Modular Sign Systems

This vista sign doesn't have the printed info in it, just the frame so far, but it looks great and is totally changeable whenever you want to change the message

Vista modular sign on wall

Modular sign systems offer sleek, professional looking signs to give an office building a unified look, inside and out.  We have partnered with Vista Signs to offer a modern and functional modular sign system called “modular curved frame technology,” or MCFT.   These modular signs offer any type of way finding sign, all with a modern, professional, unified look.  Vista describes MCFT as “contemporary euro design,” which uses a modern curved shape that is both functional and attractive.

Among the types of modular signs offered are:

  • Wall frames
  • Flag signs
  • Directory signs
  • Table stands
  • Double sided pylons

    Curved Extruded Signs

    MCFT Signs

  • Suspended signs
  • Post pylons
  • Triangular pylons
  • Lighted signs

The MCFT Advantage

Modular signs are easy to update.  The curved frame system accommodates many types of sign substrates including plastics such as styrene, metals, or paper.  The sign is easily inserted or removed to update a sign.  The curved shape keeps inserted materials firmly in place using its strong tension grip.  In addition, the frame system can be used in conjunction with engraving, vinyl, ADA, digital printing, and more.  The modular system is highly versatile since standardized units can be assembled in different ways.

We've partnered with Vista to provide custom modular sign systems

We’ve partnered with Vista to provide custom modular sign systems

One of the newest modular sign products is Slider Signs.  These signs are perfect for displaying “OCCUPIED/ VACANT” and come in the standard curved frame extrusion.  They’re made to match all the other curved frame signs offered by Vista, adding a new option to the professional line of indoor and outdoor signs.  “They look great on a wall, a door, or next to one of our signs!” Vista representative Ashley Charles said.  There’s a growing demand for sliding signs, and Signs for Success can get them for you!  Use other modular curved frame signs in conjuction with slider signs, and you’ll have a complete, professional look for your office building.  Learn more about Vista signs or request a quote.