Color Change Wraps for every season

Avery color change wraps vinyl

Avery color change car wrap vinyl

Color is all-important – from the walls of our home to our smart phones, we personalize our possessions and use color to express ourselves.  According to Harvard Health Watch, the average American spends over 25 days a year in their vehicle.  With an average 101 minutes spent each day in the car, why not be able to choose what color your car is and even change your mind from time to time?  A traditional paint job may cost more than you’re willing to pay, especially if it affects the value of your vehicle, but what if there was an easier way?  Enter the color change wraps.

The biggest advantage of color change wraps is that you can change the color of your vehicle without affecting the market value.  Any paint job that covers the original factory color decreases the vehicle’s value.  With color change wraps, you can change the color now, but go back to the original color several years down the road.  A full car wrap not only leaves your original paint job intact, but it also protects the paint from fading and normal wear.  You and your vehicle can even experience several different colors –including matte or metallic colors – without altering the factory paint job.

Matte black truck wrap color change wraps installed at Signs for Success

Matte black truck wrap color change installed at Signs for Success

We use Avery Supreme Wrapping Film for color change wraps.  The 60″ material covers almost any surface of any vehicle so there are no seams.  If, however, there does need to be a seam, it will go into a body line, giving an all-over seamless look.  The material contours well even into deep recesses to hug the curves of your vehicle and give a smooth, paint-like finish.  In addition, the film comes pre-laminated for extra durability.  With over 30 trendy colors to choose from, you can use a color change car wrap to personalize your vehicle with a color that describes you today.

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