Adding graphics hung in the windows gives a great changeable message to Spokane by Greater Spokane Chamber, printed and hung by Signs for Success, window signs spokane

Use Window Signs Spokane to Increase Retail Store Sales

Adding graphics hung in the windows gives a great changeable message to Spokane by Greater Spokane Chamber, printed and hung by Signs for Success, window signs spokane

GSI hanging window signs

Window Signs draw customers in.  Eye-catching window signs will also increase brand recognition as customers begin to recognize your retail store based on certain colors or images.  When designing window signs, you should try to include both a relevant image and an incentive.

Nordstrom Rack foam core signs Spokane Valley, shape cut hanging signs, retail store signs

Nordstrom Rack foam core signs Spokane Valley

The first element of your hanging window sign should be a large attractive image – too many images are confusing, but one large graphic will draw interest.  A bright color also works well when text must cover the majority of a sign.  Secondly, and just as important as the first element, is an incentive.  Whether it’s a sale, gift with purchase, or Buy One Get One special, an incentive will get customers to act.  Run a special on a product that hasn’t been moving as much as you’d like, and you’ll create more interest.  Finally, you can add a plug in for social media, your website or store credit card, but this extra information isn’t necessary to bring in the masses.  If it fits into the design, great; but if the window signs are starting to look busy, it’s best to leave that information for indoor signs or POP (point-of-purchase) signs.

Nordstrom Rack foam core signs Spokane Valley, retail store signs printed on foam core, styrene, or other indoor sign material in Spokane

Circle cut retail store signs attract customers

Nordstrom rack uses colorful circular signs to grab their customers’ attention.  Two circles carry Nordstrom slogans, while the third features a 70% off sale.  Large posters in adjacent windows feature a stylish model or a stack of sunglasses and “Hello Summer” or “Shades of Summer.”  Merle Norman Cosmetics uses hanging window signs to showcase their newest product.  Their simple and clean designs feature the product, centered, and a brief description or catch phrase.

Window signs Spokane are usually printed on thick paper poster material or lightweight foamcore.  Both are paper products suitable for indoor use.  Window signs can be hung several different ways.  They should be placed just inside the window where it can be easily viewed from the outside, but protected from the elements and other wear and tear.  One common way to hang a window sign is by top grommets and hung by thin wire hooks or thread.  Some other methods include: pole pockets, suction cups, or VHB tape.  A Signs for Success designer can assist you in choosing a suitable display or hardware system for your hanging window signs.

When considering your retail store’s curb, er, window appeal, consider adding hanging window signs that will inform and invite your customers to come in and see more.  The incentives you advertise will be sure to increase customer interest and store sales.  Contact us for a free quote on window signs Spokane!

Temporary Advertising window wrap for Spokane on the Rocks at INB Convention Center downtown Spokane, done fast by Signs for Success

Custom Window Decals Spokane for Retail Locations

Temporary Advertising window wrap for Spokane on the Rocks at INB Convention Center downtown Spokane, done fast by Signs for Success

Spokane on the Rocks window wrap

Window graphics are an integral part of any retail advertising campaign.  They give your retail location a unique look that will be recognizable to your customers.  When coupled with other advertising strategies such as rigid signs, banners, and/or vehicle graphics, the result is a dramatic increase in brand recognition and consumer interest.  Window graphics include window wraps, window decals, and cut vinyl lettering.

Window Wrap

Window Wrap at Ace Hardware

Window Wraps

Northwest Bedding in Spokane uses a full window wrap as an extension of their branding.  The window wrap works double duty – showing the store name all around the outside of the building so customers can tell who they are from any direction, and it also acts as a privacy barrier.  Our window wraps are printed on high-performance vinyl and laminated to withstand UV rays and normal wear and tear for 5-7 years.

