Chain Link Fence Graphics

Chain Link Fence Graphics at Lawrence University

Chain Link Fence GraphicsLawrence University in Appleton Wisconsin wanted large graphics to span 600 linear feet of chain link fence.  Slat chain link fence graphics are the top choice when it comes to fence signs because of their durability and visual impact.  We have done several successful and high impact projects since we developed the product in 2014.  As innovators in chain link fence graphics, LU turned to Signs for Success to complete their project.

“We talked about expectations and longevity,” Signs for Success designer Vanessa Bogensberger said.  “He wanted some slats that were 8 feet tall, and some that were 10 feet tall.  After quote approval, we got going on the layout, confirming their specific pantone for blue, vectored logos, spacing, and placement.”

Custom Baseball Fence SlatsThe custom graphics are simple and crisp in school colors blue and white.  “With much field of blue, it was easy for LU to place the logos and text where they wanted it.  The rest was filled with the solid blue pieces,” Vanessa explained.

After installing the chain link slats, head baseball coach Jason Anderson of Lawrence University wrote to us, “We LOVE how it looks.  Our softball coach has already stated that when she is due for a new screen she will go with you guys.  Thanks for working with us.”

Chain link fence slats are perfect for fence graphics because they are sturdy, waterproof, and will withstand high winds (unlike some fence banners that blow out or tear).  They can cover any chain-linked area, large or small.  They are easy to cut and install with the provided tools and instructions.

We have done chain link fence slats for a baseball field, a zoo, a non-profit organization, private property, a daycare, and a university, and we’re sure you will love them too! Signs for Success is a locally owned family business in Spokane, and we strive for excellent customer service, perfect color, and quick turnaround on every project.  Our large production facility allows us to design, print and install everything in-house.  Get quality service and a quick turnaround on chain link fence graphics; contact us for a free quote today!

Greater Spokane Valley Chamber needed a podium sign for the unveiling of their new logo design, with White and colored inks on black PVC sintra, this one looks great, custom signs spokane

How to Get Perfect Color with Custom Signs Spokane

Greater Spokane Valley Chamber needed a podium sign for the unveiling of their new logo design, with White and colored inks on black PVC sintra, this one looks great, custom signs spokane

Podium sign for Greater Spokane Valley with spot-on logo colors

As a high volume producer of custom signs Spokane, we have to make sure that color translates correctly from a customer’s vision to design, all the way to print.  Because color varies from device to device throughout the production process, there are several basic color rules that need to be respected in order to get the end result just right.  I sat down with Signs for Success Designer Will Oakley and Production Manager Denise Gillit to get their take on the importance of color in print.

Color Basics

There are a few color basics that every customer should understand when beginning the sign buying process.  The colors we see on computer screens will never be exactly the same as colors we see in print.  This is because the colors we see on computers, digital cameras, televisions and other screen-based technology is produced by RGB (Red, Green Blue) light while the colors on printed materials are produced by light reflecting off of CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) inks.

“When you see a color on your computer screen it is made up of RGB (Red, Green, Blue).  When we print a color we print CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black).  These colors translate differently from one format to another,” Will explained.

What would you want customers to know about color?

Denise: Different colors mean different things to different people.  If I say green, you may think of grass but what I meant was apple green.  If I say blue do you think of Dodger blue (05) or Pepsi blue (sapphire)?

Will: Color varies Printer to printer, screen to screen, material to material.  Even the terminology for color varies.  Like Denise said, when you tell me you want Plum that could mean any number of 30 shades of purple and magenta.  The other challenge we have with color is monitor calibration.  I could send you a proof for production and the red could be amazing on my screen but when you look at it on your screen it may be washed out and pink.  This is affected by the calibration of your monitor i.e.: the brightness, hues, contrast and even monitor type (LCD, LED, or CRT) all play a part in changing the colors you’re viewing.

Lee's Pallets and Signs for Success can produce great custom boxes with digitally printed white and colored inks on the lids, Give us a call now for fast sign service in Spokane, custom wood printing

Custom Dry Fly Distilling bottle boxes on raw cedar

What kinds of things are important to consider when selecting colors for print?

Denise: What background color is your print going on?  Your colors can look different when they are put up against certain colors.  Lighting is also very important; is it fluorescent, incandescent, white white, blue white, red white?  All of these affect the final outcome.

Will: Denise covered most of this one.  Placement of the object and its surrounding environment are key.  The light reference the color will actually be viewed in is critical.  The laminate we place on the material can possibly shift the color, so it’s important to know if the customer picked the color from a laminated sample or an un-laminted sample.  “What is your long term marketing vision?” would be another good question.  Is this going to be the only car wrap you do?  Or do you want the banner we print next week to match your car wrap perfectly?

We print CMYKw (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, white)…do we have other colors like Light Cyan that we also print with?

See the difference our triple strike method produces, everyone else in town prints backlit like the frog on the right, Signs for Success produces full color like the one on the left, come see us now for a fast quote

Signs for Success triple strike backlit sign test

Denise: On the HP Designjet 9000 we use CMYKcm.  We can use that on the HP FB500, but we prefer to use white.  Light Cyan (c) and Light Magenta (m) are taken out of the HP FB500 so that we may run White ink, allowing us to print on clear and non-white substrates.

