Custom Metal Letters Spokane

Mounting metal letters on bottom studs for Maialina Restaurant in Mosco presented problems that Signs Signs for Success figured out, metal letters spokane

Maialina Moscow Restaurant metal letters

Metal letters look great indoors or out.  We’ve seen them in office lobbies and conference rooms as well as high-end jewelry stores and restaurants.  They work almost anywhere and can bring a classy look, modern look, or even a grunge look, depending on how you use them.

Snap had a new logo and wanted metal laminate dimensional letters on their entrance office lobby wall in their new offices in Spokane, Call Signs for Success

Snap lobby sign in metal laminate dimensional letters

We work with Gemini – a leader in dimensional lettering and dimensional sign supplies—to create our custom metal letters Spokane.  Among the options in metal letters are: flat cut metal, cast metal, and stainless steel fabricated metal letters.

Flat cut metal letters are made from high-grade plate metal and come in several different finishes, including aluminum, stainless steel, bronze, brass and copper.  It’s tough enough for outdoor signs, but attractive enough for office interiors as well.

Cast metal letters offer deep dimension and durability.  They are hand-finished in either cast aluminum or bronze that gives the letters a classic look.

Lobby signs of dimensional letters look great on the wall like this one for Wolf & Associates in Spokane, of cut metal and acrylic

Wolf & Associates Lobby Sign

The stainless steel fabricated letters project a strong look, with crisp 90-degree edges and clean lines.  They’re also lighter in weight than comparable cast metal letters.

Here are some additional options to give your metal letters Spokane a unique look:

  • Custom lighting—create a distinct look with custom lighting including halo-lit and face-lit letters.
  • Dimensional logo or other artwork—Have your logo or other meaningful artwork cast to match your metal letters.
  • Stand-off mounts—Give greater impact by mounting dimensional letters off the wall. Play with lighting and shadows to make metal letters Spokane really stand out.

We offer professional installation, quick turnaround and a lifetime guarantee on all metal letters Spokane.  Contact us for a free quote today!