• Custom Printed Chain Link Fence Slats for Zoo
  • Chainlink Fence Slats for Utopian Tailgate Restaurant Chicago
  • Chain Link Fence Graphics
  • Example of how Custom Chain Link Fence Slats for privacy fencing shows through by Signs for Success, custom signs
  • Custom digitally printed chain link fence slats for Utopian Tailgate
  • you can see movement around the edges of a custom printed chain link fence slat sign, but it does block quite a bit and gets your message out there
  • The inside of the chain link fence slats show a desert landscape, very beautiful against the grass, gives privacy for this business or home, by Signs for Success
  • Custom Chain Link Fence Slats printed with this daycare children's artwork and sponsor logos for a unique advertising that the parents and local businesses love in North Dakota, by Signs for Success
  • Privacy fencing doesn't have to be boring, see this North Dakota fenceline decorated with Custom chain link fence slats by Signs for Success Spokane
  • Custom print of a high resolution landscape decorate this daycare fencing and give privacy with Chain Link Fence Slats by Signs for Success
  • Custom Printed graphics decorate this chain link fence with slats cut down and inserted, by Signs for Success, privacy fencing doesn't have to be boring
  • You can even hide the mess next door with custom printed chain link privacy slats like this Spokane Business did, by Signs for Success, call now for a fast, free quote
  • up close view of Chain Link Fence Slats for privacy fences, printed with whatever message or high resolution image you want, Signs for Success can do the design as well
  • Close up view of spacing on custom printed chain link privacy slats by Signs for Success in Spokane
  • Custom Chain Link Fence Slats
  • Printed Custom Chain Link Fence Slats

Whether you want to show off artwork, advertise, or just block the eyesore next door, this slat’s for you!

Custom Printed Chain Link Privacy Fence Slats

Questions about how to order Chain Link Fence Slats

How do I measure my fence?

Measure how long each side of your fence is and how tall.  Just give us those measurements and we can take it from there.

What kind of artwork can I use?

We can create something for you, or you can send us your high resolution images or logos and we can mock it up for you. You can also send us print ready graphics.  Keep in mind that the length of the final graphic will be printed a little bigger overall than your fence, so any critical logos or messages should be kept towards center, a few feet from any edges. Background photos or images can bleed full length.

Privacy Slats for your chain link fence

Unlike zip tying banners or panels to chain link fencing, custom printed plastic inserts are stable and not suseptible to wind damage.  Privacy slats are outdoor durable and can be used for advertising as well as a decorative way to create privacy outside your business or home.

When you have a personalized message added to your fence, whether it’s a landscape or seascape, logo or children’s drawings, it makes an attractive visual for both sides of the fence.  When you order custom privacy slats, Signs for Success provides the printed sheets of corrugated plastic, a specialized cutting tool to cut down the slats, and edgecap for a bottom track so the slats stay level.

Why do we send the sheets whole?

Printed corrugated plastic slats are a bit thicker than standard privacy slats; if the pieces are cut off-site, we risk cutting the wrong width.  Besides that, it’s just not effective to cut the individual slats off-site because you’d have to assemble a jumbled 250+ piece puzzle (give or take).

How easy is it to install?

Corrugated plastic is easy to cut with the provided tool.  We recommend having two or three people installing the slats, and, starting in the center, moving out in two directions.  To begin, weave a piece of bottom edgecap into the chain link where you want the base to be.  Then weave the first cut slat into the chain link from the top until it rests in the edge cap.