Adding seasonal snowflakes cut from temporary vinyl was a cool message from Global Credit Union to Downtown Spokane pedestrians, window decals spokane

Global Credit Union seasonal snowflake vinyl

Window Decals Spokane

If a full wrap isn’t what you’re looking for, smaller window decals Spokane or window clings can also be custom designed for your business.  Static Clings and Changeable Vinyl Decals are great for temporary signage and promotions.  Global Credit Union in Spokane used changeable vinyl window decals to show their holiday spirit during the winter months.  As a bonus, extras can be given away as promotional items.  Self-adhesive vinyl materials are better for long-term signage since adhesive is permanent.  Graphics can be printed on clear or white vinyl.  To achieve an opaque image on a clear vinyl, we print white ink first, then the color on top of that.

Spokane McBurns Law office, window suite lettering, use cut vinyl lettering graphics for logos, directions, store hours, office hours, window decals spokane

Window Lettering Law Office

Cut Vinyl Lettering

Cut vinyl lettering is another option for glass windows and doors.  Many businesses use cut lettering for store hours.  Another useful application is a cut logo or company name.  A variety of colors are available for cut lettering.  For a high-end look, go with dusted crystal vinyl – it gives graphics an etched-glass look.

Whether you’re looking for a sign to cover an entire window, or a custom-cut logo, our experienced design team can help you come up with the best material and design to fit your goals and budget.  Contact us for a free quote on custom window decals Spokane! See More Windows!

This wall wrap printed on vinyl decal for Downtown Spokane Restaurant and Bar adds dimension to a smaller room with a perspective of a winery, vinyl wall wraps

Vinyl Wall Wraps and 9 Other Nifty Ways to Use Vinyl

This wall wrap printed on vinyl decal for Downtown Spokane Restaurant and Bar adds dimension to a smaller room with a perspective of a winery, vinyl wall wraps

Vinyl Wall Wrap in downtown Spokane restaurant

Self Adhesive Vinyl (SAV) is an excellent medium that can be used to get your message on virtually any surface. It can be used to create dry erase boards, vehicle wraps, floor graphics, and more.  Starting with vinyl wall wraps, here are 10 modern vinyl applications, the type of vinyl we recommend, and why:

  1. Historic building signs benefit from conformable wall vinyl that comes off clean and advertising can be added without damage to walls, Whitworth U-District Spokane, vinyl wall wraps

    Whitworth brick wall wrap

    Brick Wall Wrap- We use 8624 Textured Vinyl with laminate to apply to brick or cinder blocks.  This vinyl is perfect for rough textures and porous surfaces. The finished product looks like it’s painted on the surface. Textured vinyl has a releasable adhesive, making removal is easy with no adhesive residue left behind. This is a truly amazing graphics film.

  2. Backlit Sign Graphics- Use Translucent Vinyl for backlit signs.  It adheres to clear Lexan, acrylic or a similar surface and lets light through, illuminating the printed graphics. Translucent vinyl is also available in spot colors.
  3. Reflective Signs- Use Reflective Vinyl for safety signs, emergency vehicles, or anywhere else signage needs to be illuminated in low light.  Most projects require Engineer Grade Reflective Vinyl, but we also have different levels of Diamond Grade reflective vinyl available.
  4. Temporary vinyl that can actually be moved if desired, with this fabric decal wall wrap for United Healthcare ad at Spokane Airport

    Spokane Airport PT Changeable vinyl wall wrap

    Reusable Fabric Stickers- Use PT Changeable Vinyl, a washable vinyl fabric.  PT Changeable vinyl can be re-adhered to any flat surface again and again.  We find it’s especially useful in retail stores where products and layout change frequently.  To wash these fabric decals, use isopropyl alcohol and rub clean.

