Chain Link Fence Signs Beautify and Promote Brooklyn Event

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Chain Link Fence Sign Brooklyn, NY

Chain link fence signs beautify standard chain link fencing, advertise and promote, celebrate an event or season, or add privacy.  Custom graphics can include logos and existing artwork, or one of our experienced designers can work with you to create a one of a kind look to span the length and width of your fence.  We recently designed and printed fence slat signs for a special event in Brooklyn, NY.

MGB POPS is a seasonal, outdoor marketplace in the heart of Brownsville, Brooklyn.  It brings together food and retail options from Brownsville’s most creative entrepreneurs in an exciting space for everyone to enjoy.  MGB POPS is just one aspect of Community Solutions, an organization that works “toward a future without homelessness, in which poverty never follows families beyond a single generation…We help communities optimize their existing resources to make measureable social change at scale.”

These chain link fence signs feature the MGB logo and catchphrase, and were designed to beautify the event site while promoting the community cause.  “Thank you so very much for all the assistance with the design.  We love it,” Community Solutions Assistant Project Manager Emmily De Los Santos said.

Custom Chain Link Privacy Slats at Community Solutions event in Brooklyn, NY

Custom Chain Link Privacy Slats

Custom printed fence slats are made with printed corrugated plastic inserts that slide into chain link fence.  They eliminate the possibility of wind damage that often ruins other types of fence signs, such as banners or large coro signs.  Fence slat signs can be single- or double-sided.  Full color graphics, though cut into approximately 2” strips, are vibrant and easily discernible.

To install your custom fence sign, simply weave the bottom endcap piece into the chain link where you want the bottom of the sign to rest.  Then use the provided cutting tool to cut down slats a few at a time (so as not to misplace or jumble any).  Weave the slats into the chain link from the top of the fence one by one until your picture is complete.

Signs for Success is a locally owned family business in Spokane, and we strive for excellent customer service, perfect color, and quick turnaround on every project.  Our large production facility allows us to design, print and install everything in-house.  We can also ship to out-of-state locations and arrange for on-site installation.  Get quality service and a quick turnaround on chain link fence signs; contact us for a free quote today!