Design your own Custom Wallpaper with HP Wall Art

HP Wall Art program lets you design your own custom wallpaper, Signs for Success prints your custom design

HP Wall Art program lets you design your own custom wallpaper

There is now a new and innovative approach to custom wallpaper, thanks to HP Wall Art Design Studio program.  The HP Wall Art Solution is a cloud-based web service that helps you design your own custom wall coverings from home, then send the file to Signs for Success to be printed in easy-to-install panels.  To begin, enter your wall dimensions as well as any windows, doors, electrical outlets, etc.  This way, you get a realistic look at how the graphics will look on your particular wall.

After inputting your dimensions and room features, you “add the wall paper, font or other objects like flourishes to your design.  The program allows you to make objects and text bigger or smaller, and move and rotate them,” Signs for Success designer Vanessa Bogensberger explained.  The design service has a vast library of high-quality images, or you can use personal photos or images and text to create a unique design.  “When you are satisfied with the design, HP sends Signs for Success the design to be printed to wall paper panels.”

HP describes their product as “fast, easy and intuitive…a simple, comprehensive tool…for residential, retail or commercial spaces, from wall coverings to posters and canvas.”  With wallpaper making such a big comeback in home décor and office decorating, we think this is the perfect application of the new HP Wall Art program.

Signs for Success prints custom wallpaper to a many different products.  Type II Commercial wallpapers are a permanent installation and are ideal for restaurants, hotels, etc.  They are textured and will give off a gas to sound a smoke alarm when heat or danger of fire is near. There is also a smooth, water-based adhesive wallpaper we use, HP PVC-free wallpaper, that is suitable for home settings, yet can be easily removed in the future.  This type of wallpaper is applied with just water and comes off cleanly when removed. Watch the Installation Instruction Video

No matter the wall space available or the design you want, Signs for Success has a solution to fit any budget.  Get quality service and a quick turnaround on custom wallpaper; contact us for a free quote today!