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Indoor or outdoor signs that mount to the wall or hang from the ceiling are great for wayfinding.



Indoor projecting signs, also called hanging signs, are an ideal wayfinding tool for guiding visitors and staff to common destination points such as restrooms, stairwells, exits, reception areas, offices, and other commonly used destination points.  Designed to match your custom interior signage system and complement the interior decor, they are engineered to be mounted to the wall no matter what material is specified.


Unlike traditional wall-mounted panels that may fade into the background, outdoor hanging signs are designed to increase visibility for both driving and pedestrian customers.  There is a variety of projecting wall brackets and sign face materials to choose from – brackets can be nostalgic or sleek, and sign faces can be carved or printed.  Let your sign be seen from a new perspective with a projecting sign by Signs for Success.

Other names for these types of Signs

  • Double-Sided Hanging Signs

  • Flag Mount Signs

  • Swinging Signs

  • Business Signs

  • Hanging Signs

  • Wall Mount Panel Signs

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