Below are types of banners and finishing options

Outdoor Wall Banner large for Global Credit Union Headquarters in Spokane

13oz Scrim Banner Material

Vinyl is the standard banner material, and it makes up about 95% of the banners we produce.  We carry different weight vinyl materials, some of which are outdoor durable.  We print directly to the materials with photo quality results.  GET A FREE QUOTE NOW.

13oz standard weight vinyl is used for indoor and outdoor banners. This is the most common weight of vinyl used for banners since it’s so versatile. It rolls well, but does not do well if folded.  See EVENT BANNERS, or SPORTS/SPONSOR BANNERS, or WALL/FENCE BANNERS for more information on 13oz banner material applications.

Litehouse Foods matches their whole booth from backdrop to podium covers to retractable banner stands by Signs for Success, Spokane, WA, and Sandpoint, ID

Super Smooth Anti-Curl Material for Retractable Banners

15oz Super Smooth is used in Retractable Banner Stands or for indoor use only.  It has a finished, anti-curl edge that does not need to be sewn or welded.  This banner material is blockout, so light does not come through it, but it is not as strong as the 13oz scrim banner, and is not intended for outdoor use long term.  It is used most often in retractable banner stands because the clean, strong finished edge never curls when the banner is displayed. See BANNER STANDS for more information.

Sponsorship by GE at Riverfront Park, pole banners printed, finished and installed

Blockout Banner Material for double sided banners

18oz Heavy Duty blockout vinyl is great for double sided pole and street banners that take a lot of beating.  We can print on both sides of one layer of material, or double the material for a super strong street banner.  Either way, light is blocked so the image on the other side does not show through.  See POLE & STREET BANNERS for more information.

Using mesh banner as a window shade is an economical window covering answer
When Contract Design Associates in Spokane needed desk separation without blocking all the light, we used these mesh banners, double sided to create a great backdrop wall

Mesh Banner

Mesh Banner Material is intended for use in high-wind situations or where you would like some visibility.  The mesh material allows wind to pass through without blowing your banner out or making it unreadable. Tiny holes throughout means the banner is really only 70% there (holes take out about 30% of the background), but your image still appears bright and crisp. Here, we used the mesh material for roll-up window shades. The mesh gives a little transparency, but the colors are still bright. We have used mesh banner for fence banners, banners that span a street, window shades, office separations, and more. See BACKDROP BANNERS for more information.

INB Performanin Artc Center put on Legally Blonde in 2011, and needed banners and posters for this fun event

Posters – Heavyweight Satin Paper

Paper is the lightest weight material and is used for indoor banners or one-time/temporary use. Paper posters can be hung without finishing or inserted into frames for an inexpensive, yet classy look for your advertising.  This is a sturdy paper material that can be laminated for extra durability.  See POSTERS for more information.

Take your precious photograph and let Signs for Success print it on canvas for a unique gift or for yourself, Spokane and Cheney


Canvas Fabric makes beautiful banners without the feel and look of plastic vinyl.  They work great indoors, and the rich look of the material can complement existing decor.  The standard finishing for canvas banners is gallery wrapped on stretcher bars or sewn hems.

We carry two types of canvas:

  • VC Canvas is uncoated and has the natural off-white color. The white-point on VC Canvas is not as bright, so colors are softer.
  • Picasso Canvas is a coated canvas that has a very bright white finish. Printing colors on the white finish makes all the printed colors brighter.
    See STRETCHED CANVAS for more information on Canvas Material.
Banner stands done in a hurry, now, fast, by Signs for Success in Spokane, fabric banners

Printed Fabrics

We carry 5 different fabrics in stock that are readily available for custom printing.  The fabrics we stock are: Linen, Poplin, Pack Cloth, Canvas, and Marine Vinyl.  Samples of each are available in our showroom.  For fabric specifications, click here.  Other fabrics can be ordered as needed.

  • Linen is a lightweight material, great for quilting and other home sewing projects.
  • Poplin and Pack Cloth are medium-weight fabrics often used for indoor banners or tradeshow table throws.
  • Canvas is a heavier material often used for gallery wrapped canvas wall art.
  • The Marine Vinyl we stock is a high-grade vinyl perfect for boat upholstery, stool and other simple seating upholstery, motorcycle upholstery, restaurant seating, and similar situations.
Welding a hem on a banner is cleaner and stronger than sewing

Finishing Banners

At Signs for Success we finish banners to the highest industry standard – with a 1″ hem and grommets every 2 feet.  Because we construct all our banners in-house, we can alter finishing to your specifications, whether you prefer pole pockets, reinforcements, extra grommets, rope and even webbing on extra large banners.  See more on Finishing Banners.

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Read what our customers are saying.

“During a showroom remodel in 2009 we hired Signs for Success to provide some very large banners. They were very helpful in the design process and the production work was excellent. Signs For Success delivered everything on-time and on-budget. We would work with them again without hesitation.”

“Signs For Success did all the banners, signage, coroplast, etc for The Wheelchair Games.  What a magnificent job they did.  Everything was done on time, looked great, and it sure helped make the Games a success.”

“The pieces you did look fantastic!  They received a lot of compliments on the tradeshow booth, and sales are up!   Thanks again for all your work on making this happen with such a short turn-around.”