For many wall covering installations:

A wall test should be performed to see finish on wall, whether it’s textured or flat, and what type of covering will be best. Doing a wall test also allows us to do a site survey for exact width and height of wall and to find out what the goal in covering (full or partial) the wall is going to be.

Wallpaper, Type II Commercial Grade

The type II commercial grade wallpaper is installed on a smooth surfaced wall with traditional wallpaper paste.  It is a permanent installation, and we have a professional wallpaper hanger that we use that does a fast, fabulous job on installs. This type of wallpaper is approved in commercial applications like restaurants, hotels, retail, manufacturing, and many other businesses.

Wallpaper, PVC free

PVC free wallpaper installs on a flat surface with water activated adhesive.  It removes easily by wetting it completely and peeling off without damaging the wall.  This is a great option for more temporary (1-4 year) uses or for household use like a child’s bedroom wall.

Wrap Vinyl – High Performance – Printed

For many purposes on wall decals, we use laminated, high performance Avery wrap vinyl or 3M  Control Tac, both with UV laminate for added protection longevity. A wall test will determine if these vinyls will stick well.

Cut Vinyl – High Performance or Intermediate – Cut

When we cut vinyl, like the colored rolls above, depending on use and budget, we will use either high performance 5-8 year life or intermediate 3-5 year life vinyls, These are solid, single colors that are cut out, weeded and transfer taped, ready to apply to your surface.

Temporary Adhesive – Printed

For uses where you want the vinyl to be easily removed, like temporary advertising on walls, ceilings, floors, pavement, sidewalks, pavement, and lots more we have a few options with temporary or low tac adhesive. Clear or White temporary vinyl can be used on mall windows and walls and be removed with no damage or leftover adhesive. PT Changeable fabric decals can be put on anything, then moved and reused, since they don’t stretch out like most decals. Temporary Adhesive decals are considered intermediate quality, but they print beautifully!

High Tac Adhesive – Printed

We have a roll of vinyl that has a very grippy, strong adhesive for those tougher surfaces.  If you are not sure if a vinyl will stick to your surface, swing in for a sample strip of a couple of types of vinyl to test on your product prior to production.

Static Cling – Printed

We carry both clear and white static cling.  We can print white ink for the writing surface for automotive oil change static clings, or use white ink as an overflood to make eye popping color through the clear static, with cling on the face. Otherwise, if static is on the back, we print on the white static roll.

Conformable – Printed

Signs for Success has a printable vinyl decal roll that laminates then when installed with heat, it conforms to a rough surface, it is rated good outdoors for a year, but we’ve seen it last many years.  This vinyl is great for historical buildings that don’t want penetrations in their brick or walls.  This decal, with heat, comes off cleanly later also, which is a definite benefit. We use this on brick, stucco, cinderblock, rock walls, pavement, asphalt, blacktop, sidewalks, concrete.