  5. Decals for Auto Glass- Use Perforated Window Film with laminate to get large graphics on car windows without affecting visibility.  Perforated Window Film, just like it sounds, has tiny holes cut out of the vinyl.  Even though the image is really only half there, it is easily viewable from the outside, and from the inside, the driver and passengers can see right through the vinyl.  There are different perforated window films to choose from with varying degrees of transparency.
  6. Temporary Decals- Use intermediate vinyl.  There are several intermediate, or calendared, vinyl films to choose from.  They are called calendared because they are rolled and flattened into shape.  Intermediate vinyl tends to go back to its natural shape after 1-3 years, meaning you will begin to see curling up at the edges and even cracks through the middle as the material shrinks.  It also tends to be a more aggressive vinyl, which can be difficult to work with, but that inconvenience is off-set by the cheaper price.  Intermediate vinyl is perfect for temporary decals, including truck numbers that need to be updated frequently.
  7. When you want an attractive logo designed, then a custom wrap designed, then your vehicle wrapped, let Signs for Succes do it near Spokane Valley and Airway Heights

    Away with Words full design & wrap on car

    Vehicle Wrap- Use 3M Control Tac Vinyl or Avery Supreme Wrapping Film.  These are both high performance vinyl films specifically designed for vehicle wraps and other long term wrap projects.  These films fall under the category of “cast vinyl,” which is conformable and does not shrink over time.  It is guaranteed to last 5-7 years, is outdoor-durable, and best of all, the releasable adhesive won’t leave any goo when it’s time to remove the vehicle wrap.

  8. Custom Dry Erase Board- Use Dry Erase Vinyl.  It’s a clear vinyl that can be applied over a printed image, giving it dry erasability.  For a really cool effect, apply dry erase vinyl to an entire wall or custom printed wallpaper to make a giant custom dry erase board.
  9. Window Decals- Use Clear Vinyl with a layer of white ink beneath the color to give the image translucence and not transparency.  This will help the color really pop and give your custom decals a professional look.
  10. Blacktop Wrap–Use 6121 Street Vinyl for special use on blacktop or concrete.  This is great for temporary outdoor floor graphics or sidewalk wraps.  This vinyl is not releasable or conformable.

As you can see, we stock vinyl for every occasion.  We strive for excellent customer service, which includes coming up with unique solutions to suit any sign project, timeline and budget.  For vinyl wall wraps to vehicle wraps and everything in between, contact Signs for Success to get started on your custom vinyl project today!

This dimensional lobby sign on clear acrylic looks great mounted with standoffs on the wall, it's a real show piece, by Signs for Success, Spokane for Oral Surgery Plus, office signs, stand-off mounts, lobby signs spokane

Polish Off Your Sign with Stand-Off Mounts

Give your tenants a classic look with Acrylic suite signs on standoffs, easily changed as tenants change, gives a uniform look to the whole building, great for office buildings or apartment complexes, stand-off mounts

Suite signs for office building with stand-off mounts

How you mount a sign and what type of hardware you choose is a vital aspect to the overall look of the sign.  To get a modern, clean and professional look, go with stand-off mounts.

Stand-off mounts give a unique look to:

  • Office buildings
  • Doctor offices
  • Department and Retail stores
  • Grocery Stores, and more!
Printed Brushed Aluminum with Polished Stand Offs

Printed Brushed Aluminum with Polished Stand Offs

Through-grips hold signs firmly in place and make changing out signs simple.  If you prefer not to drill holes in the sign, edge grip brackets are ideal – they allow graphics to sit comfortably in the display channels.  If you have signage that’s already fixed to the wall with screws, standoff caps are the finishing touch.  Simply putting a silver or bronze cap on exposed screws gives a polished and professional look with minimal effort.

For most stand-off mounting projects, we use mono mounts, which is a two part system used to mount signs on almost any vertical or horizontal surface. Stand-off mounts can hold heavy, permanent signage without unattractive exposed screws.  In addition, they increase visual impact by offering a three-dimensional look.

Printed Brushed Aluminum with Polished Stand Offs

Printed Brushed Aluminum with Polished Stand Offs

Varying stand-off distances can be achieved according to customer preference, and mounting hardware is available in multiple sizes, colors and finishes.

