Custom Reflective Signs for Highway

Eloika Pines reflective highway sign in daylight, custom reflective signs

Eloika Pines reflective highway sign in daylight

Custom Reflective signs are used for highway signs, stop signs and other important landmarks so they can be clearly seen day and night.  When business signs are positioned near a road, reflective vinyl can be a good choice for these too.  This far North here in Washington, from November to March most businesses open before sun-up and are still open hours after the sun sets.  One way for signs to remain viewable at night is to use reflective vinyl.  It’s less expensive than a backlit sign and just as clear when illuminated by headlights.

Eloika Pines Mobile Home Park had an old highway sign north of Riverside, WA that needed to be remodeled.  It was more than ten years old and was also ineffective at night.  Loren Acuna from Eloika Pines, managed by Summer Creek Properties, wanted to not only update the sign but have it visible at night.

Eloika Pines reflective sign at night, custom reflective signs

Eloika Pines reflective sign at night

These large custom reflective signs are made up of three 4’ x 8’ panels and stands sixteen feet above the ground.  The adjacent highway runs eight feet above ground level, and with vehicles passing at the same height as the sign, the headlights shining on reflective vinyl create the look of an illuminated sign.

After performing a site survey, we recommended replacing the three 4 ‘x 8’ MDO plywood panels with a single 8 ‘x 12’ FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plywood) panel.  Applying reflective vinyl to the sign offers an opportunity for low cost additional impressions through the winter months.

The redesigned custom reflective signs graphics were printed on our HP FB 500 printer, then laminated for greater outdoor durability.  Then the laminated reflective film was installed on the FRP panel.  There was a slight delay for on-site install because of a record snowfall in November.  After a couple weeks of warmer temperatures we were finally able to get to the site for installation.  To attach the sign to the existing post we used 1.5″ angle ironon both sides of the sign. The angle iron was painted, attached and sealed at our shop.

Signs for Success has a great solution to virtually any sign project.  Our experienced design and production teams can assist with everything from layout and material selection through production, installation and maintenance. See more rigid signs, or better yet, contact us for a quote.

See the whole project, watch the video!