Fence Slat Signs Turn Chain Link into a Giant Sign

You can even hide the mess next door with custom printed chain link privacy slats like this Spokane Business did, by Signs for Success, call now for a fast, free quote

Hide the mess next door with fence slat signs

Ever thought of Fence Slat Signs ?

Chain link fencing is everywhere.  It’s a great advertising space, but the biggest problem we see with fence signs is wind damage.  When heavy gusts come from behind the fence, a banner becomes like a sail, and over time, the sign will tear or blow away.  Mesh banner material allows the wind to filter through, but with very strong winds, even that’s not enough to keep a banner in one piece.

Custom printed plastic inserts solve this problem.  They slide into chain link fence, and because individual slats have much less surface area than a large sign or banner, they’re not susceptible to wind damage.

up close view of Chain Link Fence Slat, Fence Slat Signs, for privacy fences, printed with whatever message or high resolution image you want, Signs for Success can do the design as well

Close-up of Chain Link Fence Slats

The idea for fence slat signs first came when a neighbor decided to dismantle a motorhome in their front yard.  The banging and pounding was bearable but the eyesore was not.  So we decided to create some privacy between our property and theirs by printing custom chain link fence slat signs.

Chain link fence slat signs can be printed on both sides, offering twice the advertising space, so our next question was, “what should we print?”  We used the opportunity to showcase text sizing so clients could get a realistic idea of how big 8″ to 24″ tall letters and numbers look at a viewing distance of 140 feet – the distance from our showroom to the fence.  On the side facing away from our property, the slats are printed with a serene mountain scene.

Custom Chain Link Fence Slats, Fence Slat Signs printed with this daycare children's artwork and sponsor logos for a unique advertising that the parents and local businesses love in North Dakota, by Signs for Success

Decorated custom chain link fence slats

Chain link fence slats can be used to:

  • Advertise
  • Inform
  • Add decoration
  • Create privacy

Signs for Success can help you get your message or image on virtually any surface.  Just give us a call and we will make it happen!

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