General Sign Mounting

We supply many different types of sign hardware from hooks and chains to banner poles and real estate sign posts.  By considering what kind of sign you are mounting, whether it is a pole banner or a poster, you will be able to narrow down the long list of mounting hardware to what will best suit your needs.

Some signs require specific hanging hardware.  For example, pole banners come with a spring action pole and hardware specifically made to handle high winds.  Other signs merely require a few screws.  We can manufacture your sign with premade holes or grommets for easy hanging.  This hanging

Digital Print with stand off mounts

Digital Print with stand off mounts

method is frequently used for mounting safety signs, site signs, or traffic signs that are legally mandated.

Many other signs are easily hung with VHB Tape.  VHB Tape is sturdy enough for lightweight signs like posters, or for temporary signage where you don’t want to damage the mounting surface.

Change Machine Wrap designed, printed and installed by Signs for Success in Spokane, wrap advertising

Wrap Advertising: How to Wrap a Change Machine

Change Machine Wrap designed, printed and installed by Signs for Success in Spokane, wrap advertising

Change Machine Wrap designed, printed and installed by Signs for Success

We love restoration projects and makeovers.  “Makeovers are one of the most enjoyable types of projects we do at Signs for Success,” Owner John Bogensberger said.  The transformation and final product is always fun to see.

One recent makeover was a wrap advertising project for a change machine.  Color change wraps and custom printed wraps can makeover almost anything, from trucks and boats to a beverage cooler – the customer chose a camouflage wrap for his man cave beverage cooler – or even a change machine.

“We created a wrap design to cover over an old change machine,” Signs for Success designer Will Oakley said.  “The design was made to match the theme of the customer’s restaurant.”  This custom wrap advertises birthday parties and mirrors the fun atmosphere of 5 Mile Heights Pizza.

wrap advertising with change machine wrap for restaurant

Machine is prepped for install

Signs for Success printed the change machine graphics onto high performance wrap vinyl, then installed the vinyl onto the machine at our facility.  The brightly colored graphics are eye-catching, and they make the old machine look brand new!

How to Wrap a Change Machine

It’s easy.  First strip the old machine of any old graphics or decals, take off any parts that are easily removed, and clean the surface.  Next, place the wrap vinyl where you want it.  Begin smoothing out the vinyl.  If it looks good, go over the surface with a heat gun and smooth with a squeegee tool.  If it needs repositioning, pull up the vinyl, reposition, and repeat.  Use a sharp blade to cut extra vinyl off or to contour cut around handles, openings or other features.

We always recommend having a wrap professionally installed.  Our installers are Avery Car Wrap Certified, have been through rigorous training and testing, and have successfully installed hundreds of wraps.  We want you to get the most out of your wrap advertising, so we make sure the job is done right, and we can guarantee a longer lasting wrap.  Contact us for a free quote!

Gus Johnson Ford near Liberty Lake and Veradale, WA, Wall wrap with Signs for Success and Quinn Group Advertising, wall vinyl and dimensional signs, wall wrap, call for fast signs now

History of Ford: Custom Timeline Wall Wrap

Gus Johnson Ford, Spokane, Wall wrap with Signs for Success and Quinn Group Advertising, wall vinyl and dimensional signs, wall wrap

Timeline wall wrap on auto showroom wall

Ford has a rich history of American entrepreneurship and innovation.  This custom timeline wall wrap showcases just how far Ford has come since its beginnings in the late 1800s.  The wall wrap project began when Gus Johnson Ford wanted to cover an entire length of their showroom wall with a custom printed wall covering.  Signs for Success partnered with The Quinn Group to come up with a good solution.

