokane and Coeur d'Alene

Stripes, logos, numbering added to race boats

Here’s how we install a boat wraps in 5 easy steps (Use these steps when working with a high performance repositionable vinyl):

  1. First, clean the surface.
  2. Place graphics where you want them using masking tape.
  3. Carefully peel backing away in small portions, smoothing the vinyl as you go.
  4. Use a squeegee to smooth any air bubbles out.
  5. Use a heat gun to set the vinyl.

Control Tac, as well as other repositionable high performance vinyls, should first be positioned in the appropriate place on the vehicle surface.  Then, by removing portions of the backing little by little and smoothing the vinyl with the right tools, the material is applied evenly without stretching or wrinkling.  To set the material, use a heat gun to heat the material in small portions at a time and smooth it out again.  This helps the vinyl to conform permanently to all the curves and contours of the boat or vehicle.

We recommend having boat wraps installed professionally since the techniques required as well as the environment can play an important part in the success or failure of an install.  However, if circumstances prevent you from having a pro install your boat graphics, by following these steps, you can achieve a professional boat wrap on your own.

For more information on boat wrap installation, or to get a quote for a professional installationcontact Signs for Success.

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