Custom Printed Vinyl Improves American Classics

Printed woodgrain for dashboard dash restoration of Impala pieces by Signs for Success

Impala dash restoration

Improve an American Classic with Custom Printed Vinyl

Restoration projects are fun and challenging – who would have guessed someone looking for the perfect side kicker panel replacements for a classic Chevrolet convertible would end up at a sign shop?  As luck would have it, we had just what this owner of a 1970 Chevrolet Impala Bel Air was looking for when reviving his American classic.

When restoring a vehicle, it takes great care and effort to repair it to authentic condition without upgrading or changing any of the original aspects of the car.  While not a true restoration, the side kicker panel modifications improved the car cosmetically and made it similar to what it would have looked like when first offered for sale.

Complete Upholstery replaced the top of the convertible and reupholstered the interior.  Signs for Success printed the vinyl that replaced the side kicker panels.  We printed wood grain graphics on marine-grade vinyl , which is an upholstery custom printed vinyl fabric, to match the original panels which were scratched and dented.  The finished product looked great.  “Nobody noticed it was printed until we told them; everyone thought it was wood grain,” Complete Upholstery owner Patrick Linebarger said.

The custom printed vinyl upholstery fabric we use for auto and boat upholstery has been tested in an independent lab using ASTM D 4157-07/ACT for 30,000 rubs and rated for general contract upholstery and heavy duty upholstery.  The marine-grade rating means it will last through several years of daily wear.  Custom printed vinyl is great for customizing auto interiors, and can also be used for boat upholsterymotorcycle upholstery and restaurant seating.