“When Bonnie Quinn, from The Quinn Group, asked us to brainstorm wall coverings for Gus Johnson Ford, we met her down there to do a wall test to see what materials would work best,” Signs for Success designer Vanessa Bogensberger said.  “Our options were wallpaper or decal coverings for the wall.  The wall is textured, so wallpaper was out.  We opted for 3M Control Tac high performance wrap vinyl, based on the wall test results.”  Control Tac wrap vinyl is what we frequently use on custom vehicle wraps.  It contours to fit every curve and crevice of a vehicle for a smooth paint-like finish, so it was perfect for adhering to a textured wall.

Gus Johnson Ford, Spokane, Wall wrap with Signs for Success and Quinn Group Advertising, wall vinyl and dimensional signs, wall wrap

Dimensional logos and photos on timeline wall wrap

Adding Dimension to the Custom Wall Wrap

During the design process, we learned they didn’t just want a flat image, but photos and logos that stood off the wall for added dimension.  “In brainstorming, we talked about stretched canvas, printed acrylic, gatorfoam, and Sintra/PVC.  We also talked about mounting with standoffs, panel clips, and blocking out with double stick tape,” Vanessa explained.  Any of these solutions could have worked, giving a slightly different effect.  When Vanessa got the final approved artwork, however, many of the dimensional pieces were odd-shaped other than rectangular, so they opted for waterjet cut sintra/PVC at 1/4″ thick.  Adding blocks of ½” thick gator to the back of each sign gave them the 3D look Gus Johnson Ford was hoping for.

Gus Johnson Ford, Spokane, Wall wrap with Signs for Success and Quinn Group Advertising, wall vinyl and dimensional signs, wall wrap

Wall wrap spans entire length of showroom

Installation went smoothly; the wall wrap was applied first, then the dimensional logos were installed with heavy-duty double stick tape on top of the wrap.  The showroom looks amazing with the new timeline wall wrap.  Signs for Success offers unique custom printing solutions for any surface.  Contact us for more information or to request a free quote!


4 Custom Wall Art Options for a Kid’s Room



Decorating a kids’ room can be both fun and challenging.  Artwork that is stimulating and safe can narrow the options considerably, especially if your little one (or you) is attached to a single theme.  Here are 4 ideas for decorating a child’s room with custom artwork:

1. Custom Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are a great option for a child’s room. Customize your canvas wall art by using drawings or paintings made by your child. Displaying a child’s artwork in a special way such as a gallery wrapped canvas boosts self-esteem and pride in their abilities and accomplishments.  We can scan in an image; add any special effects or text, if desired; print the image onto canvas fabric; then wrap the fabric tightly over a wood frame.  The finished product is ready to hang and enjoy.

2. Educational Themed Wall Art

Instead of being limited by mass-produced options available in stores, choose what images your child sees every day and learns from.  Some ideas for children’s custom wall art include:

  • Animals, including specific categories like Safari Animals, Insects, Dinosaurs or Sea Life
  • State or World maps
  • Types of Cars, Planes, or Trains
  • Types of Plants, Trees, or Animals common to your region
  • Religious characters or stories

Use your child’s interests as a guide, and remember, the sky is the limit when it comes to custom wall art. We have several materials your chosen artwork can be printed on: Corrugated Plastic, Foamcore, and Styrene are all lightweight yet sturdy options.

3. Custom Printed Dry Erase Board

If your child is old enough to handle markers, why not use a giant dry erase board with their favorite theme printed as a background.  They can draw in flowers, cars, or the family dog.  Mounting the board on the lower half of the wall will keep things in their reach and discourage coloring on other walls. To create a dry erase board, we first print your arwork, then cover with a dry erase laminate.

HP Wall Art program lets you design your own custom wallpaper, Signs for Success prints your custom design

4. Custom Wallpaper

Go big and cover an entire wall! An outdoor scene is a great choice for one overall image, and can really spark a child’s imagination.  You can also use custom wallpaper to stick with a single theme like racecar track for a car theme, as castle for a princess theme, and so on.  HP’s new program HP WallArt makes it easy to create a wallpaper design from home, or you can visit our showroom and sit down with a designer to work on your custom wallpaper ideas.

