Incredible Precision & Options.

  • From 2″ to 18″; each a perfect letter.
  • Serifs are always sharp, edges always crisp .
  • Mounts to any surface with most hardware.
  • New Architectural style offers prismatic faces.
  • 45 Standard Colors.
  • 6 Standard Styles.
  • Installing methods for Dimensional letters

Better Alternative than Foam Letters.

  • Endures even the harshest conditions.
  • Blemish free automotive quality painted finish.
  • 1-day production gives you instant results.
  • Made from a renewable resource (non-petroleum) plastic.

Where to Use Minnesota Letters.

  • When depth is required in letterstyle.
  • Virtually any business, organization or institution.
  • Under all weather and environmental conditions.
  • When sharp edges are required.
  • If drilling is not allowed in installation.
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