Historic Wall Mural using printed self adhesive vinyl installed on brick

The new Historic Wall Mural in Hillyard, WA, is generating a lot of buzz! Hillyard Community Futures has been working for 5 years to get funding for this historical mural. “It took quite a while to find the picture we were looking for.” Said Kirsten Straight, director at Hillyard Community Futures. “With some help from Great Northern Railway Historical Society, I was able to locate the perfect picture to use for the project. ” The Great Northern “Mallett” #2047, was one of many that were built and repaired in Hillyard from 1927-1954. These were the biggest steam locomotives ever built, weighing in at over 592,000 pounds. Deke Cloyde from On the Edge, was able to take the original photo and scan it at a resolution that was optimal for printing. Deke also took the current photos of the two railroaders featured in the image, both of whom worked for the Great Northern Railway in Hillyard.

The material used is 3M Porous Wall Film. This product is specifically designed for brick, cinder block, concrete and other porous materials. It has the abilHistoric Wall Mural using printed adhesive vinyl installed on brick wallity to conform to protrusions as well as indentations, which results in a painted on look. It requires high heat and special tools for installation. It took seven 54″ wide panels that were 15′ tall to complete the historic wall mural. It took our 3M preferred installers a little over a day to install the graphics. There are many painted murals in the area, but this is the first one using a printed vinyl.

“We are pretty excited about the project,” said John Bogensberger, Project Manager, at Signs for Success “We have done a lot of walls but they are usually of a commercial nature, this one is unique in it’s content and how it relates to the community.” If you are ever in Hillyard, stop by and get your picture taken, have some lunch and enjoy the environment of this historic district.

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Watch The Video To See How We Did It!