No matter what type of custom print you choose, Signs for Success can help you create the perfect fun and educational wall art for your kids’ rooms.

Tradeshow displays, retractable banner stands and promotional products are produced by Signs for Success in Spokane

Signs for Success – Custom Wraps and Graphics is located in Spokane, WA, and services Spokane Valley, Liberty Lake, Airway Heights, Cheney and Deer Park, pointing coast to coast wherever successful signs are needed.
Garage door Wraps is something we do at Signs for Success, Spokane, like this image of a tank, call now

Garage Door Wraps – Tank

Garage door Wraps is something we do at Signs for Success, Spokane, like this image of a tank, call now

Custom garage door wrap featuring a tank

Garage Door Wraps add dimension to your building

Doors make a great advertising wrap surface.  Business entrances, elevator doors, and even garage doors maximize your marketing budget by promoting your business in places you already own and customers frequent.

When it comes to getting the most out of your advertising dollar, we always recommend using every available space to promote your business and services, from vehicles to walls, floors, and/or entire buildings you have access to.  At Signs for Success, we’ve utilized large signs, custom window shades, vehicle wraps and fence slat signage, but we didn’t stop there.  We decided to take our own advice and makeover our 12’ x 12’ garage door with custom garage door wraps.

The concept for the garage door wraps wrap design started with the idea of creating a trick of the eye.  Signs for Success owner John Bogensberger envisioned an image of the garage with an unusual object inside so that at a glance, it looked like we were actually housing a train, aircraft, or whatever strange vehicle we could come up with.

Signs for Success designer Will Oakley began the design with a train engine, given the area’s rail yard history.  However, the steam from the engine couldn’t be manipulated easily to look like it was confined to the inside of the garage.  Next, he superimposed a plane, but the wingspan was too large, and even folding up the wings (similar to how airplanes are stored and moved around on an aircraft carrier) didn’t look quite right.  A fire truck didn’t seem interesting enough.  Finally, Will tried a military tank.  It was unusual yet realistic and had just the effect John was going for.

This tank design for garage door wraps was printed on 3M IJ35c10 Intermediate Conformable Vinyl and was installed in one afternoon.  By starting with a photo of the room (in this case the inside of our empty garage), then superimposing the foreign object, we achieved unique garage door wraps that serves as an example of our large format printing capabilities as well as a fun conversation starter.

Custom brick wall wrap for Whitworth in Spokane

Wall Wrap – Brick Wall Wrap

Custom brick wall wrap for Whitworth in Spokane

Custom brick wall wrap for Whitworth in Spokane

Modern large format print technology is amazing, especially when it comes to wrap vinyl.  Specific wrap films make it possible to get your image on just about any surface.  One very cool application for wrap film is on outdoor walls and buildings for wall wrap.  A large professional advertisement on something you already own (or are renting) is definitely a smart move.

One of our longtime clients, BHW1, had just such a project in mind when their client, Whitworth University, opened a branch location in the downtown Spokane University District.  They wanted to promote the new location with a large 4’ x 20’ banner on the outside of the building; however, because the building was new and banner installation would require penetrations into the brick surface, property management nixed the idea.  The Signs for Success design team came up with an alternative solution – a wall wrap using a wrap film specifically developed for porous surfaces.

The 3M IJ2684 film with matching IJ2685 laminate is perfect for a brick wall wrap.  Just by applying heat, this flexible vinyl film will conform to almost any surface, including rough, uneven brick.

Original Whitworth wall wrap, installed by Signs for Success in 2010

Original Whitworth wall wrap, installed by Signs for Success in 2010

The first brick wall wrap was installed in the summer of 2010.

It was removed and replaced by updated wall graphics in 2012.  Removing the wall wrap is a breeze because it has a releasable adhesive and won’t leave a sticky mess.  Once the old vinyl was reheated and removed, the Signs for Success install team applied the new brick wall wrap.

