How Effective are Vehicle Wraps Spokane?

Market Vision ad agency designed this custom wrap for Dishman Dodge advertising for Mt. Spokane ski and snowboard park in Spokane and Greenbluff, vehicle wraps spokane

Market Vision Dishman Dodge Jeep for Mt. Spokane vehicle wrap

Marketing experts and business owners alike will agree vehicle advertising is incredibly effective.  It’s not just the sign companies talking about it anymore – check out the statistics from the Outdoor Advertising Association of America:

  • 96% of Americans travel in a vehicle each week and will be reached by moving vehicle advertising.
  • In fact, the average American has traveled 302 miles during the past week.
  • Pedestrians are another captive audience – 8 in 10 Americans have walked in a town, city or downtown area an average of 6.1 miles during the past week.
  • A single vehicle wrap can generate between 30,000 and 70,000 impressions daily.
  • Vehicle wraps Spokane and mobile advertising is the best form of outdoor advertising, reaching more consumers at a lower cost than any other form of outdoor advertising.

There’s a reason why vehicle advertising nearly doubled in terms of dollars spent from 1993 to 2003 and is continuing to grow each year.

JRCC wanted a wrap for their pickup that really stood out and spoke about restoration, Signs for Success delivered, vehicle wraps Chewelah

JRCC pickup truck wrap, custom design by Signs for Success

Vehicle wraps Spokane:

  • Boost brand recognition.  Many times, a business will have control over the route the driver takes.  Seeing a brand in one’s own neighborhood day after day will help that business stay in the forefront of consumer’s minds.
  • Create a positive impression of the business.  Having a full vehicle wrap or fleet wraps instantly raises your professional image.
  • Are memorable.  Vehicle wraps stand out and command more attention than stationary signage.  When you’re stopped at a light, you’ve got nothing better to do than read the message on the vehicle in front of you.  And speaking of memorable, vehicle advertising generates a 96% recall rate.
  • Generate curiosity and boost consumers’ confidence.  Seeing a company vehicle parked at your neighbor’s home will likely get you thinking, maybe I should have them take a look at my (fill in the blank), too.  A vehicle wrap shows that a company is successful, modern and business savvy.
  • Lead to sales.  If consumers have seen you around town and know your name already, you’re more likely to get the sale.
  • Work 24/7.  You can’t turn off a vehicle wrap like a television or throw it away like a newspaper.  Even when the vehicle is parked, it’s generating impressions.

We’ve designed, printed and installed hundreds of vehicle wraps including car wraps, truck wraps, trailer wraps, motorcycle wraps, boat wraps, and more.  Get quality service and a quick turnaround on custom vehicle wraps Spokane; contact us for a free quote today!  See More Vehicle Wraps & Graphics!