Custom Canvas Prints Spokane spruce up Retail Stores

Gallery Wrap canvas prints for Fred's Appliance give a unique decorating look to this store, by Signs for Success, custom canvas prints Spokane

Fred’s Appliance Canvas Prints

Printed canvas is just one of the many fabrics we can digitally print to, and it’s our most popular choice for custom printed fabric.  From banners to wall art, custom canvas prints bring a new quality to your interior, whether it’s used for advertising or just decorating.

Avion Coffee opted for canvas rather than traditional vinyl for their indoor banners.  The thick printed fabric adds to the warm, inviting feeling of their coffee shop.  This custom canvas wall art placed at intervals all around Fred’s Appliance stores is not only visually appealing, but can also be inspiring for an appliance shopper.  Top of the line appliances placed in dream kitchens lure the eye towards each individual canvas and help customers envision the appliance in their own kitchen. Canvas prints look professional, lavish and modern, and can be tailored stylistically depending on the look you’re going for.  This is a great way for retailers to stay true to the look and theme of the store, while utilizing manufacturers’ co-op advertising dollars.

Fred's Appliance stores decorated their walls with dozens of large high res photos, printed on canvas and gallery wrapped for a unique decorating for this retail store

Gallery Wrapped Canvas prints at Fred’s Appliance

We stock both bright white and natural canvas, which can customize the tone of the graphics.  To create canvas prints, digital images are printed directly to the canvas material, which is then stretched onto wood frames.  As mentioned above, we can also finish your canvas prints with grommets or a pole pocket to hang as a banner, or another way to suit your individual needs.  In addition to canvas, we also stock taffeta, linen, pack cloth, sateen, and poplin materials.  Digital fabric printing can be great for tradeshow displays, flags, wedding accessories like custom table cloths or favors, showroom displays and wall art, or to create custom fabric for upholstery, bedding, or window coverings.

Signs for Success is a locally owned family business in Spokane, and we strive for excellent customer service, perfect color, and quick turnaround on every project.  Our large production facility allows us to design, print and install everything in-house.  Get quality service and a quick turnaround on custom canvas prints Spokane; See More Fabric Prints!

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