The finished installation has a retro hand-painted look because the film forms to every bump, nook and cranny in the surface.  A brick wall wrap was the perfect solution for this outdoor sign project because it didn’t affect the building structure, is weather-resistant, and is easily replaceable when graphics need an update.

Wrap vinyl creates a smooth, paint-like finish on almost any surface, and custom graphics allow you to personalize an object you already own, maximizing your advertising dollar.  Whether you want a vehicle wrapwindow wrap, or boat wrap, Signs for Success can do it all!


Large Truck lettering, add USDOT and logo to vehicles in Spokane, Signs for Success is Fast Now

Semi Truck Lettering

Large Truck lettering, add USDOT and logo to vehicles in Spokane, Signs for Success is Fast Now, semi truck lettering

Drywall Specialties logo on truck

Signs for Success specializes in all types of advertising signage, including semi truck lettering, vinyl decals and graphics for all types of trucks.  In fact, we have a huge customer base of commercial truckers who come in regularly to get vinyl lettering for their trucks. For truckers, there’s no better advertising out there than to advertise directly on your vehicle.  According to the American Trucking Association, the average delivery truck makes 16 million impressions every year.  Truck lettering looks great for at least 3 years and can last up to 7 years or more, so you’ll be advertising everywhere you go (and even when you’re parked) for several years! Here’s what you get with semi truck advertising:

  • Wide audience exposure – we’re talking pretty much everyone
  • Low maintenance
  • High return on investment
Adding chrome 5 year foil vinyl to a red truck with black accents is a great look for a semi logo, semi truck lettering

Premier Northwest Excavation foiled vinyl lettering

In addition, truckers, haulers, and commercial and fleet transportation are required by law to have certain information visible on the outside of their trucks.  They must display any or all of the following: the name and city of the company, VIN number, ICC number, DOT number, and GVW, all in specified letter sizes.  Semi truck lettering, Vinyl lettering is perfect for DOT and other required numbers – it’s inexpensive and lasts for several years. Adding a logo or other eye-catching graphics will help you stand out from other trucking companies on the road, and unifying graphics among trucks in a fleet will create brand awareness and increase brand recognition.  New and consistent logo and lettering on Inland Empire Distribution Systems’ semi trucks made their fleet recognizable on the road.  For any company looking to expand, logo branding is essential. Some other ways to make your seimi truck lettering stand out on the road are: custom logo, unique font, reflective or metallic lettering.

IEDS custom semi truck lettering and logo

IEDS custom truck lettering and logo

We can print your custom logo, whether it’s one solid color or full color.  We can even design a new logo for you. Ozark Data Security used their logo in almost every space possible on their truck.  Below the door on each side, their DOT number is visible and within all regulations. With over 3,000 fonts to choose from, we can recommend which fonts are best for longevity when used on vehicles, and which are the easiest to apply.  SA Trucking chose to have the “SA” in their name printed in a large script font to stand out and give them a look of their own. Finally, we have metal-look and dazzler vinyls that can be used for cut vinyl lettering or a one- or two-color logo.  Sage Green Metallic, Bright Blue Metallic, and Red Metallic are just a few of the metallic colors available.  Just in the silver/gray range, you can choose from Light Silver, Silver Blue, Slate, Gray, Smoke, or Charcoal Metallic.

Alpha Omega Tours used Sapphire Blue  High Performance Vinyl over Charcoal Grey Metallic to give the look of a shadow. We offer quick turnaround on semi truck lettering, even same day (with a rush charge), or within 2-3 days on a normal order.  You can pick up the vinyl lettering and instructions for installation or we can install the semi truck lettering for you.  We can also mail lettering with instructions if you’re out of the area.  With your custom semi truck lettering or truck graphics, you are sure to stand out wherever your travels may take you. Contact us for a free quote.


Signs for Success can wrap or or put letter graphics and striping on your large vehicles and trucks in Spokane and Cheney, semi truck lettering

Cut vinyl lettering on bus in Mead