Custom Eye-Catching Elevator Wraps Spokane

Adding your message or advertisement to the Doors of the Elevator really add impact to your message, Like this at Spokane Valley Hospital installed for Allegra Signs, elevator wraps spokane

Spokane Valley Hospital Elevator Wrap

Elevator wraps Spokane offer huge impact for any business, product or message.  They’re still relatively new and unique.  People’s eyes may pass over a wall sign without noticing much, but an elevator sign is more likely to get someone’s attention.  Pair its uniqueness with the fact that people will spend time both waiting for an elevator and inside an elevator, a vinyl wrap on either side of elevator doors makes for great advertising.

Elevator wrap for Spokane Valley Hospital, Allegra advertising, installed by Signs for Success Spokane

A second elevator wrap at the same Spokane Valley Hospital

Research shows elevator wraps generate a 96% recall rate.  This may be due to the extra time one might spend in front of the ad as well as the lack of distractions within an elevator. An elevator wrap campaign is effective in a number of situations: in malls and office buildings, hotels and airports, universities and hospitals.  Anywhere you can expect a lot of, and varied, foot traffic is a great opportunity for an elevator wrap advertisement.

Elevator doors vary in height and width, but you can expect somewhere around 4’ x 8’ worth of advertising space.  This valuable space can be used to showcase a product, an event, an award, or a charity or fundraiser.  This elevator wrap at Spokane Valley Hospital directs viewers to the Joint Restoration Center’s website.  Changing out signage periodically will draw more interest.  By using self-adhesive vinyl with a releasable adhesive, you can easily remove an elevator wrap without leaving any residue behind.  Simply install the next wrap and enjoy.

If you have elevator space, an elevator wrap is an excellent way to utilize the space you already have.  In addition to using an elevator wrap for your own advertising space, you could sell the space, creating sponsor revenue.  The higher the elevator foot traffic, the easier it will be to secure advertisers to purchase the space.  As always, our experienced design team can help create an eye-catching design for your vinyl wrap.  Contact us for a free quote on elevator wraps Spokane today!