Custom Canvas Prints Turn Photographs into Fine Art

Gallery wrapped canvas prints on display; photography by Cathleen Balfour.

Gallery wrapped canvas prints on display; photography by Cathleen Balfour.

Custom Canvas Prints

Personal motivator Cathleen Balfour is inspired by her many travels, and photos taken during trips to Hawaii, Mexico, and Arizona conjure feelings of faith and beauty.  Cathleen wanted a way to display her favorite photos and share them with others.  What began as a personal collection of memories has turned into an art collection titled Sacred Prints that has been showcased and even sold as individual pieces.

To print her personal photographs on canvas, Cathleen simply sent Signs for Success the digital files to work with.  With Cathleen’s approval, we cropped a few of them slightly to fit the frame size.  Blown up and digitally printed on canvas, these are each a beautiful piece of fine art.  A matte finish gives the photos a gallery look, and stretched over a wooden frame, they are ready to hang and be enjoyed.

Custom canvas prints wall art; photography by Cathleen Balfour

Custom canvas wall art; photography by Cathleen Balfour

Our canvas material comes in 28″ and 56″ rolls, which will allow for a large sized print about 4 feet by however tall or wide you would like.  The smaller roll is ideal for prints with a finished size of 2 feet or less.  Cathleen’s first two prints were 36” x 42” and 42” x 48”.  She sold both prints immediately, then ordered several more to be showcased at an art show.  Cathleen describes her work as “art with hope and spirit.”

Signs for Success can help you with reproducing your photograph on a number of different products, from gallery wrapped canvas, foamcore or other rigid surfaces, even flat material you provide!