Will: Denise nailed this one.

To sum things up, we can hit literally thousands of colors with CMYK printing.  Even if the color in a proof looks slightly off on your computer screen, to make sure we’ve got the color right, we will do test prints before printing an entire job.  That way, we make sure the color is perfect, and if it’s not, we can tweak the color by adding or subtracting one or more of the key components.  It’s important to check the sample in the environment it will ultimately be viewed in to make sure the color is still perfect in the correct lighting.

White ink can also make a big difference.  When we aren’t printing on a bright white surface, colors look different.  This may happen with slightly off-white materials, finished or unfinished wood, or colored or even black materials.  In such a case, we would print a layer of white ink first, then run the material through again to lay down color, thus achieving the same color as if we were printing on a pure white surface.

Once we’ve achieved your perfect color, we keep that information on file so we can match colors with future jobs.  Whether you’re looking for vehicle wraps, banners, or even business cards, we can make sure your marketing strategy is consistent across all forms of signage and large format graphics.  Get perfect color on custom signs Spokane; contact us for a free quote today!

How well do YOU see color?

FACT: 1 out of 255 women and 1 out of 12 men have some form of color vision deficiency.  Take the Online Color Test Challenge, based on the official FM100 Hue Test by X-Rite.


large banner in downtown Spokane near Riverfront Park and Spokane Falls, by Signs for Success, large banner spokane

Spokane River’s Large Banner gets Steel Cable Installation

large banner in downtown Spokane

Welcome to Spokane banner installed on cable system

The much anticipated opening of Huntington Park in downtown Spokane required special preparation to make sure the park—and the view from the park—were just perfect.

“This large banner project was initiated by the Spokane Chapter of Executive Women’s International Committee who was hosting EWI Spring Conference.  A reception was to be held in the newly renovated Huntington Park located on the south shore of the lower falls in Spokane WA,” Signs for Success owner John Bogensberger explained.  The park looked great; however, “on the opposite side of the river was a structure that while slated for repairs and rehabilitation, was still an eye sore to the view from the new park.”

Huntington Park was a project by Avista and the City of Spokane, so they sponsored a 6′ x 60′ Banner to cover the decaying wall during the event and then again one week later at the Official Grand opening of the park.

large banner installation on decaying wall in Spokane

Spokane River lower falls wall before banner installation

The giant banner looked great across the river, and it gave added exposure to Avista and the City of Spokane for these important events.

Large Banner Finishing and Installation

Banners aren’t meant to last forever, but we use the best industry methods to make sure ours last as long as possible.  A strong, outdoor durable 13 oz. vinyl banner material and welded hems make a robust combination.  Even though this banner would only be displayed for a few days, we needed to make sure the extra-large banner was securely attached to the old wall.

Signs for Success installed a steel cable system in the decaying wall to install the large banner on.  The banner was anchored by securing reinforced grommeted edges to two cables that ran the entire length of the banner.  Thanks to the cable system, this large banner was a success.  The simple “Welcome to Spokane” message covered the old wall and extended the beautiful space created by Huntington Park.

We have solutions for any sign project.  Contact us for a free quote!

You can even hide the mess next door with custom printed chain link privacy slats like this Spokane Business did, by Signs for Success, call now for a fast, free quote

Fence Slat Signs Turn Chain Link into a Giant Sign

You can even hide the mess next door with custom printed chain link privacy slats like this Spokane Business did, by Signs for Success, call now for a fast, free quote

Hide the mess next door with fence slat signs

Ever thought of Fence Slat Signs ?

Chain link fencing is everywhere.  It’s a great advertising space, but the biggest problem we see with fence signs is wind damage.  When heavy gusts come from behind the fence, a banner becomes like a sail, and over time, the sign will tear or blow away.  Mesh banner material allows the wind to filter through, but with very strong winds, even that’s not enough to keep a banner in one piece.

Custom printed plastic inserts solve this problem.  They slide into chain link fence, and because individual slats have much less surface area than a large sign or banner, they’re not susceptible to wind damage.

up close view of Chain Link Fence Slat, Fence Slat Signs, for privacy fences, printed with whatever message or high resolution image you want, Signs for Success can do the design as well

Close-up of Chain Link Fence Slats

The idea for fence slat signs first came when a neighbor decided to dismantle a motorhome in their front yard.  The banging and pounding was bearable but the eyesore was not.  So we decided to create some privacy between our property and theirs by printing custom chain link fence slat signs.

Chain link fence slat signs can be printed on both sides, offering twice the advertising space, so our next question was, “what should we print?”  We used the opportunity to showcase text sizing so clients could get a realistic idea of how big 8″ to 24″ tall letters and numbers look at a viewing distance of 140 feet – the distance from our showroom to the fence.  On the side facing away from our property, the slats are printed with a serene mountain scene.

Custom Chain Link Fence Slats, Fence Slat Signs printed with this daycare children's artwork and sponsor logos for a unique advertising that the parents and local businesses love in North Dakota, by Signs for Success

Decorated custom chain link fence slats

Chain link fence slats can be used to:

  • Advertise
  • Inform
  • Add decoration
  • Create privacy

Signs for Success can help you get your message or image on virtually any surface.  Just give us a call and we will make it happen!

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