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Maximum Exposure custom print on brushed metal

Metal brings a certain vibe to an art piece, whether it’s designed to complement the topic of a piece or provide contrast.  Metal prints Spokane can offer an industrial, sleek, masculine, modern, or recycled feel to any photo or image.

Maximum Exposure Photography recently brought in original digital artwork to be printed on brushed aluminum, and they provided three blank aluminum pieces for the job.  “The customer had a very specific border he wanted – 1.5″ from the top and left, and 2.5″ from the right and bottom.  He had already made custom brushed textures in those areas before printing,” Signs for Success designer Joe Wilson explained.

Using white ink underflood, we printed the sea monster image to each aluminum piece in full color.  Our HP FB500 uses UV light during printing to cure the ink as soon as it is printed.  This makes it possible for both white ink and color to be printed in a single pass through the printer.  “You load it once, and the printer prints white first, then a couple of passes later, it prints the color.  The lamps on each side cure it every time it makes a pass.  When it comes out, it’s ready to go,” Signs for Success production specialist Chris Komski explained.

“The end result was eye-popping color on brushed aluminum,” Joe said of the metal prints Spokane.

This isn’t the first time we have printed photo images on metal.  We printed several of professional photographer Crystal Toreson’s prints on black diamond metal plate.  Crystal expressed it wasn’t easy at first to find a printer who would print on her scrap metal, but once she found Signs for Success, the process was smooth and successful.  The final result was very industrial and eclectic, perfectly welding Crystal’s modern industrial style photography with her recycled metal display method.

Signs for Success can print your images on almost any material up to 2.5 inches thick with amazingly accurate color on any color substrate.  We are a locally owned family business in Spokane, and we strive for excellent customer service, perfect color, and quick turnaround on every project.  Our large production facility allows us to design, print and install everything in-house.  Get quality service and a quick turnaround on metal prints Spokane; contact us for a free quote today!

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