Garage door Wraps is something we do at Signs for Success, Spokane, like this image of a tank, call now

Garage Door Wraps – Tank

Garage door Wraps is something we do at Signs for Success, Spokane, like this image of a tank, call now

Custom garage door wrap featuring a tank

Garage Door Wraps add dimension to your building

Doors make a great advertising wrap surface.  Business entrances, elevator doors, and even garage doors maximize your marketing budget by promoting your business in places you already own and customers frequent.

When it comes to getting the most out of your advertising dollar, we always recommend using every available space to promote your business and services, from vehicles to walls, floors, and/or entire buildings you have access to.  At Signs for Success, we’ve utilized large signs, custom window shades, vehicle wraps and fence slat signage, but we didn’t stop there.  We decided to take our own advice and makeover our 12’ x 12’ garage door with custom garage door wraps.

The concept for the garage door wraps wrap design started with the idea of creating a trick of the eye.  Signs for Success owner John Bogensberger envisioned an image of the garage with an unusual object inside so that at a glance, it looked like we were actually housing a train, aircraft, or whatever strange vehicle we could come up with.

Signs for Success designer Will Oakley began the design with a train engine, given the area’s rail yard history.  However, the steam from the engine couldn’t be manipulated easily to look like it was confined to the inside of the garage.  Next, he superimposed a plane, but the wingspan was too large, and even folding up the wings (similar to how airplanes are stored and moved around on an aircraft carrier) didn’t look quite right.  A fire truck didn’t seem interesting enough.  Finally, Will tried a military tank.  It was unusual yet realistic and had just the effect John was going for.

This tank design for garage door wraps was printed on 3M IJ35c10 Intermediate Conformable Vinyl and was installed in one afternoon.  By starting with a photo of the room (in this case the inside of our empty garage), then superimposing the foreign object, we achieved unique garage door wraps that serves as an example of our large format printing capabilities as well as a fun conversation starter.